11 Best Billiard Balls Review 2021 [Buyer’s Guide]

Today we will talk about the pool balls and if you are looking for buying one, this guide will help you out. You will enjoy playing with these professional balls, and it will improve your game considerably.

It is recommended to know the differences between and their material and how they will impact the game, and that why we made this list for you so can just read and start playing without any hesitation.

Best Billiard Balls/ Best Pool Balls in 2021

Our experts from Billiard Guides spend hours after hours and spend a lot of money to buy a lot of pool ball sets from the market and came up with the decision that Aramith premium pool ball set is one of the best pool balls sets available to buy in 2021 and the most bang for your buck.

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Aramith Billiard Balls, Complete Set [Expert’s Choice]

Aramith Billiard pool Balls

If you are looking for something exceptional and something best for your regular needs, you better buy this set of balls. Aramith’s premium pool ball set has a cue ball, 8 solid, and 7 stripe balls. The coll thing about this set is these balls are made from high-quality phenolic resin and they can provide excellent scratch and impact resistance is exceptional. Because of the material, these balls have a higher lifespan and can survive in extreme conditions.

These balls are designed perfectly with its roundness and balance, and you will feel that when playing. These balls are tested perfectly before in the market, and it meets the professional player’s requirement.


  • Made from high-quality phenolic resin
  • Designed perfectly
  • Super shiny


  • Price may look a bit expensive


Iszy Billiards Pool Balls Set

iszy billiard pool ball set

This set has a white cue ball, 7 stripes, and 8 solid balls. It is one of the budget-friendly choices for your regular needs. This set is from ISZY, a well-known pool equipment producer, and it is a Grade A deluxe quality. The material used for this set is called polyester resin, and marble/swirl gives a great look on the pool table.

This set is regulation weight and size and polished perfectly with marble/swirl. Because of the material, these balls are weight calibrated entirely, and while playing, you can feel it on your table as they move smoothly on the table. And the last thing about this set is, it’s budget-friendly and affordable for everyone.


  • Great Price
  • Suitable for playing with friends and family
  • Best quality on this price


  • Not for professionals


GSE Games & Sports Expert Pool Ball Set

GSE Games & Sports Expert Billiard Pool Ball Set

This set also includes 16 balls like others and they are made of polyester resin. Because of this material, it can provide exceptional scratch while playing and impact resistance. This set is graded as AAA, and its balls have been supervised correctly for roundness and balance.

These balls are regulated size and weight and each ball measures (2-1/4″)57mm in diameter. They also weigh 186 grams. They are indeed a perfect choice for the home pool room, bars, and leisure exercise, and can be an excellent choice for any skill level pool player.


  • The regulation size and weight
  • Posh design
  • Three different designs


  • Shipping can delay 1 or 2 day
  • Finishing is not that perfect
  • The cue ball may chip easily


Super Aramith Tv Pro-Cup [For professionals]

Super Aramith Tv Pro-Cup Pool Ball Set

This set is the perfect choice for any professional level player or who is getting ready for professional matches, and you can also buy this if you are practicing for competitive events. This set is widely known for its use in worldwide tournaments.

These are without any question the best ball sets on our list. The material has been used called phenolic resin, and because of this, it ensures the precise calibrations of the balls. This set has 1 cue ball, which has six dots in it, 7 stripe balls, and 8 solid balls. It has six dots for making precise shots and repositioning the balls. Numbers 4 and 12 are pink in color and 15 and 7 are brown.


  • For professionals
  • A standard size and weight
  • Perfect finishing
  • Must have for learners
  • Keep your pool table fresh
  • Durable and scratch-resistant


  • Expensive


Empire USA Deluxe

Empire USA Deluxe Pool Ball Set

This set is made from high-quality resin, and it’s by far the cheapest on our list. It has a standard size, which is 2-1/4″ recognize worldwide. Each ball is thoroughly polished for excellent balance and roundness. This set will offer you the ultimate experience in your pool game.


  • Its an okay deal for the price
  • Affordable
  • Standard Size
  • Polish quality looks good


  • Weight differs in each ball
  • Have a shorter lifespan


JaperBees Billiard Ball

JaperBees Billiard Ball Review

The size is perfect but the weight is a lot less than the regulation ball.


  • Shiny and weight look
  • Excellent durability
  • Good for trick shots
  • Perfect finishing


  • Noticeable weight difference
  • 3/4 regulation weight


Aramith Continental Ball

Aramith Continental 2 Pool Ball


  • Clean Design
  • Best entry-level collection from Aramith
  • Maintain the quality on its price range


  • Not for professionals
  • Not suitable for regular use


Diamond Billiards CyclopeDiamond Billiards Cyclop Pool Balls


  • Regularly being used in the tournament
  • Regulated weight and size
  • Perfectly finished and colored
  • Comes with a red dot cue ball


  • It’s expensive


Viper Billiard Master Balls

Viper Billiard Master Billiard Pool Balls, Complete 16 Ball Set

  • Designed for maximum durability
  • regulation size and weight
  • Quality finishing


  • The font doesn’t look good


Felson Billiard Supplies Precision Engineered Billiard Balls

Felson Billiard Supplies Precision Engineered Billiard Balls


  • Basic quality balls
  • Good amateur billiard ball
  • Cheapest in the market


  • The cue ball may chip easily
  • Have a shorter lifespan

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL [Honorable mention]

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Home vs. Away Billiard Balls


  • Unique design
  • Perfect finishing
  • Perfect gift for an NFL lover
  • Regulated weight and size


  • Not Suitable for nine balls, as numbers are not printed on the ball


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Shopping guide


Beyond that some balls are excellent and cheap, you should consider the sport for which you are acquiring them. There are several games that you can practice with these balls, from billiard snooker, to French or American, also known as pool. Hence, the size, quantity, and color vary according to the specific modality you wish to play, but almost all can be practiced at the same pool tables.

Standard billiards are one of the most popular and are also known as French billiards or carom, as only three balls of specific colors are used: yellow, red, and white. In this sport, the tables must have the holes closed.

In the American pool, which is also known as pool, you must use a higher number of balls, being approximate 22, with specific colors, knowing that between them, there is a single white ball of higher weight and a black ball number eight. Therefore, before buying at random, you must analyze the modality and, according to that, buy the ones you need.

best pool balls


The Weight and Size

They are available in various sizes and weights, being suitable for different purposes. Therefore, before selecting a random option, it is necessary to consider its size.

When making a comparison, you must include the dimensions and the utility that you will give them since if it is games for entertainment, there are no significant drawbacks. Still, if they are balls that will be used for official professional type tournaments, they must have a diameter of approximately 6.15 cm. If the balls are for billiard, they must have a diameter of about 5.7 cm, being a little smaller.

In addition to the French and the pool, there is also the snooker, for which even smaller balls measuring 5.25 cm are used. Also, its weight varies between 156 and 170 grams, but you must remember that in the same set, there can be no excessive weight difference between one ball and another since part of the essence of the game is based on the balls have a weight uniform. These are usually those used for championships and world tournaments.


Manufacturing materials

If you wonder how much it cost, you should consider what materials the manufacturer used to make the product, since this could be an indicator not only of the cost but also of the quality, strength, and durability of the balls.

Formerly, billiard balls were made of ivory, material from the tusks of elephants. Hence they are no longer used. A few manufactured with this material have been left to be used as collectibles since they are no longer manufactured.

Billiards is a sport that requires hitting balls with force, so these must bear the blows and rebounds. Therefore, they must have a high level of strength and hardness. The vast majority of spherical models are made of synthetic materials and compounds, but the difference lies in the quality and density of the plastic.

The most popular and highest quality balls are made from resin and polymers. The phenolic resin converts the spherical into a solid ball, capable of withstanding all kinds of impacts, and even the best models are capable of supporting up to 4 tons of force.

The colors and numbers of the best balls are not painted, nor are they superficial, but they are part of the structure because they are embedded. In this way, the balls do not peel, and they only wear out slowly. Other lower category models are made of small resistance plastic and are usually painted, so their price is lower.


Quantity and presentation

If you are going to buy some billiard balls, you should know that there are different presentations. In the market, you can get from three balls for American billiards to presentations with 16 units of spherical of a different color, but some performances include a more considerable amount. Generally, the spherical ones come in a cardboard box where they can be stored to keep them organized. The colors tend to be conventional and classic sports, but some designs are more striking and incorporate other versatile tones.


What is the price?

The sales of the balls for this game have skyrocketed. Now there are many prices, and everything depends on the material and the brand of these. The values ​​can be between $20 and $50 and even in some cases can exceed $500

best billiard balls

But do not worry, we’ll help you get the best game of balls and billiards that fits your tastes and your current budget. Now, for you to have a clear idea, we show you the most sold and cheap balls that we have for sale.


Best selling pool billiard balls

When you see some pool balls for sale, you should take your chance to get them. If some colored balls for this game are the most sold means that they are causing an impact in the game world of the pool, and they may run out as quickly as possible.

How to know if my billiard ball set is original?

The fact of wanting to save some money does not mean that you go to the corner store to buy fake balls. Remember that extremely cheap is expensive, over time, these fakes are damaged, deteriorating both the material and the color.

As you have seen in the images and characteristics of the billiard balls, they have a wholly defined style. The advantages we offer you in the products is that they are 100% original. They are made from the best materials that are tough and durable with bright, bold colors and designs that meet your expectations.


What are they made of?

The materials with which we elaborate the ones that we have in our catalog (those of the best manufacturers) are of supreme quality.

Good players know that starting with a  bulky and unreliable billiard ball material is synonymous with reduced accuracy in hitting and short-lived balls.

  • At first, It was made of ivory but nowadays, they are manufactured with bakelite. Thanks to this material, ball manufacturers can achieve a spherical product. The previous billiard balls made of ivory did not offer the same degree of homogeneity. Like the fixed classic phone models we had at home, billiard balls also evolve.
  • The phenolic resin (Bakelite) is very resistant to heat and impacts. It was not the same as the first substitute for ivory, nitrocellulose. This material could explode with a sharp blow.
  • The evolution of the materials with which the billiard balls are made has made the production much more respectful of the environment. Unfortunately, when the balls were made with ivory, with one canine, you could not get more than four balls.
  • The constant researches in materials make it possible that we have affordable balls at a price, durable and resistant as rocks; A standard billiard ball model is capable of supporting up to 5 tons.

Below we detail the main characteristics of Bakelite, which is the material used for making billiard balls:

  • Heat resistance.
  • Very economical
  • The circumference of the ball is perfectly spherical.
  • High shock resistance
  • It supports dirt more.


How much it weighs?

Another concern that goes around the mind of the players is how much does a billiard ball weigh? And the answer is the following.

The weight is between 156 and 170 grams, but in a game, the difference between the heaviest and the lightest must not exceed 2 grams.


How many balls to play?

If you are starting in the pool world, one of the most frequent questions can be: How many are there?

Billiard balls have 16 of these spheres, of which 15 are part of the direct game, and one that is white is used to start the game.


How to use

Billiards is a sport that can be very entertaining and test the concentration and pulse skills of those who decide to practice it. But as in all games, it is essential to know some aspects related to their essential accessories so that they are always ready and efficient. Then we will talk more about the use of billiard balls.


Clean Daily

Due to chalk and other factors, it is normal to lose their shine over time, so it is necessary that from time to time, we dedicate a moment to maintain them, with which we often get them to look like new. There are machines on the market specifically designed to fulfill this function, but if you do not have one, you can resort to the following method.

It uses a specialized resin that is not porous, so a bit of dirt can be removed with relative ease using a water solution, which does not have too many minerals and dish soap. If your balls are a little yellowish, you can add a little liquid bleach to the mix. Place this solution in a spray and on a towel apply to the balls. Allow the cleaning agents of the solution to act and then rinse them with water and then dry carefully.


Polish Regularly

If it has been a long time since you cleaned the balls, it is possible that the remains do not come out with only soapy water and cleaning spray. In these cases, have a little solvent paint or thinner, dry cloths, and a product that works as a polish, such as special waxes to polish cars. You can also put some gloves on to prevent the thinner from damaging your hands.

Proceed to moisten a cloth in a thinner, now wrap the billiard ball in the cloth and rub its surface until all the chalk remains are removed from it. You will notice that it is slightly opaque, but do not worry.

Subsequently, moisten another cloth in wax to polish and as you did with the cloth with thinner, place the ball inside and begin to rub all over the surface. If you wish, you can leave the ball with the product for a few minutes or go directly to remove the polish with another dry cloth. As with cars, you must rub the surface of the billiard ball with intensity and speed to make it shine.


Save Them

Although the material from which balls are made can be sturdy, they require minimal care. When you are not using your balls, it is best not to leave them exposed to light, instead keep your case or acquire one, so you can place them inside. In this way, you will prevent more dirt from being deposited on them and from being damaged by some climatic agents.

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