Top 13 Best Break Cue of 2020 [#8 is Our Favorite]

Having an extra cue for breaking is an essential material for the serious player, and in this article, we are going to list the top 13 break cues for billiard. In today’s market, there are many options to choose from, and it is harder to determine which one is right for you!

Best Break Cue in 2019 [Expert’s Choice]


Predator BK3 Cue with Linen Wrap [For Professionals, Best Choice]

best break cue of 2020The Predator BK3 with Sport Wrap is one of the best products on the market today for breakings. The weight of this product is massive at 18 ounces, and the tip is 12.75 mm Phenolic made, which is excellent for transferring power from the cue to the ball. It is a great selection for accurate shots and significantly breaking the billiard balls before you starting game!

It has used C4 technology, which means it is made from a 4-piece butt construction! It is an excellent product for professionals as well as players who want to increase accuracy with regular pool cues.


  • Phenolic-Tip – transfers more power from the stick to the ball;
  • Heavy Item – great when it pairs with the phenolic tip
  • Super shiny
  • Consider as a good investment


  • The Phenolic Tip means that chalk will go off immediately after each shot, so you will have to apply each time again.


Iszy Billiard 2 Pieces Cues [Best for Beginners, Leather Tip]

Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Billiard Sticks

This cue is excellent for both Breaks as well as a regular pool. It is made from hardwood Canadian Maple Wood and has a length of 58 inches, this tool is excellent for players who want to perfect their accuracy game and who prefer a more hard-shot game. However, this cue is used only once in a game before breaking the group of balls.

This Cue can also be used for the regular game but with the extra power to each shot! Keep in mind that it is a heavy item at 23 ounces, and it is a long cue. The glued leather tip will also decrease the times you have to re-apply chalk in the cue after power shot, and it is an excellent accessory for your Pool game set!


  • Leather tip – chalk has to be applied fewer times after each shot
  • 23 Ounces heavy item – perfect for transferring power to the balls and also perfect for accurate shots
  • Super shiny
  • 2 Piece stick connected with steel joints – increased durability for the pieces, and it can be easily split in two numerous times for transport with a lower chance of the joint to break.


  • the Leather tip is glued and can be damaged after numerous power shots.


Rage Heavy Hitter Cue [Overall Best, Great for any Ambience]

Rage Heavy Hitter Break Cue

The Rage Heavy Hitter Cue is doing perfectly what its name says: Hits with Rage! And hits with accuracy! It weighs 25 ounces and has a traditional high-quality leather tip that is perfect for a powerful shot. The shot you need before you start your regular Pool Game!

Take your time. Think about your strategy, and the Rage Heavy Hitter will be your best friend. It can pass the power to your ball, and you will be able to make a perfect shot. The cue is two pieces made connected by the wood-to-wood joint collar, made from hardwood maple wood.

This is a useful accessory as well as a friend to your set of Pool tools and perfects if you are a player who loves power in their game. It s considered as one of the best beginners cues for breaking



  • Joints made out of wood – increased chances of deterioration in case of splitting the item for transport.


Players JB528 Cue

Players JB528 Break Pool CueThe Players JB528 Cue is perfect for breaks! At 28 ounces, this is a very heavy cue and is ideal for the first shot of the game! It is a product for professionals as well as players who want to perfect their accuracy skills, and it is also aesthetically pleasing with a Matte Black Wrap.

It is reliable, heavy, and classy! Perfect for a bar or your pool room. Classy and efficient, the Players break sticks delivers the deed: Transferring power from the cue to the ball! It is perfect if you love power shots and an excellent tool to plan your strategy before taking the first game shot.


  • Heavy product – Hardball hits and increased accuracy;
  • Feels Premium


  • If you get in the game you will want a better product with more emphasis on the tip


5) Cuetec CT296 Black Finish Cues [Great Choice for Intermediate to Advanced Players]

The Cuetec CT296 Black Finish Cue is a fancy cue you need for your break shots. This product is excellent for all types of players and an excellent tool for increasing your pool game: accuracy, power, strategy. The Veltex grip decreases moisture from your hands to improve control.

The adjustable weight bolt system makes it a tremendous multi-task tool! It can be used for break shots as well as regular pool game. The patented S.S.T. is a 15 ½ inch Pro Taper power bonded shaft and increases the power transfer to the ball along with the weight of the cue!

The tip is Tiger Everest Multi-layered with a Polycarbonate Ferrule. I am also great for accurate shots and goes excellent with the cue’s wrap as well as the weight changer system. You have all the necessary tools for a complete multi-pool-tool. Suitable for break shots, good for the regular pool, ideal for control, accuracy, feel, power! Perfect for all players and ideal for becoming a professional!


  • Polished Stainless Steel Joint – added strength
  • Polycarbonate ferrule tip – perfect for accuracy
  • Adjustable weight of the cue – perfect to be used as a regular cue
  • Free Shipping


  • If you get into the game, you will want a more specific tool for either Break or Regular Pool game


6) 2 PCE Break Cue by Iszy Billiards [Hardwood Canadian Maple, Great for Beginners]

The 2 PCE Break Stick is an excellent accessory for your pool tools as well as for a bar or your game room at home! Made from Hardwood Canadian Maple Wood, at 23 ounces and 58 inches, this is a massive and long product and was made for Break Shots! You cannot miss such a cue in your set of pool tools as it gives excellent power transfer to the ball.

The traditional leather tip increases accuracy. Also, the steel joints connecting the two pieces make it a perfect cue that can be transported numerous times without wear and tear.

Aesthetically pleasing and made from real Canadian Wood, this product brings to your home or bar the missing item you need to have a complete game. Great for power-play and perfect for strategy planning before the start of a pool game!


  • Leather tip – don’t have to apply to chalk each time after a shot
  • Steel Joints – perfect for transport
  • Super shiny
  • Consider as a good investment


  • Leather tip applied with glue – can be damaged after numerous power shots.


7) Super Hitter Histler Sneaky Pete

Super Hitter Histler Sneaky Pete Break cue

The Super Hitter Histler Sneaky Pete Break is an excellent accessory to your set of pool tools at home or for your bar or place in general! It is a super heavy product at 27 ounces and super long at 58 inches and a perfect break-tool!

It is a great break cue it you want to have a complete set of pool tools as such a product is needed at the start of a pool game! Being cumbersome and with a high-quality leather tip, it perfectly transfers power from the cue to the ball and can help put in motion your strategy at the beginning of a game.

If you are also a power-player, then this product can be beneficial as it delivers power with pride and accuracy! The leather tip also means you will not have to apply to chalk each time after a shot, and the hard rock maple construction means it is resistant, and you will be able to use it multiple times with a low probability of tear down.


  • Leather tip – no need to re-apply chalk after each shot
  • Super heavy product – perfect for power transfer to the ball and accuracy


  • If you get into the game, you will immediately want to upgrade to a better product.


8) Cuetec Meteor Cue [Cheaper Choice for professionals, Billiard Guide’s Choice]

Cuetec Meteor Break CueThe Cuetec Meteor Break stands by its name: It comes down on the ball with the power and strength of a meteor! If you are a power player, then you will surely have the ability in your hands, especially for the first shot of the game when you break the set of balls on the billiard table!

A heavy product at 19 ounces and a long one at 58 inches, this two-piece maple Canadian wood are the best break sticks you need in your set of pool tools to have a complete game with your friends as well as customers! The maple shaft has a composite coating for substantial breaks, and the bakelite ferrule helps increase the power and accuracy of your shots!


  • Maple Composite Coating – decrease chances of slip on the table of form the hand
  • Super shiny
  • Consider as a good investment


  • Bakelite tip – plastic made and can deteriorate after multiple power shots


9) Viper Graphstrike Fiberglass Graphite Composite Cue

Viper Graphstrike Fiberglass Graphite Composite Pool CueThe Viper Graphstrike Fiberglass Graphite Composite stands by its name: Resistant! And strong! This cue can be used for both breaking the game as well as it can be used later on. Standing at 19 ounces and with a 58-inch length, this is a massive and prolonged product and is made for breaking the pool game at the start as well as it can be used for the whole game if you are a power-shot player! An excellent tool for increasing your accuracy game.

The product being heavy it will correctly transfer power to the cue ball and also give you a more secure grip for the accuracy play. The pro taper and the durable fiberglass is also made to decrease slip and to increase security on the cue. The leather tip is also made for that first accurate shot and perfect for all players, especially if you are interested in improving your skills as a pool player!


  • Fiberglass construction – Not only resistant but perfect grip and heavy for power shots
  •  Leather tip – chalk does not have to be re-applied each time after a power shot


  • If you get into the game, you might want a better and specific stick for Breaking shots or regular game


10) Aska Heavy Hitter

Aska Heavy Hitter Break CueThis is the item you need for your set of pool tools! If you are a lover of pool-game, then you will need this heavy item to break your set of balls at the start of a game! A super-heavy cue at 25 ounces as well as long at 58 inches, this product is suitable to power transfer to the ball, and it can also be used to exercise your accuracy and power game (not just the first break).

The black matte coating and the Canadian maple hardwood is also entirely made for grip and decrease chances of slip due to moisture or slippery table. The Phenolic Ferrule is also the ‘last-hour’ technology used for both break and regular cues at it works great with the weight of the cue: Power transfer as well as accuracy to the ball!


  • Phenolic tip – the latest technology in pool game for ‘no-slip’ on the ball shots and accuracy!


  • Length of the Cue is Standard for Regular Cues so if you want to increase your game you might want a break cue with specific Lengths.


11) Elite Break Cue Heavy [Another Great Choice for Starters]

Elite Break Cue HeavyThe Elite Heavy Cue is the item you need if you want to have a complete set of pool tools! If you are a pool lover or own a business that requires a pool set of tools, then this beautiful cue is what you need in terms of Pool-Game rules as well as Power Players! Heavy product and with a Phenolic Tip, this is perfect for power transfer from cue to ball, and the stainless steel collar along with the 29-inch AAA grade Canadian maple shaft increases grip and feel and is perfect to work on the power shots and accuracy.

It can be used during the game as well as out-of games, and it thus, a fantastic tool to exercise your power/accuracy shots and an aesthetically pleasing item for your friends or customers! You will look more professional with such a device and will be a joy for players who love to take a power shot!


  • Phenolic tip – Perfect for accuracy shots (the latest technology in terms of pool-game)


  • If you get into the game you might want to immediately upgrade to a better option


12) McDermott Star

McDermott Star 2-piece Billiard Break Cue

The McDermott Star 2-piece Break stick is the item you need to have a complete set of Pool tools. This cue is good for Break as well as Jump-Shots and even regular play! (If you are a power-player). The durable hard rock maple construction and the black carbon ferrule tip makes it an irresistible product if you want accuracy and power in your game.

An excellent tool to exercise your Pool skills and a ‘must’ if you want to play pool ‘by the rules.’ Weighing 19 ounces and with a 58-inch length, this is a heavy product, but the length and weight make it also an excellent tool to be used for the regular pool. Great tool for all types of players and great for trying out many in-pool-game techniques!


  • Had rock Maple construction – durable material can be used numerous time with no chance of tear
  • Can be used for multiple techniques during pool-game
  • Carbon Fiber Ferrule tip – perfect for accuracy game
  • It can also be used as a jump cue


  • Wood to Wood joint – can deteriorate over time
  • If you get into the game, you might want a better product specific for breaking (in terms of weight and length).


Break Cues Buying Guide

Billiard Game offers a variety of best pool sticks in all sizes, weights as well as material. Break cues are for that first shot of the game, which breaks the balls right before you use your regular cue. Thus, these are made from heavier materials and are very helpful for accurate instead of speed shots. Quality cues are also great for reducing wear-and-tear on the tips and ferrules of regular cues. These Cues are specially constructed for hard shocks to the ball.


Weight: Heavy or Light

Some players love more massive shots in general because there are higher chances to get an accurate and striking shot, which will put the pool balls in strategic locations. It is also an excellent tool for exercising power shots outside a Pool Game and, thus, a unique way to work on the game skills.

If you love light shots, then a regular cue is for you, of course, but remember that a Break Tool is made to be used only once in a game, and it can be challenging to get a strategic breaking shot with a regular one.

In terms of weight, Breaking cues also include a two-piece butt, which allows you to remove the lower and denser half of the butt to produce a ‘break’ which cannot be done with a regular Cue.

You can only test and know which type of Cue is for you when breaking a Pool Game.


Leather or Phenolic

Like all Cue Tips, the tips are usually made from hard Leather or more recent from Phenolic material. What is the difference? Well, in terms of the shock on the ball, for breaking cues, more recent Phenolic tips are great for power transfer! The excitement from the cue gets more efficiently transferred to the ball with the Phenolic material.

It increases power and, of course, accuracy. For break cues with Phenolic tips, they usually have a merged phenolic ferrule-tip instead of two separate pieces. It is the difference between a regular Cue and a Break one in terms of the tip: It wears down harder, and it will keep the daily pool sticks away from damaging hard shots.

As for hard leather tips, these are the traditional ones. They are also great for accuracy and power, and they do have an advantage over the Phenolic ones: The chalk stays on longer after shots, and you do not have to keep chalking. For Phenolic tips, the chalk goes off almost instantly after each power shot, and you will have to reuse it each time.



For every Pool game, you have the break shot. Like it was mentioned, some players like to use a regular cue even for the break shot as it gives more speed instead of power shot, but with the perfect break cue, there is more weight and accuracy stressed on the first shot. Since you only have one break shot, it is good to take time and think about your strategy. A more massive cue will increase the accuracy as well as the power of the ball, and using the right cue that has been specially designed for that type of shot will surely bring the best results as well.



As mentioned earlier, there are numerous options in the market today for billiard cues, but in terms of break cues, we do recommend the Predator BK3 as one of the best products in the market. Its design includes everything you need for that accurate, robust! Try it out and let us know!

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