Best Pool Table Brush (Cleaning Is Possible) #1 Winner Inside

When it comes to playing billiards game, it needs extra maintenance, from that brushing is one of the essential parts that you have to do to protect your table. Because this game is an expensive one, you should take care of it to achieve a long-lasting life of the table.

There are two types of brushes available that are either made up of horsehair or nylon. The length varies from 9 to 12 inches. Use a larger brush for larger tables and smaller ones for home-based or small tables. Well, it depends on how much you use but brushing a table’s cloth at least once a week, it’s better if you brush it after 10 hours of playing pool. If you don’t cover your table, you have to clean it more often.

Best Pool Table Brush in 2020

  1. OESS Billiards Table and Rail Brush Set
  2. 12 inches Big Billiards Brush with Natural Horsehair
  3. Iszy Billiards 9 Inches Nylon Brush
  4. Happy Trees Billiards Brush
  5. Pro Series A13 Wooden Billiard Table Brush with Nylon Bristles


OESS Billiards Table and Rail Brush Set

OESS Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush Set with Cloth Cue Shaft Slicker

This brush from OESS is impressive in its unique way, and it stands first on our list. The bristles are made from dual length nylon, and it can clean hard to reach places, like the cushions and underneath the rails. It is available in two colors mahogany finish and oak finish type.

This soft nylon bristles won’t damage the billiard tables surface, and you can use them as other home cleaning tools. There is a small hole in the shorter brush handle for secure hook storage. It removes dirt and oil from your pool cue shaft, prevents chalk from penetrating the wood and burnish, closes the pores of the wood, so it stays smoother longer.


  • 9″ L billiard rail brush, 8.25″ L billiards table corner cleaning brush, and 3.25″ L billiard cue shaft slicker cloth/snooker cue shaft cleaner
  • Bit stiff, but they seem to work well enough.
  • Great product for keeping your pool tables felt nice and clean.


  • This set is smaller in size
  • some bristles come out in initial use


12 inches Big Billiards Brush with Natural Horsehair

Big Billiards Brush with Natural Horsehair

This is one of the best products available for pool brushes. It is the giant brush out there, and its curved wood handle fits right into your hand, gliding it across your table. Now a clean table alone won’t help you become a better billiard player. And it’s made from natural horsehair.

Natural horsehair is the most recommended brush by almost anyone because it brushes without damaging your table. All in all, we’ve created a premium brush for you.


  • Only one stroke needs to clean almost 90% dust from your table
  • This one is twelve inches large, makes it easier to sweep.
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP with our curved wood handle
  • All-natural horsehair bristles to softly brush your table.
  • High-quality finishing


  • Though it claims “no shedding” but does shed a few bristles


Iszy Billiards 9 Inches Nylon Brush

Iszy Billiards 9 Inch Nylon Pool Table and Rail Brush Choose From Mahogany, Oak or Black Finish

This brush set by Iszy is outstanding, and this company is very much trustable when it comes to billiards. It is a nylon-based brush. They are also available in three colors, i.e., mahogany, oak, and black finish. A little small in size but very lightweight.

After considering the price, these nylon brushes are so good. It is one of the budget-friendly options on our list. They are straightforward to use to serve the purpose.


  • An excellent and budget-friendly option
  • Works pretty well and the best option available for nylon type brush.
  • A small and comfortable 9-Inch brush


  • Shed some bristles while using it the table in starting


Happy Trees Billiards Brush

Happy Trees Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush with Billiard Cue Shaft Slicker Snooker Cloth Cleaner

It one of the best selling pool brushes in the world. So, these Billiards Brush and cloth sets are beneficial. The collection contains two brushes, one brush to clean the billiard rails, and the other to clean the corners of the billiard board.

Nylon bristles can clean dust very thoroughly without scratching the table. The billiard cloth can clean dirt or oil and prevent chalk from hurting the wood and burnish for longer using time. The bristles are short, but they are pretty much permanently bent.


  • Material type: It has nylon bristles and a wooden body.
  • Able to keep dust from the corners of your table.


  • A few bristles popped out at initial use
  • Quite hard bristles


Pro Series A13 Wooden Billiard Table Brush with Nylon Bristles

Pro Series A13 Wooden Billiard Table Brush with Nylon Bristles

It is one of the very affordable options in our list by Pro Series. It has a wooden body and nylon bristles. It is 9 inches long, which made it easier to clean the table entirely. It is available in four colors, and they are Oak (A), Black (BK), Cherry (C), Old World Mahogany (F).


  • Can go to the hard to reach places and clean the dust from it.
  • Nine-inch long handheld brush
  • Available in 4 stain colors
  • Gentle nylon bristles won’t pill your cloth.


  • Very stiff bristles for cleaning


Buying guide

Brushing is essential, you don’t always realize it, but a non-brushed table subtly changes your aim. Hence, having a brush that’s built to help you keep your table felt clean, you and your friends would appreciate it. There is probably not much to tell about how to buy a pool cleaning brush. But the most important thing is no matter its a mini-table or a regular-sized one, you need to clean it regularly.

The brushes are available in two types of bristles nylon and horsehair. Both have their properties and work pretty well. But these do have some problem of shedding out the hairs as it has so much of them. The wood could not hold it, so they lose about 15 hairs every time you use them. We tried to cover both types of brushes on our list.

Along with this price also does matter as to whether you buy a cheap one or expensive one, they will shed some bristles. So let’s look at some crucial points to keep in mind before the purchase:-

  1. The hardness of the brush-​It should be hard but not too hard as it will damage your table
  2. Size of the brush-​Larger size helps to clean faster
  3. Material-​The two types are horsehair and nylon. The outer cover is generally made of wood or plastic
  4. User-friendly​- It should be lightweight and easy to use
  5. Brand- ​It is essential to look over the brand name. The higher-end to duct gives better output
  6. Price-​Always be sure that the product is worth your money or not



In conclusion, we can say that the brushes we include are best, but they shed bristles. The ​12″ Big Billiards Brush with Natural Horsehair​is an excellent choice and doesn’t shed a lot. On the other hand, ​Iszy Billiards 9 Inch Nylon brush​ and the ​Pro Series A13 Wooden Brush with Nylon Bristles ​are very affordable options as well as they perform well. We tried to help you and hoped it does!

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