Best Pool Table Cushions (#11 in the Market & Which One You Should Have)

If you are having a messy felt and need to change it asap, we can assure you that you are in the right place. Changing the cushion could be a little tricky and depends on the type you choose. Once you have the ultimate, long-lasting one, you no longer will need new bumpers for straight a decade or for even longer.

Here are the 11 Best Pool Table Cushions of 2021

We have listed the best 11 from the market you can and use, or you can go through the review so you can find the best one for you! and after doing in-depth research our experts found that Pro Series A30-B K66 is one of the best you can buy today.

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Pro Series A30-B K66

Pro Series K66 Rail Rubber 8Æ (Set of 6)

K66 is the most commonly used one on the American table. These Pro Series are slightly expensive than a few other options though it’s worth it! Paying a few dollars more for the quality will not disappoint you at all. If you have a smaller than the usual one, so this K66 is your ideal type. There is enough rubber to breathe life into an 8-foot, and it correctly set on the cloth.

This from Pro Series are hard and delicate, and it offers a consistent and very long-lasting rebound. You can replace this in 10 years or more time.


  • K66 Rail Rubbers
  • Most commonly used in the home.
  • 1 1/8″ on solid triangle sides/1 3/16″ on the notched side
  • Sets of 6 – enough to replace perfectly
  • 8-foot length size


  • Slightly expensive than others


Iszy Billiards K55

Iszy Billiards K55 Rubber Pool Table Bumpers Cushions (Set of 6), 42

They are perfect for most of the home pools. If you have a small one, then these K55 will work best in most situations. Considering this, the manufacturer kept the bounce not as hard as what K66 one offer. If you are sure that the K55 will work for you, this one is a great bumper for your 7 to 8-foot table. The material used in this is of excellent quality. It offers a tremendous rebound, and also it will cut with a knife like how butter does.

The durability could be a bit better. After using this for a few years, these used to fade. That means it won’t last as long as you wanted it to be. The price is also quite reasonable. This K55 is a little thicker than the K66 that means you will have to make sure that it fits you perfectly without blocking out the pockets.


  • 42″ K55 rubber rails
  • Quality material
  • For 7 or 8 foot board
  • Set of 6 piece
  • Length is 42″
  • See diagram for Dimensions


  • Durability is a little bit compromised in comparison with others


Pro Series A31-C U23

Pro Series K66 Rail Rubber

This is another very best option available. It is generally used on a retro coin-operated. This particular one is made for 7-foot and though the price is a little on the expensive side, this is the one you should try if you are a real pool lover. If you are going to replace them after ten years or more, you will be surprised to see how fast the balls come back.

It lasts long, ensuring that you won’t replace it for a decade or more.


  • U23 Rail Rubbers
  • Most commonly used on older coin-operated 
  • 1″ and 1 1/16″ on solid triangle sides/1 1/16″ on the notched side
  • Comes in sets of 6
  • Sets of 6 – enough to replace perfectly
  • 8-foot length size


● It is only available for 7 feet


Ozone Billiards K66

K66 Rubber Bumpers Replacement Pool Table Rail Cushions

Ozone Billiards also makes solid K66 that suits 7 foot, 8 foot, and 9-foot and the durability of this one is quite decent. It works fine for straight five years but then starts to fade away. The rubber is not very good, and it also smells a bit initially. However, it’s hard, and it also provides a consistent & stable bounce.

This is a decent option for those who have K66 compatible 7-feet. It is also an excellent option for those who are thinking of saving a few dollars on a new one.


  • Perfectly designed for 8ft
  • Most Common on Home
  • Dimensions: 43.25″ L x 1″ W x 1.125″ H
  • Weight- 7.5 Pounds


  • It has a kinda strong smell initially
  • Material doesn’t feel great


Game Room Guys K66

Game Room Guys Billiard Pool Table Cushion Rubber

This is the right choice for you. A nice bumper at a small price, perfect for clubs any common playing area. This Game Room Guys are just what you need right now. The rubber is not so tough, but it’s absolutely a great option and a very durable and hard one. So you don’t need to change it every couple of years.

The dimension of this is 42″ for 8ft and also a “K66” style. You can be trim it to use on the 7ft. It is formulated with the highest level of natural rubber, and it’s compounding. Not an expensive option but worth it.


  • 42″ for 8 ft
  • Used by leading manufacturers.
  • Single rail
  • High-Quality Product


  • Durability is not very good.


HAN’S DELTA K66 Rubber (Set of 6) – 8 Foot

HAN'S DELTA K66 Rubber Bumpers Replacement Pool Table Rail Cushions

K66 is most common on length of 42″. It is made in Taiwan and ensures to meets all BCA standards for accuracy. It easy to install, and the price is also quite reasonable. It will make a big difference to your old table. It is durable and long-lasting.

These are of good quality and make for a good playing bumper. They even trimmed well and went on great with contact cement. The material used in this is not of outstanding quality, but it offers an excellent rebound. Depending

On how much you use, the less you use, the more it is going to last.


  • Designed for 8ft
  • Length is 42″
  • K66 profile, most common on home
  • Meets all BCA standards for accuracy
  • Made in Taiwan


● Some of the people complain about the quality


BornWinner BW Premium K66 – Set of 6

BornWinner BW Premium K55 K66 Superspeed Rail Cushion Set of 6

BornWinner Premium k66 has extensively tested, with the best performance and consistency in the market. These are made of premium natural material. With the manufacturer’s 30+ years of experience and unique formula, their cushions are not only very long-lasting but also amazingly able to maintain their elasticity. A thin layer of cotton canvas joined on two sides for exceptional adhesion to the wooden.

Consistent rebound angle, the best accuracy on the market. Enhance your game to a whole new different level Guarantee long-lasting for 10+ years and stays its elasticity. The K-55 & K-66 profile is available. 42 inches for a 7′ 8′, and 48 inches for a 9-foot one.


  • Ten years of guarantee for elasticity
  • K-55, K-66 profile available
  • Consistent rebound angle
  • Made of premium material


  • May be expensive for some people, the price is not constant


Championship PRO-AM K66 (Set of 6)

Championship PRO - AM K66 Cushion Rail Rubber

These are 100% within BCA standards for accuracy. Made from natural gum material than Mercury, Pro-Am billiard plays slightly slower. These are made out of 72% natural gum. 

Rolling a cue ball down a 6-degree incline at a 40-inch distance from the bumper, this rebounds consistently at 22.3 inches. These are commonly found on billiards made by leading manufacturers. A bit pricey, but it’s worth it!


  • For a 7-foot
  • 100% within BCA standards for accuracy
  • Are made out of 72% natural gum
  • 42 inches in size
  • Best in class


  • Expensive but the price fluctuate time by time


Pro Series K66 (Set of 6)

Pro Series K66 Rail Rubber

This pro series is another excellent option for you. It is easy and quick to install and proved to be perfectly capable of bouncing the balls off and around the bumpers nicely. It will give your rail a crisp and sharp view. We will highly recommend this one to you! This is a set of six replacement K66 profile gum rubber – enough to re-rubber one. Available in 8 feet (A30-B) and 9-feet (A30-A) lengths.


  • K66 Rail
  • Mainly for home use
  • 1 1/8″ on solid triangle sides/1 3/16″ on the notched side
  • Sets of 6 – enough to replace perfectly
  • 8-foot length size


  • Quality is comprised a bit according to the price.


Ozone Billiards U23 Bumpers

U23 Rubber Bumpers Replacement Pool Table Rail Cushions

These are for a 7-foot and are the most common in smaller homes and bars. They worked great! Looks great and helps with the noise when the target is missed. These are easy to install. You can cut it according to the length of your table. It cuts like butter with a sharp knife. Please purchase facings to cover your end cuts.


  • Designed for 7ft
  • Mostly used on Home & Bar
  • Dimensions: 37.375″ L x 1″ W x 1.125″ H
  • Item weights 7 pounds


  • Only available for a 7-foot


CueStix International Set

It is a premium product that is extensively tested and provides the best performance and consistency. They are made of premium natural rubber. They are not only very long-lasting but also amazingly able to maintain their elasticity. It will enhance your game to a whole new different level.

A thin layer of cotton canvas vulcanized on two sides for excellent adhesion to the wooden consistent rebound angle, the best accuracy on the market.


  • K-55, K-66 profile is available
  • 42″ for 7 feet – 8 feet, 48″ for a 9-foot
  • Made of premium material
  • Consistent rebound angle


  • Can be expensive for some people but the price is not constant


Our Buying Guide

The right one will give the right bounce to the ball. Many manufacturers use rubber cushions to deliver you an excellent rebound in your game.

It must give consistent bounce, which is the same in all directions, and the cheaper one is generally not so compatible as compared to the expensive one. The next thing to see is how the cuts look. You should ensure that the pocket is not blocked. The nicer it fits, the better it looks. A good one mainly lasts longs for more than a decade. But these also depend on the amount of usage.


There are three main types available in the market, and they sell a lot.

These three types include

  • K66 Bumpers
  • K55 Bumpers
  • U23 Bumpers

American tables generally use the “K66” bumpers. The K55 is slightly thicker than K66 one, and it is used by many billiards, carom, and snookers. Then comes the

U23 bumpers are shorter & slimmer ones commonly used on older 7/8′ coin-operated bars.


Cushion Replacement

It’s a natural process, and you can do it even if you have never repaired it before. But this process will need a few tools and basic knowledge of woodworking.

Some tools that you will need are:

  • A blade or a knife
  • A staple remover
  • A marker and a ruler
  • Facings
  • A drilling machine
  • Strong glue
  • Sandpaper (400-600 grit)

Even after writing a paragraph, it wouldn’t be enough to make you understand how to install it. As it is tender work, you need to be cautious. Watch some YouTube videos, and it would be enough. You will need more things which the video will tell you.



No matter the pool size you have, they are commonly sold in sets of 6. You can, however, buy one which best fits you. The K66 is used by 90% of the people.


Rails end facings

These are small strips of rubber glued on the edges to ensure a consistent bounce. When you buy a new one, they won’t come with a facing. Luckily, they are pretty inexpensive, and the brand does not make a big difference in them. It would be best if you were using this to enhance your game more.



In conclusion, we can say that all the products we choose in this article are of premium quality. You can select any one among these. We tried to cover all types of cushions and sizes. We even kept in mind that they should be easy to install and suggest that it will give your game a whole new dimension if you use an end facing. For K66, our choice will be the ​Pro Series A30-B K66  ​and the Ozone Billiards K66 Bumpers.

For K55, we will suggest the Iszy​ Billiards K55. ​For U23, well recommend buying the Pro Series A31-C.

U23 ​and the Ozone Billiards U23

Bumpers. ​We hope it helped you even a little bit would encourage us.


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