How to Disassemble a Pool Table

How to Disassemble a Pool Table

Because of its weight and size, a pool table can not be moved easily anywhere. You should always disassemble a furniture-style pool table before moving it, even if you just plan to move it to another room. If possible, hire a professional to click for you. If you want to save money doing it yourself, …

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How to Play Cutthroat Pool?

how to play Cutthroat Pool

Cutthroat is a type of a billiards game played on a pool table with three or five players. This is an entertaining billiard game, especially when there is an odd number of people. The cutthroat pool is mainly popular among the pool players, and it can be quite overwhelming if a person is new to …

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Ewa Mataya Laurance Net Worth

Ewa Mataya Laurance net worth

Ewa Mataya Laurance is a Swedish-American proficient pool player, born on 26 February 1964 in Gavle, Sweden. She has been playing pool since she was age 14. Her professional carrier started in 1980 when she won the Swedish National 9-Ball Championship. Soon, Ewa Laurance dominated the billiard game and won the National title again in …

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