How Much Do Pool Tables Cost?

Do you want to buy a pool table to play pool games and are confused about the price of a pool table? If yes, then the burning question you have right now is how much does a pool table cost? Pool tables are built individually for beginners and pro players.

In this article, we will tell you the categories in which pool tables are sold and also the key factors which affect the price of the pool table. You can check these key factors to guess the appropriate value of a pool table. So, without going into details, let’s start with critical factors that affect the price of the pool table.

So, How much do pool tables cost?

Pool tables usually cost from $500-$4000 and more and it depends on the quality and brands. The basic tables cost $600 to $1200 and the high-quality table costs more than $3000 to $4000.

The pool tables are divided into four categories based on the price and in the next portion of the article, we will talk about it.

how much do pool tables cost

Toy Pool Tables

9 Inch Travel Mini Pool Table for Kids by Gamie
Srenta Mini Pool Table - Mini Tabletop Portable Billiard

Toy Pool Tables

These pool tables are for kids
  • Cheaper wood
  • Low-quality slate material
Starts from
$50 – $300

These tables come with a price of $50 to $300. These tables mostly last for 3 to 5 years. They are primarily manufactured from low-quality slate material. They are useful for children who need something to play with.

They contain the cheaper wood or laminate material, which does not strengthen the table for a long time, and hence, these pool tables are less durable than the other pool tables. 

Best Budget Pool Table

IFOYO Folding Pool Table, 55 Inch Folding Pool Table for Adults and Kids
Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

Budget Pool Tables

For Home, quality within a budget
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Great for friends and family
Starts from
$500 – $1200

These tables come with a price of $500 to $1200. These are the best pool tables for your friends and family and are available at an average rate. Before buying these tables, you need to care about their quality.

These tables are the most reliable and durable for at least 10-years. If you do maintain the quality of this table pleasantly and protect it from all the odd factors, which may decrease its quality, then this pool table would last for more than 10-years.

Mid Range Pool Tables

Brunswick 8-Foot Black Wolf Pool Table
BARRINGTON Claw Leg Billiard Pool Table

Budget Pool Tables

Someone who wants to be a professional
  • High-quality material
  • Great for friends and family
Starts from
$1000 – $2500

These tables come with a price of $1000 to $2500. These tables are available in the market in various styles; you can choose whatever form suits your room. Except for this, it comes with a high-quality material that provides durability to the pool table.

These tables are highly recommended for those who are a bit serious about this game. You can also use these pool tables at your home for friends and family. 

expensive billiard table

Best High-Quality Pool Tables

best pool table
Olhausen Professional Pool Table

Budget Pool Tables

For serious professionals, pool halls and tournaments
  • Best of its kinds
  • Attractive design
Starts from
$2500 – $15000

These high-quality, stylish pool tables come with a price of $2500 to $15000. These pool tables are constructed from high-quality exotic woods, which provide durability to this product for long-lasting.

Not only this, but these tables also come with unique and attractive designs that may catch your attention at once. These pool tables are recommended for clients, which are not on a budget and are serious about this game. You may use these pool tables for the tournament, as well. 

What Affects the Pool Table Price

how much do pool tables cost

Pool table size

The size of the pool table is directly proportional to the price of the pool table. It means the cost of the table increases with the increase in the size of the table. On the other hand, the price of the pool table decreases with the dimensions of the pool table.

The larger size pool table requires more extensive material to manufacture the pool table; hence, price increases with the increase of material. You also need to consider the space of the room in which you will put the pool table. The apartment has to have enough space to play pool shots with your cue without any distractions.

Quality of material

The pool tables mainly come in two types of material, one is called MDF material, and the other one is named slate material. The MDF material is cheaper than slate material. The slate material is made up of solid wood material. Now, it depends upon the purpose of buying the pool table.

If you are purchasing a pool table for friends and family, then MDF is an excellent choice for you, but if you are purchasing a pool table for tournament purposes, then we would like to recommend you the slate material.


Similar to the quality of material, the pool tables majorly come in two forms. One is called a bar style, and the other one is named a spectrum style.

If you are purchasing the pool table for friends and family, then the bar-style will suit you the most, but if you are buying a pool table for tournament purposes, then the spectrum is an excellent choice for you.

Spectrum-style pool tables are most expensive than bar-style pool tables because they are designed with such magnificent art and look more stylish than bar-style pool tables.


It is a fact that almost all people around the world want to purchase branded stuff. The brands are famous because they provide excellent service to their customers and also give them a warranty sometimes to give satisfaction to their clients.

In the pool table, brands like Olhausen and Brunswick are highly recommendable to purchase a pool table because they have offered high-quality pool tables to their customers and offer a guarantee to their customers for their satisfaction. If you buy these brand’s pool table, then anyone can have a high performance.

Other costs

It is not enough to buy a pool table only, and you also need other accessories as well, like pool cues, billiard balls, racking triangles, cue chalks, and jumping pools. They also cost money. Some pool tables offer you all the fixtures, and some tables don’t.

But when you look at the price, then you will note that pool tables with accessories have relatively high rates than pool tables without accessories. If you buy the pool table, which does not offer you other accessories, then you must need to purchase additional accessories individually, which may cost plenty.

So, we will provide you with to buy the pool table with accessories, and it will cost less money overall than pool tables without accessories.


I hope you have read this article completely, and this article will tell you the prices of different pool tables. We have also told you about various factors which may help you to give a clue about the cost of the pool table.

If you understand this article entirely and want to buy it, then don’t waste time and buy it.

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