How to Aim in Pool – 7 Steps to be a Master

In many sports, such as pool, darts and bowling there is a need for aiming. Aiming is the process of using hand-eye coordination to accurately throw or shoot an object at a specific target.

In the game of pool, the aimer usually aims for one of the pockets on the table and in dart and bowling, they must be aimed at a target board that has concentric rings marked on it with numbers from 1 to 20 or X’s that represent where you would land if you threw your dart/ball into them.

What is aiming and how does it work?

how to aim in pool

Aiming is easier to see than to explain! If you have ever tried shooting pool before, then you know that it can be confusing which of the 15 billiard balls are yours at any moment in time, and where they might be going. This makes it especially difficult when you need to figure out how your cue ball will travel after it hits another ball.

The cue stick and your brain together make aiming possible! To hit the ball you want, you must be able to predict how it will travel after impact–that’s aiming. After you learn where to aim, all that is left is to follow through with the stroke (i.e., do what comes naturally). You might find yourself surprised by how accurate you are!

How to Aim in Pool

Many sports, such as pool, darts, and bowling have a need for aiming. In the pool, the goal is to knock over object balls into the pockets at either end of a long table. As with all sports, you need general knowledge and some practice before things become automatic.

This guide is meant to help someone with no experience learn how to aim in the pool. Like most other skills in any sport, aiming is not possible without a good amount of knowledge and enough practice to make it automatic. That said, we’ll start with the simple things and see how far we can get in a short article.

What is aiming and how does it work

The first thing you need to know is that aiming is like balancing an object on top of your finger. You don’t try to balance the ball directly; instead, you move your finger underneath the ball, to minimize the sway.

This analogy is important because it means you can’t aim by looking at the tip of your cue stick. Instead, you need to look somewhere else and use your knowledge of geometry to find where the tip will be when your cue strikes the ball. That’s where timing comes in.

Step 1: Developing Consistency with Your Break

A reliable, well-executed break shot will put you in a good position to run up a high score or take out difficult bank shots that you may otherwise not be able to make. Learning how to aim in the pool starts with learning the break shot and you can’t do that without practicing it.

Step 2: Basic Geometry of the Table

To learn how to aim in the pool, you need to understand what basic geometric shapes can be found on a standard billiard table and where those shapes can be found on the table.

Step 3: Give Yourself Options

When you are playing pool, you might not always have a good shot on your ball or an easy way to get into position for your next shot. The more options you give yourself, the better chance you will have of sinking one!

Step 4: Know Your Opponent

In the pool, it is always a good idea to know your opponent’s position on the table so you can determine where they will likely shoot next. You never want to give a shot away if you don’t have to!

Step 5: Find Your Comfort Level

If you feel comfortable standing next to an object ball, then it might be a good idea to strike it and pocket a ball. However, if you think that your opponent might be able to sink their next shot into that same object ball, then you will probably need to find another way to make your next move on the table.

Step 6: Plan Your Strategy

In the pool, a little bit of strategy goes a long way. When you are deciding how to approach your next shot, it is important to think about what you plan to do with the cue ball after hitting that object ball.

Step 7: Telling Yourself You Can Make It

Finally, one of the best ways to improve your aim in the pool is by telling yourself that you can make every shot no matter what. This will take away all of your self-doubts and leave you feeling confident in each shot you take!

Tips for improving your aiming skills

There are a few ways to improve your aiming skills as a billiard player. One of the most important things you can do is spend time practicing. You should make sure you practice all parts of your game, including your break shot and your stroke.

Another way to improve your aiming skills is by taking cues from shots where you have already made the ball go in, even if it wasn’t intentional or if it was an accident. This will give you a better idea of what you need to do in future shots.

When playing against an opponent, try not to give away any easy points by giving them an easy shot that they are confident they will make next. If you are standing close enough to the object ball so that you might be able to sink it, you might want to take a shot and try to pocket it.

Aiming Techniques

There are four basic ways to improve your accuracy when aiming: by improving your vision, by practicing more often, by using tools that help you see better (like focusing glasses), or by practicing your aim (like by using the balancing method).

Vision Improvements

To improve your vision you could start playing in daylight instead of dimly lit bars. If there is too little light, try putting a lamp next to the table so that you can see more clearly. You may also want to get any prescription glasses or contact lenses checked in case you need a stronger prescription.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In order to improve your aiming skills, it will be necessary to practice more often. In the meantime, if you are having any issues with accuracy when aiming try focusing on one particular ball. If this doesn’t work, consider putting a small sticker on the corner of the table above where you are aiming. You can also try moving back from the table.

Using Tools to Help Your Aiming

There are many tools that help pool players aim better, one of which is called a bridge stick. This is simply a small rod with rubber feet on each end. When you rest your hand on this rod, it will not move when you push down.

Practice Your Aim

One of the best ways to improve your aim is by using the balancing method. This involves putting a ball at an angle in front of you. You have to place your cue stick in your dominant hand so that the butt of the cue is touching your chin and then you must lean over the table with your non-dominant hand on the side of the table (right-handed use right side, left-handed use left side) at a 90-degree angle. You can also try to hold your bridge stick in this non-dominant hand with the feet touching where you are aiming.

Now you can place your cue stick in your dominant hand and try to get the ball on the balancing end to land in the pocket of choice. This is a great way of improving your precision!

Why you should learn how to aim well

Billiards is a great game that is not only fun but can also teach you a lot about geometry and physics. There are many things that you can learn from playing billiards, which is why it’s important that you spend time practicing to improve your skills.

One of the most basic skills in billiards is aiming. In order to be successful in aiming, it’s important to consider what will happen with the cue ball when it hits the object ball. With these tips, you’ll know how to aim better in the pool!


Aiming is a key skill for pool, darts, and bowling players that need to be used every time they play. If you are not getting the results you want with your aim, consider trying these different techniques to improve it.

Aiming can be challenging, but there are many ways to improve your accuracy when aiming so that you can get better at the pool. Good luck!