How to Clean Pool Table Felt (5 Easy Steps)

Having an incredible pool table and spending time with your friends make you be in the limelight. Playing pool with friends is full of the joy of spring, and sometimes due to negligence, you often eat and drink on the pool table and make it come up with stains. Trying to clean the pool table felt without ample knowledge is like putting the cart before the horse. Pool tables are quite an expensive investment, and with such substantial investment, you must go ahead for proper maintenance and care like any other furniture of your home to make them last for many years. The pool table gets dirty due to a few factors like chalk traces, cigarette buts, accidental spills, dirt, and even the small items of ash that will damage and burn the cloth of your pool table. Being a delicate and costly item, your pool tables requires some extraordinary care to keep them looking brand new for years to come. How to Clean Pool Table Felt

How to Clean Pool Table Felt in 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning of the pool table is as easy as a piece of cake, but you have to get your head around it, to know the cleaning method, and choose appropriate cleaning material and tools to keep it in tip-top shape.

Things You’ll Need

  • Pool table and rail brush set
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Pool table felt cleaner
  • Wood polish
  • Lint Free cloth
  • Vinegar

Step#1 Cleaning with Brush

Big Billiards Brush with Natural Horsehair
  • It is recommended to brush the pool table after a play day. As the pool table felt is very fine, use a brush that is specifically designed for pool tables.
  • Start cleaning using the special pool table brush, which has soft bristles. Try to gather and move the dirt from the middle of the table to the outer ends.
  • Use lite and short forward strokes. Do not apply circular strokes or scrub hard, as it will damage the table felt.
  • While brushing, make dirt piles near the bumpers, but not too close, for natural sucking by the vacuum.
  • After brushing the table from end to end, brush the table again to make sure that the dirt is thoroughly cleaned.

Step#2 Use vacuum to get the dirt out

  • Make sure to use a low power vacuum, as the high sucking power will damage the Felt.
  • Attach a sizeable rectangular attachment to the hose of a vacuum to suck all the piles of dust you made.
  • Move the vacuum hose from one end of the table to another to remove collected dust and get as much out as possible.

Step#3 Remove stains politely

Has someone spilled a drink on your table? This is the step you have been waiting for. But before proceeding further, be sure that the dirt is out of the area and bear in mind that cleaning up the stains requires a gentle touch.
  • The first thing first is to place a dry towel or lint-free cloth on the spill as soon as possible to avoid the liquid soak into the felt. Don’t over-saturate the felt.
  • Damp the lint-free cloth with water and blot the area to clean the stain.
  • Do not rub the cloth back and forth, or it can stretch the felt.
  • Repeat this step multiple times to pull up the maximum amount of spill.
  • After blotting the stain, use a dry towel or lint-free cloth to dry out the stain faster.
  • There may be a case when the stain does not lift off, especially when the satins or old, add some amount of vinegar with water and apply on the stain using cloth or towel.
  • Re-dip the cloth into the vinegar solution and dab the stain until it completely vanishes.
  • Let the felt to dry completely before using the pool table.

Step#4 Use Special Cleaners

game room guys cleaner Sometimes the blotting the stain with vinegar solution does not entirely remove the effects of the spill, the answer is then using a cleaning product. Use only the recommended cleaner used explicitly for the pool table. Contact your pool table supplier or any pool items selling the store to get advice for using the correct pool cleaner.
  • Spray the special felt cleaner over the entire pool table felt.
  • Using the lint-free cloth, Wipe the foam way.
  • Do not rub the cloth back and forth, or it can stretch the felt.
  • Wait for one minute to dry completely before using the pool table.
  Step#5 Frame Cleaning The frame is one of the crucial parts of the pool table and is just like other furniture in your house. Use a lint-free cloth to clean the legs, rails, and cabinet of the table. It does not require any unique method and can be done quickly. You can use any wood cleaner or wood polish to clean the wooden surface of the pool table. Helpful Hints
  • Avoid eating and drink at the table. If inevitable, install shelves in your game room to place the beverages.
  • Every now and then, clean pool balls also preferably with soapy water or simply wipe them with warm water and let them dry before use.
  • Never use warm water, steam, or blower dryer. Otherwise, it will be impossible to remove the stains.
  • Use a pool table cover when the table is not in use. It will protect the table felt from dust particles and other contaminants.
  • Always chalk the cue away from the table.


In a nutshell, the pool table is a costly item and needs the least amount of care as compared to other games. Adopting extra precautionary measures will keep the table in sparkling and perform for years. Keep cigars, cigarettes, beverages, and other edible items away from the pool table. Place a table in your game-room or install shelves for your guests to keep these items. The best way to avoid spill or burn issues is to make a rule that eating and drinking are forbidden while playing. Nothing beats the joy of a fabulous and clean felt offers higher performance, and your pool table plays faster. Interesting Articles to Read