Kamui Tips Review (Is This Any Good For Your Game?)

Don’t you want to catch the comments from viewers “Great job on that shot, man, you hit it out of the park”. Well, this amazing and artistically crafted KAMUI Black Tip is designed to provide control and a professional feeling in your pool game.

Featuring a crystal clear look, it gives a profound complacent effect that soothes your gameplay. Available in medium, soft, and super soft sizes, this vegetable-tanned leather tip is durable and perfect for pros or young pool players.

kamui tips review

Kamui Tips Review

Considering to improve your gameplay, thinking to hilt the geometrically accurate shot, why not select a piece of proper game equipment starting with the right tip. The ball is in your court whether you want to change the tip of your cue with standard or with the tip, which is having some extraordinary features.

It is available in black color, it is one of the great tip on the market you can buy and gives a great ball control.

kamui soft tips review

Kamui Black Tip Features

Humidity resistance

It is made of high-quality leather and is moisture-proof. As the leather tends to absorb moisture, the leathers are specially selected mainly pigskin, and undergo explicitly a process called “vegetable-tanning” to get the optimum performance. The process is handled by the best tanners in the leather industry. The outcome of this process is durable leather, which can withstand environmental effects such as humidity.

Enhance elasticity and durability

With the advantage of special treatment of the vegetable tanned leather, It maintains high flexibility and strength in all seasons, even in high moist environments. Due to increased elasticity, it can provide more impact spin to the cue ball with less force for accurate pool shots.

High bounce force

It provides high bounce force when the tip impacts a cue ball with great speed. Due to this higher force, the tip can have more contact with the cue ball, ultimately achieving more spin.


The flat surface of the tips helps in easy installation. The bottom layer need not require any sanding procedure. Due to the flat surface of the tip, the glue is absorbed down to the bottom layers; thus, reliability is further increased. It is recommended to use liquid base glue to get the most out of your pool cue. Try to avoid gel-type glue as it takes a longer time to dry; also, it has a weak bonding effect.

Diverse hardness ranges

It comes in four different hardness ranges, super soft, soft, medium, and hard and the selection of these tips depends on your gameplay style and gives you different cue ball control while playing.


Soft or Super Soft Tip

With the ability to absorb more energy, these tips cause to stay on the cue ball and eventually provide more spin. Due to the absorption of impact, these tips have a mushrooming effect and require more maintenance or frequent replacement than a harder tip. Although the price tag of softer tips is a little bit high, nevertheless, it’s the perfect choice for those who want extra spin of the cue ball.

kamui tips


Widely used type by most pool players. They are specifically crafted to provide extra control, reliability, and durability. With the advantage of maximum humidity resistance, it maintains uniform shape, elasticity, and chalk absorption. Medium tips do provide a higher spin effect, yet they do not get misshaped as compared to the softer tips.

Hard tips

Designed to last longer and play more consistently, these tips absorb less energy, thus require less maintenance. These tips do not get misshaped as quickly. However, this type is more likely to result in miscues.

Intense contact with the cue

Chances to hit or miss the shot depends on the connection of the tip with the cue ball. The right type, quality, and size of the tip can make a difference. It requires a nominal amount of glue for installation for desired cue performance.

Strict quality control

To be the best brand in the industry, the vegetable-tanned leather used for the manufacturing of the tip undergoes a rigorous quality control process that is controlled by a well-trained craftsman.

Pros and Cons of KAMUI Clear Black Tip

kamui black tip hard

The selection of the right tip is sometimes extremely confusing for some players. Although the KAMUI is striving hard to get the memorable experience of each shot, yet, it all depends on your mood and style to select the desired one.


  1. Offers exceptionally consistent performance.
  2. Crafted with high-quality vegetable-tanned leather, which offers resistance against humidity.
  3. It provides high bounce force when the tip impacts a cue ball with great speed. This style is truly a favorite and loved by many pool players.
  4. As it has a flat surface, the installation process is easy and does not require any special tools.


  1. The glue or adhesive with which the KAMUI tip is attached gets soft over high temperatures, typically 60 Celsius. Although this temperature is not environmental, however, due to friction heat, it can cause this effect.
  2. The price tag of the KAMUI Clear Black is high. Due to the low budget, some young players avoid buying it and go for cheap.
  3. The super soft tip tends to misshaped frequently and require more maintenance than harder tips.


Why should I buy KAMUI Clear Black Cue Tips?

The option to buy KAMUI Clear Black Cue Tips s has many reasons as compared to other manufactures. Cutting edge technology to provide consistent performance. The flat surface of the tip help in easy installation.

Why are the KAMUI Clear Black s so costly?

These tips are made out of premium leather and specially tanned, this is the reason for being very costly.

Should I need special tools to replace the pool tip?

No, KAMUI Clear Black Cue Tips doesn’t require any tools for installation and are easy to install.

Which cue tip is best for me?

Well, it all depends on your personal preference. Just look at the tour gameplay style.


KAMUI is one of the top manufacturers of billiard and pool equipment in the world. The unique manufacturing process and cutting-edge technology of KAMUI Clear Black Cue Tip result in enhanced Stability and Reliability without any deflection.

With the improvement of multilayer leather, these tips offer maximum humidity resistance. Remarkably crafted, these are great tips as they hold chalk very well. With appropriate care, these tips can be used for a longer time.

For players who put their heart and soul into and have a passion for English shot, these tips are the ultimate choice for them as they offer a high bouncing force generated when a tip impacts the cue ball with the speed of acceleration.

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