Play a Safety Shot in Pool Billiard – Intro to Safety

intro to safety

Safety shots in pool billiard are a safety measure taken when you have no other choice but to play from a difficult position. This article will discuss safety shots and the different types of safety shots that can be played. We will also show you how to execute these safety shots properly to don’t cost …

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Why Do You Have To Be 18 Or 21 To Play Pool?

Why Do You Have To Be 18 Or 21 To Play Pool

If you’re a pool player, you know that there are age requirements for certain games. It’s not uncommon to see an 18+ sign on the door of a pool hall or a 21+ sign at the liquor store. But why is this? Where did these laws come from and what do they mean for those …

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What is the Perfect Size Pool Table for Bar?

Perfect Size Pool Table for Bar

What is the perfect size pool table for bar? This question has been debated among bar owners and players alike. There are many factors to consider when deciding what size pool table you want in your establishment. The first thing to decide is how much space do you have available? For example, if you have …

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