Billiard Pool Basics – What Everyone Should Know

Billiard is a sport in which we always learn something new. There are some billiard pool basics everyone should consider, and It is straightforward to settle in and think that we are already good enough not to need to improve.

This type of thinking will only bring us negative results, and it is always necessary to stop to analyze our actions during the game and improve those that are not positive for us. Keep reading to discover our tricks on how to be a better billiard player.

Pool Basics – Everyone Should Know

1. Do not play the easy balls

We all know that it is for novices to hit a billiard ball without thinking about what our next move will be. We must try not to fall into the temptation to go for a shot just because it is secure. Sometimes going to an easy play can result in a lost game.

After opening, it is necessary to study the position of the balls thoroughly and mentally prepare each stroke, not to go to the simplest but to the one that best places the next shot.

Hold your cue properly, always think of your next move, give it a thought if you are sending this ball on this hole, what would be your next move. Thinking your next step will make you a lot professional than your friends.

2. Reflecting when a ball fails

billiard pool basics

Failure is not an error, and it happens to us all, the error is getting angry when we get shot by the butt. It is vital to stop for a moment and reflect, ask ourselves why we have failed, without anger, so each mistake will be a lesson that will help us avoid falling into the same failure in future blows.

The pool is a game for the gentleman, and sportsmanship is what we always want. Check videos of the championships on youtube. It will help you to have that sportsmanship inside you.

3. You must not change the ball because it is uncomfortable.

This annoying moment always arrives in a game in which the route we had planned ends up twisting because the white one stops at a point where we have to do contortion to be able to shoot. The easy thing is to look for an alternative hit and have to re-plan the game route. It can bring you many surprises when you are reaching the end of the game.

Do not be afraid to use the bridge if a ball is not within your reach, just for that is this contraption. If you follow this rule, you will significantly improve your results.

4. Do not envy the champions

It’s not uncommon that when you see one of the great players, thoughts like “Sure, for him, it’s easy” come to mind or “I wish I played like that.” What we see is the result of years and years of hard training. We only envy being a great player, but we do not envy the work behind it until we reach that level.

Think about this the next time some player envies you 🙂

5. Work the mentality

Many experts say that billiards is 80% or 85% mental. Two key factors of any good player are psychology and practice. You have to work your fears before the complicated blows so that this does not affect us negatively in a decisive blow. It is vital to control emotions, nerves, tension, and be mentally at all times over the rival.

In short, training the mental state during the game is as important as practice the technique.

6. Do not get distracted when you are aiming

It is essential not to lose focus with the white ball, keep your eyes fixed, and do not lose sight of the ball, do not let anything or anyone distract you. If you are not sure, you can get away from the table to study the play again, but do not lose that moment of “focus” in no time, or you will end up making a great blunder.

7. Do not forget to chalk

It’s your best ally! You can not miss chalking between every shot, especially if you are going to make a slow shot or a mighty blow, not chalking before this type of shot is a sure failure. There is no rule about how often you have to chalk, but one thing is clear, better than not missing 🙂

These simple tips can help you take a big step as a billiard player. Do you have any other advice you want to share with us? Leave us below in the comments!

8. Others

One of the main reasons people have trouble playing is because when they went to pool clubs, they did not spend enough time to work on their posture or their shots.

But they jumped and focused once in potting the balls. This state is where bad habits are formed and become a permanent part of your game.

And for not spending time from the beginning in learning only the movement of cue without effect, have difficulty controlling it.

This combination of errors with hitting problems, shooting line, limits your game, making it very difficult and impossible to reach a high level in your pool game.

If you do not understand how the cue moves when you hit the target ball or with the bands, the player will always be inconsistent and if you can not control the cue without effect, you will never know how to manage the billiard stick with impact.

Once you feel that you develop control of the cue by hitting the center and then with effects, you will naturally know how much impact you are going to have on the board.

Do not practice long or difficult shots until you have mastered the “easy shots” in the pool.

pool basics


Few pool games can be won by making advanced or complicated shots, but many games are lost because they do not have strong skills or basics to make comfortable shots.

Even experienced players can benefit from improving the fundamentals of their game.

With correct fundamentals and enough vigilance in them, it allows our game to improve as we incorporate new knowledge and more advanced strategies.

To play pool at a very high level, you need to refine your touch, your ability to be consistent in getting the shots you want.

The fundamentals are about developing and repeating techniques that make sense to you, techniques that you can trust under pressure.

I hear many people who contact me: I’m stuck at the same level for a long time, and I’m frustrated about this, anything I try to move forward does not work. There is something you must-do if you want to move forward if you’re going to improve.

While you keep keeping doing the same thing always, you will get the same results.

If you are stuck and you are ready to develop solid foundations, you have to be willing to make changes.

Because for a long time, you have been developing deep habits about the beating, the grip, the posture, etc. And if you do something different, you will feel strange at first.

A small change in how you hold the pool cue, for example, may feel completely “wrong” for you. You are outside your comfort zone. It is where learning takes place.

You have to start first by paying attention to your body. You will find places where you squeeze a lot or raise your head when pulling or your posture is incorrect, places where you will fight with yourself, etc.

While you pay attention to your body, you will find situations that you feel more comfortable, for example, when you place your feet, now the weight is distributed, and you feel better. Try to find ways that your skeleton does the work, not your muscles.

Simple is better. Many aspects of the fundamentals have to do with alignment.

With today’s technology, we can see what position we make. When we are going to execute a shot, take your mobile, and shoot in different situations. From the sides, front, back, and above doing the swing, hitting the balls, so you can see where is your error and correct it.

In other words, your swing must be perfectly aligned with your vertical plane, your billiard cue, your forearm, your elbow, your shoulder, your entire arm. You should feel that you can see the line of fire with a high degree of confidence.

And remember, not everyone will have the perfect fundamentals, but the closer you can get the right fundamentals, the faster you will improve.

If you are one of those players with the forearm turned or the arm not aligned correctly, you can still reach a high level, and you will only need to put more time on the table.

I recommend that you put a mirror next to it, and start recording with your mobile in front and then behind and correcting these defects, at first its tires, it is annoying, it is frustrating, but in the end, the result is enriching.

The fundamentals are :

Tell me about your point of view. What is the main problem?

And I help you correct it.

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