Shane Van Boening Net worth 2024 (Biography)

Shane Van Boening was born on July 14, 1983, in the USA. He is a professional pool player who grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota. He belongs to a family who has a reputed and successful professional background of pocket billiard. Boening’s grandfather, Gary Bloomberg, had the skill to play trick shots.

His grandmother, Jeanne Bloomberg, was a one time, and her aunt, Gari Jo Bloomberg, was a three-time champion of Valley National 8-Ball League Association (VNEA). His mother, Timi Bloomberg, remained the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) champion.

Shane Van Boening had a disability of hard of hearing, so he used to play while wearing hearing aids.  When he was younger, he had a lot of bullies. During Mosconi Cup, he was attacked by a thug who put a gun to his head and taunted him as he’s deaf, but he never gave up. He used to say, “If you’re getting bullied, my advice is you have to be positive, don’t let yourself down.” He also dreamed


Shane Van Boening Net worth

Shane Van BoeningShane Van Boening’s professional career started in the year 2006 when he defeated Vilmos Foldes, a pool player from Hungary at the International Pool Tour qualifier. He earned an amount worth $5,000 in the tournament for breaking and running six consecutive racks. He remained a three-time VNEA national amateur eight-ball champion. In 2007, he participated in the BCA Open Nine-ball Championship and made it to reach the final, but lost to Dennis Orcollol (a Filipino professional player).

In 2007, Shane Van Boening won his first pro title, the Reno Open 9-Ball Championship, defeating Johnny Archer (the undefeated contestant in the tournament) in the double-elimination finals.
On October 20, 2007, Shane Van Boening claimed another victory when he reached in the final of the 32nd annual US Open Nine-ball Championship. He defeated Filipino Champion Ronnie Alcano and remained invincible in the championship.

The year 2007 was a crowning achievement year for Shane Van Boening. Admitting his super performance in the whole year, he was acknowledged, the male player of the year by major pool journals Billiards Digest, Pool & Billiard Magazine, and InsidePOOL Magazine.

The estimated net worth of Shane Van Boening in the year 2018 was $1.5 Million according to some online resources. Whereas in 2019, his estimated net worth was approximately $1Million -$5 Million. Another online source has claimed that his net worth is $7 Mil.  In the year 2020, Shane Van Boening has earned $14,300 and got 10th position on AZB money leaderboard.


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Shane Van Boening playing pool

Shane Van Boening has become known for his success in playing pool. No doubt, he is a player of the decade for the 2010s. He remained the winner of the US Open 9 Ball Championship for three consecutive years (2012, 2013, and 2014) and made history.

Since his debut, he has been a leading player in the professional pool sports. Despite his hearing-impaired disability, he did not stop playing and practicing even he was teased by some people. The viewers also admired the positive attitude of Shane Van Boening during matches, which gave him the strength to become a pool game superstar.