How to kick in Billiard Pool

Kicking is a defensive move in the billiard pool used to avoid the need for an object ball to be sunk. Kicking is the intentional deflecting of the cue ball with the intent to sink opponent balls.

To kick successfully, you need to be able to predict where your cue ball will go after it hits your object ball and bounces off a rail. For this reason, it is important that you get used to seeing angles on tables. If you are not familiar with seeing angles on pool tables I suggest you take a moment to stop reading and watch the videos at the bottom of this page. You should really be familiar with these shots before trying any kicking solutions because it is all about geometry, so please take the time to learn these basic concepts if you haven’t already.)

After watching those videos come on back here and let’s learn how to win at kicking.

kick in billiard pool

The Diamond System for Kicking

One way of finding the direction of your cue ball after it hits your object ball is by using a system called the diamond system. The diamond system uses several important geometric principles which are fairly easy to learn, but using these concepts will have you kicking like a master in no time.

To use the diamond system, you need to know that when one rail is struck by a moving ball in-line with the pocket it deflects the ball towards another rail at an angle equal to the deflection from striking a cushion. This means if your object ball is above and to the right of your cue ball, and it is close to the side of the table you are on, your cue ball will deflect due right at an angle equal to the angle that it would take to get into that pocket.

Knowing this allows us to predict where our object ball will end up if we cushion our cue ball off of it (which is what we want).

The diamond system works for almost any kind of kicking situation. You can use it to predict where your cue ball will go if you hit the object ball and it is close to a cushion, so this is one-way kickers are executed. Otherwise, you may need to build in some variation with how hard you hit your object balls when you are setting up the cue ball. By varying how much speed you hit your object balls with, you can change the angle at which your cue ball comes off of them to make predicting where it will go easier or more difficult.

With a little time and practice playing these types of shots, you should find yourself kicking like a pool pro in no time!

Want to know how to use the diamond system in the pool?

The diamond system is a way of kicking a ball that uses geometry and physics together to make sure you have an accurate shot every time. The method works by taking into account the angle of your cue, how fast you hit it, and what type of spin is applied from the rails. If done correctly, this technique will ensure that all shots are as accurate as possible for those who want their kick to be perfect.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • When using diamonds, always keep your eye on where the white ball is going so that you can accurately judge where it will go after contact with another object or person (i.e. a rail, another ball, or a person). This is the most important part of using this technique because this will help you to see if your shot was successful or not.
  • The diamond method works well only when the cue ball remains in-bounds once it hits a rail. Make sure that there’s enough clearance for the cue to bounce and remain in bounds before and after shooting. If you accidentally hit too much of a rail at an angle, this will make your shot go off-course and it’ll be hard for you to achieve the accuracy that the diamond system guarantees.
  • This technique works well with any amount of spin or speed if you make sure to always judge where the white ball is going. If you use this method, the speed and spin of the cue ball have no effect on where it will go after contact with another object or person if you properly judge where it’ll land before shooting.
  • Spinning the cue ball for this technique is helpful because it will make it bounce off the rail with more force which means that you’ll get a straight shot. This will help if the cue ball is too far away for you to judge or if there are multiple obstacles surrounding it. If you don’t want your cue ball to spin, then just hit it at an angle so that the surface of the table will bounce it.
  • If you don’t want your cue to spin on a ball, then you can either try kicking with less force or aiming more towards the side of the ball instead of directly at it. This will make sure that your shot stays straight and doesn’t curve too much after bouncing against a ball.
  • If you want more power or if the cue ball is still too close to hit it directly, try using the diamond method on balls that are further away instead of trying to angle your shot by shooting it towards a very close object/person. This is because if you shoot with enough speed, then the white ball will go straight even if you don’t aim directly at it.
  • The diamond method works best when the table is lined up with a line, wall, or object that runs perfectly perpendicular to the rails. If this isn’t possible, then the easier way to use this technique is by lining up your shot with where you want your ball to go instead of using the method to aim the angle of your cue.

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