Pool Cue vs Snooker Cue – 4 Main Differences [Complete Guide]

Snooker Cue vs Pool Cue

Before discussing the difference between the snooker cue and pool cue, we need to understand that what we mean by cue games? Those games are known as cue games, which are played through cues. These games are classified into two types, pool games, and snooker games.    Pool Cue vs Snooker Cue In this article, …

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Billiard Pool Basics – What Everyone Should Know

pool basics

Billiard is a sport in which we always learn something new. There are some billiard pool basics everyone should consider, and It is straightforward to settle in and think that we are already good enough not to need to improve. This type of thinking will only bring us negative results, and it is always necessary …

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How to Play Pool – Learn Playing Pool Today!

how to play pool

When you go to a local billiard club, you can spontaneously take a billiard cue, ask for some balls, rent a pool table and play billiards with your friends, sometimes without knowing how to play it. But if you are a complete newbie, if you don’t even know how to play pool, this guide will …

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Pool Table Room Size Calculator – 1 Perfect Way to Measure

pool table room size calculator

When you want to buy a pool table, it is essential to make sure you have the perfect measurement of the room for installing it correctly. It would be a disaster if the cues touched the wall or a piece of furniture and could not shot the ball ideally. Pool Table Room Size Calculator In this article, we …

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The Rules of Bumper Pool

bumper pool

Bumper Pool is a form of carom billiards. The player must hit the ball so it rebounds from one side of the table to the other, hitting at least one corner pocket before being called dead or missing on the second shot. It will take skill and precision to beat all your competition in this …

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How Much Does A Professional Snooker Table Cost?

How Much Does A Professional Snooker Table Cost

Snooker is a cue sport that can be played competitively or recreationally. The game was developed in India and England before becoming popular both as a professional sport and recreation. So, How Much Does A Professional Snooker Table Cost? A snooker table costs $2500 to $3500 depending on the size, but most homeowners don’t need …

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How to kick in Billiard Pool

Kicking is a defensive move in the billiard pool used to avoid the need for an object ball to be sunk. Kicking is the intentional deflecting of the cue ball with the intent to sink opponent balls. To kick successfully, you need to be able to predict where your cue ball will go after it …

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What Does Chalk do in Pool?

Chalk is used to coat the end of your cue stick and improve your grip on it. This helps you get a better shot when shooting the balls around the table. It’s more important for novice players who may lack some experience with shooting, but it can help any player with their game! What Does …

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