7 Best Pool Cue Bridge to Buy in 2021

pool cue bridge

The pool is a game of angles. A ball traveling at 100 miles per hour can be slowed or stopped by even the smallest, most delicate touch on the table’s cloth. That makes it easy to see why pool cues are so important: They allow players to apply just the right amount of force required …

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7 Best Glue for Pool Table Bumpers in 2021

Pool tables are a great addition to any home. They’re a fun way to spend time with friends and family, they add value to your house, and they make an excellent piece of furniture in the basement or garage. But you want them around for years – not months – so it’s important that you …

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Balabushka Pool Cue – Cue for Pro’s

Balabushka Pool Pue

A Balabushka pool cue is a must for any serious player. The recent years have brought up increased popularity for pools, and more people are starting to love the game. People want to buy Balabushka pool cues because they know that their stick is made with nothing but quality, accuracy, and responsiveness. When you use …

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Jeanette Lee – The Black Widow!

Jeanette Lee

Jeanette Lee is the first woman to be inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame. She’s also one of only six female players ever to have competed in a professional men’s pool tournament, and she continues to play competitively today at age 75. Jeanette has been called “The First Lady of Pool,” and we’ll explore …

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