The Rules of Bumper Pool

bumper pool

Bumper Pool is a form of carom billiards. The player must hit the ball so it rebounds from one side of the table to the other, hitting at least one corner pocket before being called dead or missing on the second shot. It will take skill and precision to beat all your competition in this …

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Pool Shark 101: Who are they and How can you beat them?

pool shark

Pool sharks are everywhere. They’re the person that’s always hustling, cheating, and trying to win at any cost. But there is such a thing as an “honest” pool shark-people who just really love the game and want to play it well. You may be one of those people or you may know someone like this, …

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The Rules of Cutthroat Pool

Rules of Cutthroat Pool

The cutthroat pool is a game of the same name, but with different rules than other games. The goal of this game is to be the last person standing after all others have been eliminated by being sunk in one or more pockets. The winner can either sink all their opponents’ balls before they have …

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Scratch in Pool: What it is, How to Avoid Them

Scratch in Pool

The pool is a game of strategy and skill. But you can’t play it without a table, balls, and a cue stick. And even if you have all that stuff, there’s still the chance that something will go wrong-a scratch, for example. A scratch in the pool happens when your cue ball doesn’t contact any …

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