Stephen Hendry Net Worth (2022)

Stephen Hendry Net Worth

The greatest snooker player from Scotland, Stephen Hendry, was born in South Queensferry, Edinburgh, on 13 January 1969. He started playing snooker when he was only at age 12. Sparkling like a shining star, he won his first-ever tournament, the Scottish under 16 Championship, at age 14. During his professional career, Hendry remained the winner …

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Johnny Archer Net Worth 2022 (Total Biography)

Johnny Archer Net Worth

American professional pool player Johnny Archer was born on November 12, 1968, in Waycross, Georgia, and grew up in twin city. At that time, the twin city had no pool hall, and Archer started playing pool when he was age 12. He got inspiration from world champion Earl Strickland. He used to go to a …

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All About Air Hockey – History, Tips, Air Hockey Rules

air hockey rules and tips

The table hockey or air hockey is a game in which two players compete, trying to score points on the goal of the enemy, using a table that has an area of a particular set of low friction, two decks, and a disk or puck. Playing table hockey requires an air hockey table, two decks, …

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Allison Fisher Net Worth (Total Biography)

Allison Fisher net worth

Allison Fisher is an English professional female pool player born 24 February 1968 in Cheshunt, England, but raised in Tonbridge, Kent. She took an interest in snooker at age seven, by watching the billiard game on TV. The incredible talent she possessed soon make her win the first national title at age 15. In 1985, …

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