How Much Does a Slate Pool Table Weigh?

Slate Pool Table Weigh

Pool tables are a great way to entertain guests and family at home. They’re also a terrific investment for any pool player who wants to practice often without the cost of going out all the time. Slate pool tables offer excellent durability, but what about their weight? This article will review some tips on how …

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Can You Play Snooker on a Pool Table?

Can You Play Snooker on a Pool Table

The game of snooker, or billiards as it’s known in the States, has been around for centuries. The rules are similar to those of the more well-known game of pool, but instead of sinking balls into pockets, you’re aiming at individual red and yellow balls scattered across the table. Can You Play Snooker on a …

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Snooker Ball Set Up – How-to’s!

snooker ball set up

Snooker is a cue sport that is played on a table with six pockets along each side, one of which is designated as the point or an off pocket. The game originated in India sometime around 1875 and was invented for British Army officers stationed in India to provide them with entertainment. Snooker’s popularity spread …

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How to Aim in Pool – 7 Steps to be a Master

how to aim in pool

In many sports, such as pool, darts and bowling there is a need for aiming. Aiming is the process of using hand-eye coordination to accurately throw or shoot an object at a specific target. In the game of pool, the aimer usually aims for one of the pockets on the table and in dart and …

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