What are Billiard Balls Made of?

Billiard Balls Made of

It’s not surprising if you ever had the thought about what billiard balls are made of and if you’re a beginner player, it is still a practical question. But here’s a thing, different Brands are making them out of different materials and there is a lot of history.  Most of the Billiard balls (probably 85%) are …

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How Much Does a Pool Table Weigh?

How Much Does a Pool Table Weigh

If you own a pool table or a pool club, it’s mandatory to understand how much a pool table weighs. It’s not only for pool owners. If you’re a pool player, it’s your responsibility to know everything related to the pool game.  There is a launch of reasons to know about the pool table weight. …

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What Is Chalk and what does it do?

What is chalk and what does it do

The pool is a game of skill, not luck. To win at the pool, you need to know how to grip your cue and the value of chalk properly. With this on your hands, you will be able to maintain control over the cue ball for more shots in a row than if it were …

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