Best Pool Table Covers (#10 Picks & Clear Winners)

Are you looking for the most honest pool table cover? Your search can stop right here! Because we have researched a lot to determine the top ten billiard table covers by knowing the fact of what is safe for you.

In Rush? Experts Choice

GSE Games & Sports Expert Heavy Duty Leatherette Best Pool Table Cover

GSE Games & Sports Expert Heavy Duty

  • Hard and heavy leather
  • It is stitched neatly to fit corners.
  • Fewer wrinkles and Dust/Waterproof

It can be quite challenging, as well as time-taking. For your ease, I have listed down some of the most honest covers with their pros and cons, and then you can choose the correct one for you.

Commonly, people are not seen taking care of their tables the way they should do. Nevertheless, it is significant as it is a part of hygiene.

A table cover can protect your table from dust, sunlight, and water. Now, what more could you want? This template will assist you in selecting the correct product for you so that you receive all the benefits without harming your pocket.

10 Best Pool Table Covers – A Complete Guide

Many people often forget to buy table covers for their panel, especially in winter, that is altogether wrong. Your billiard table needs to be protected all around the year, be it summers or winters. However, you can have to cover your table with a delicate, ultra-sun protected cover to adore four seasons.

Straight off a day, you are getting a lot of covers, and you can’t decide what the best is for you?

Think back to basics,

A table cover that might not accommodate your table can damage its surface. Here, I don’t say that the screen is not in effect. The reason might not suit your table’s surface, or it might get torn by air. Then, make sure to first know your table type before buying one.

  1. GSE Games & Sports Expert Heavy Duty (Black/Brown/Green)
  2. CueStix International Fitted Heavy Duty Naugahyde Cover
  3. CUTICATE Heavy Duty Fitted Cover, Performance Oxford Cloth Protection Storage – Multiple Sizes
  4. T&R sports Large Cover Rip Resistant, Black
  5. LEIPUPA Heavy Duty Fitted Oxford Cover Waterproof Dustproof & Elastic Corner
  6. Lilypad Lake Heavy Duty Premium 8 Foot Leatherette Cover – Puncture-Resistant, Spill-Proof, Dust Shield – Thick Vinyl
  7. 7/8/9FT Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Canvas Cover (7 Colors Available)
  8. Tongina Heavy Duty Wear Resistant Sports Cover with Elastic Corners Replacem
  9. Onlyme Pool Billiard Table Cover, Heavy Duty and Waterproof, 7/8/9ft
  10. Boshen 7/8/9FT Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Cover 


GSE Games & Sports Expert 7’/8’/9′ Heavy Duty Leatherette  Cover (Black/Brown/Green)

GSE Games & Sports Expert Heavy Duty Leatherette Best Pool Table Cover

This table Cover is specially constructed from hard materials, so there is virtually no prospect of any harm. Moreover, the concealment is made for all table types, which is a plus point. Always measure your board before buying any cover.

As the rough weather often leaves your table dry and squeezed. It is the best option to protect your table from air, pets, and water. It is thick, reliable, and durable, built up of leather that does not offer wrinkles. It’s available in three colors and different sizes. However, stitching is neat, and corners are fitted to any board.

This cover is splendid for a table measuring 7ft. Last but not least, the durable leather sheet is excellent protection from any harmful conditions.


  • Hard and heavy leather is applied to protect the table from any harm.
  • Available in three colors (dark/brownish/greenish).
  • It is stitched neatly to fit corners.
  • Wrinkle less and can preserve the table from dust and water.


  • Always measure the size of your table before ordering. Because it’s available in different sizes.
  • The cover is made up of leather, which can cause humidity on the surface during winter.

CueStix International Fitted Heavy Duty Naugahyde Cover for 10-Feet

CueStix International Fitted Heavy Duty Naugahyde Pool Table Cover for 10-Feet

Winters might leave your pool table humidified, and so, a cover that dries your table while keeping it protected is essential. The Naugahyde cover is a light, easy to handle that protects the table from dust and air.

Put the cover on to give a table protection sheet. The cover is manufactured for all table types. It is built up of leather and is usable in full sizes.

Durable leather material protects the board from an impairment. This merchandise is available in five different sizes (black/brownish/green/tan/wine).


  • Naugahyde cover is stable and lasting.
  • Available in different sizes according to your table measurements.
  • Colors are delicate to buy.
  • Gracefully darns to fit the corners.


Strong enough, but water can be leaked sometimes so suitable for indoor tables.

CUTICATE Heavy Duty Fitted Cover, Performance Oxford Cloth Protection Storage – Multiple Sizes

CUTICATE Heavy Duty Fitted Billiard Pool Table Cover Furniture Cover, Performance Oxford Cloth Protection Storage - Multiple Sizes

CUTICATE Heavy Duty Fitted cover is something you can blindly trust if you have a very delicate table. This robust and durable Oxford cloth provides a strong impression.

The binding is light and shelter against all weather. The water-resistant quality makes it very easy to use, even in winters. Therefore, you won’t end up finding it convenient. It’s available in brown color and offers different sizes to hold open your table as quickly as your furniture.

The best part about it:

It has elastic on all four corners and, therefore, can be applied without any hesitancy. The product arrives in five sizes and can be fitted easily on every board. Still, the cover is best recognized for its stability and added durability.


  • Suitable for billiard tables, tennis table, and similar to that.
  • One color imprint is only available.
  • Elastic at corners make it better to go.
  • Light-weight with excellent wet and dust shield.


  • It is used in a beautiful brown color that can be different due to light effects on every cover.

T&R sports Large Rip Resistant Billiard Table Cover

T&R sports Large Pool Table Cover Rip Resistant Billiard Table Cover, Black

The T&R sports Large Cover is suitable for people who are extremely fond of making their things protected and safe. And then if you are one of them, you must give it an attempt! We bet you will never get disappointed.

People who often go out and don’t have time to take care of the table usually want something more comfortable to use and have a long-lasting effect.

Hence, for such people, here’s the solution:

  • This cover is the solution that provides extra strength and durability to the product.
  • Available in two sizes and contains RIP clothing material, which is fragile and defensive.
  • The product takes the weighted ends that cannot be displaced by air.
  • Likewise, the cover can be used not only on your tennis table but also for your billiard table as well.
  • The product arrives in a charming black gloss.


  • Made up of RIP Oxford cloth.
  • The weighted ends, make it disable to affect.
  • It comes only in black color.
  • Fit for any table from table tennis to the billiard table.


  • The cloth is very light and delicate might be torn if used haphazardly.
  • The weighted corners can tear the clothes from edges.

LEIPUPA Heavy Duty Fitted Oxford Cover Waterproof Dustproof

LEIPUPA Heavy Duty Fitted Oxford Billiard Pool Table Cover Waterproof Dustproof Furniture Cover & Elastic Corner for Snooker Billiard Table

LEIPUPA is well-known for its dependable quality products, be it cover of a billiard table, tennis table, or whatever other similar items. It is the complete solution for your table. Add-on, it protects your table against air, water, and dust! So what’s more important then?

It is available in brown color and accepts various sizes to correspond to your table.

Moreover, you will wonder to know that:

  • The harsh weather often leaves your table cover dry and cranky. People are always in a hurry and search for covers that are easy to use and provide extra strength to the table.
  • This is the right product for your table. Moreover, it contains elastic at corners for the proper ending.
  •  Also, the cover is organized up of Oxford cloth, which provides strength and safety.
  • On the other hand, it is a multipurpose cover and can be suited to any size.


  • Oxford clothing having high resistance to air and water.
  • Multipurpose due to its elastic corners.
  • Available in brown color.


  • Available in five sizes and then, always measure your table’s length before buying.

Lilypad Lake Heavy Duty Premium 8 Foot Leatherette Cover – Puncture-Resistant, Spill-Proof, Dust Shield – Thick Vinyl Fitted Table Cover

Lilypad Lake Heavy Duty Premium 8 Foot Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover - Puncture-Resistant, Spill-Proof, Dust Shield - Thick Vinyl Fitted Table Cover

Lilypad Lake Heavy Duty table cover is suitable for those who prefer quiet and delicate fabric for a tabletop. This product provides long-lasting resistance with absolutely no contact of water and air to the mesa.

Want to know more about it?

  • The vinyl top is beautifully designed to hold your table protect from sunlight, air, and other weather conditions.
  • Hence, the product is easy to use and makes a wrinkle less finish. Thus, the ideal for long-lasting usage.
  • Also, the covers come in excellent and robust stability. You can buy it in different beautiful colors and sizes.
  • Overall this product is just a perfect thing for your usage, which you can’t be dismayed anymore.


  • Available in different beautiful colors and can be rinsed easily.
  • Leather material is sturdy and robust, almost similar to that use in autos.
  • The tabletop is fastened with double-stitching.
  • Durable and well-fitting for the competitive racer.


  • The product can have wrinkles, and it might be due to shipping. Then, open the cover along with the table, gravity can free all the creases.

7/8/9FT Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Canvas Cover(7 Colors Available)

Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Canvas Billiard Pool Table Cover

Adding a good billiard table cover to your daily care routine can create a great deal of divergence. Your table is protected and safe for a lifespan. Thus, this product is super good for you. The best thing this table cover has is, it is just a perfect combo for your table and all kinds of similar ones.

Polyester Canvas Cover has seven colors and polyester material, which provides maximum strength and keeps it safe from dust, water, and slicks. The cover is multipurpose and can be used on tables as well as an apron for side tables.

Moreover, the product is made up of polyester so, it is machine saved and can be washed easily. Its color can’t fade, and the material is more protected from all terminated. Therefore, you need only one product to protect your table. Hence, you can enjoy your purchase.


  • The polyester fabric is fragile and durable at once.
  • Available in seven different colors.
  • Easily washable by hand or in a machine.
  • Have an extra strength for water and breeze.


  • Polyester canvas is durable, but sometimes it offers wrinkles so, it can be torn due to this uniqueness.

Tongina Heavy Duty Wear Resistant Sports Cover with Elastic Corners

Tongina Heavy Duty Wear Resistant Sports Pool Table Billiard Cover with Elastic Corners

People who want their table to be free of damages such as water, air, and spills, can go to Heavy Duty Wear Resistant. The harsh atmosphere can often have side effects, which include going out and wrinkles.

This product is perfect for all the necessary cautions that make your table covered and protected. The screen is about lining material and available in different colors.

Moreover, the table is entirely safe by using this, and its elastic corners don’t let it go. As well, the product is lightweight, which is not at all weedy. Therefore, you can easily use it and go anywhere feeling confident to buy.


  • Elastic corners to correspond on any table.
  • Lining cloth with maximum stability.
  • Easily removable and washable
  • Provide maximum protection shield to the table.


  • When you want to purchase this product, the measurement should be pliable.


Onlyme Pool Billiard Table Cover, Heavy Duty and Waterproof, 7/8/9ft

Onlyme Pool Billiard Table Cover, Heavy Duty and Waterproof

Masses with a keen of billiards are always in search of a table cover that can protect and save their table the same way as any other protection shield. Thus, you should pay it a try to enjoy the smoothness and finesse of this merchandise!

Ok, let’s dig into more details:

  • Onlyme Pool Billiard Table Cover Is that product which not only has high-density Oxford material but also have the protection of silver shield inside. This is the reason it can be termed as the best cover.
  • Moreover, it is usable in different sizes and two colors to satisfy your needs.
  • Thus, this product is ideal for people who often need to protect their table due to weather changes.
  • The cover is entirely durable and robust. Hence, you can apply it without any trouble.
  • Moreover, the concealment holds a lovely lining of silver. Hence, it can be an excellent alternative for people who count for the best purchasing.


  • The fabric is of high-density Oxford cloth.
  • It is available in black and silver colors.
  • Protect the table from water and an ultra-violet beam of lights.
  • Different sizes are also available.


  • When you are utilizing this product, so be mindful! It can take hold of fire due to the silver lining inside.

Boshen 7/8/9FT Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Cover

Boshen Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover Furniture Cover

People often find it difficult to search for their table cover. They do not have time to examine and try different products either. Therefore, this solution would go well for them because it awards the Best output for all those who want to buy the best thing for their usage.

It is a dense cover that suits all table types. Hence, if you are unaware of your table protection requirements, you can apply it without any troubles. It keeps your money for summers and winters. You can use one single sheet in all seasons.

It is reliable and holds an extra strength for damages due to its material, and it contains cotton-fleece backing!! It can’t be easily get affected by weather changes.

Besides, according to your needs, it is usable in different sizes and colors. Thus, this is an excellent selection of all table types.


  • Available in three different colors.
  • It is made up of a leather outer layer and a cotton-fleece inner layer.
  • Offer maximum protection against weather conditions.
  • Many sizes are available to suit your needs.


  • Cotton-fleece sheet works well in summer, but in winter, you have to agree it’s either humidified or not.

Buyer’s Guide

The products mentioned above are simply a trace for you what you want to purchase? Even so, you will encounter a hundred of the table covers in the marketplace, which can make you confused.

Not every table cover is made for you. People often buy a low-cost tabletop to prove whether it fits their interests or not. Merely, this method of choosing the right cover seems quite dense on the pouch.

Before purchasing a product, the first step is to realize what you exactly call for?

More or fewer people exist in an area where the weather is harsh, and pool table outside needs to be handled properly. People usually change their table cover, granting to the standard pressure. 

For your comfort, I have listed some necessary information which will guide you to your desired cover

snooker billiard table cover

How could you find your desired table cover?

In that location are some instances of table cover depending upon the nature of the fabric used to prepare the material possible best for you. The purpose of every kind is to ensure the safeguard of your board.

Leather fabric

The screens made up of leather material are heavy, strong, and durable in quality. This form of cover is wrinkle-less, and you can utilize it for a lifetime.


Polyester reinforced vinyl banner fabric

The polyester material is best for outdoor and indoor tables. It can be washed easily and is durable for all varieties of tables.

Doubled layered cover

Some tops are available in double-layered protection. You can employ it without imagining it for any second. The upper stratum is of leather or polyester fabric, and the inner layer is of cotton-fleece lining or silver liner.

Know your board size before buying a table cover

Some people don’t measure their table size before purchasing a table cover. It is simply wrong, however. You sustain to measure your table length and width, then set up a covering that fits your interest.

It is the main criteria to buy a good cover.  If you don’t assess the dimensions, then you will accept anything that’s not functioning for you, then take proper proportions and order the product you want from the above-listed articles.

Thus, it is necessary to know your table size, and so enjoy the lifetime experience.

You are purchasing a table cover – What to look for?

Ok, now you have decided to find a cover for yourself. The next question that will add up to your psyche is what should be the material? What should I look at my tabletop? Once more, I am here to serve you. By now, you will be very sure about your table type. Talking about the standard tables first. Select a table cover that is water-based and absorbs all sorts of dirt quickly.

Proceed for one that is wrinkle-less. All you ask is just to balance your table cover on the tabletop. Try sticking to leather material and doubled layered cloth. For the inside, choose lightweight table covers that bear almost no greasy feel. As well, go for those who maintain your table protected.


Pool tables are more prone to damage. Thus, a good quality chemical-free table cover is recommended to employ for your table. Then you might want to invest a little more thought before arriving at a final determination on the type of table cover to buy?

Anyway, here we go..

You can use the leatherette cover. But the cover with leather and silver sheet is best for this kind of board because you demand a screening with a protective layer that can protect your table in every sort of atmosphere, whether its rain or dry, you should buy medium to a denser type of tabletop.

Screening with a cotton-fleece sheet is likewise a safe purchase.


We are happy that we have assisted you in some direction by suggesting these table covers and now you can earn a firm decision to buy one. With any of these covers, you can enjoy your outdoor and indoor experience. We can assure you that you can protect your table and will give it an extra lifespan, and you won’t need to change it so often.

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