Best Pool Tables: Our Top 13+ Picks if 2021 (& The Winner)

Are you thinking about buying a table for your pool room? Here is a complete list of the best options and also with a proper guide for using it afterward. It will be easier for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. And enjoy it, of course.

If you love to play pool, but you can not go out to a pool, bar, or arcade room often to play, why not bring the fun into your own home by buying a table that you can enjoy with family and friends?

Handpicked by Billiard Guides: Best Pool Tables (Updated 2021)

Luckily, today, I have prepared a provisional list with tables of excellent quality but economic, those that simply make you feel that you made the best possible purchase.

To get ahead a bit what you will see below, the best tables are those that are robust, easy to install, and that use quality materials, those that allow the balls to run at a reasonable speed that does not hinder your game, and that make you feel comfortable.

  1. Barrington Claremont Slate Table [for Professionals]
  2. Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont Table [for Professionals]
  3. Playcraft Sport Bank Shot Table [For Home, Kids]
  4. Hathaway Fairmont Portable [Best Home & Outdoor Table]
  5. HomCom 55” Portable Folding Table [For Outdoor, Kids]
  6. BARRINGTON Claw Leg [For Professionals]
  7. Hathaway Spartan 6′ Table [Also a Table Tennis Table]
  8. Fat Cat Trueshot 6′ Table [Outdoor Table]
  9. EastPoint Sports Masterton Table [For Home]
  10. BARRINGTON 90 Inch Ball and Claw Leg Pool [For Professionals]
  11. Brunswick 8-Foot Black Wolf Table [For Professionals, Home & Club]  
  12. Olhausen Professional Table [For Professionals]
  13. Mizarak Eight Feet Table [8 Feet Table]
  14. Barrington Springdale Claw Leg Table [For Home]


Barrington Claremont Slate Table

Barrington Claremont Slate Billiard Table Set

If you are looking for a stylish table with high durability then, Barrington Claremont Slate Billiard Table Set is the best choice for you. It is considered as one of the best because of its quality and design. It comprises of a high-quality, sturdy solid wood, which gives this product high durability. The drop pockets are considered as the weakest links in any table, but in this product, you will also get highly durable leather pockets. It consists of a premium K66 bumper cushion for the consistent bounce, which gives you extra excitement while playing pool games. You will get surety of smooth ball movement with 60% wool cloth.


  • This table set is durable.
  • Great drop pockets available with this table
  • It provides consistent ball bounce
  • It gives you a smooth ball movement
  • It contains an attractive design that enhances the look of the game room.


  • You have to assemble it yourself after getting it.



Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont Table

Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont Pool Table

Do you want a table, which gives you flexibility with color and is more durable and stylish? If yes is your answer, then Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont is the best product for you. They manufacture this product from high-quality Tulipwood material, which does not only give this a stylish look but also provides durability. This product is available with ten colors in the market, and you can choose your favorite color or the color, which enhances your location look. 


  • It is manufactured of high-quality Tulipwood.
  • It contains the matte cherry finish, which improves the looks.
  • It provides you the flexibility of color.
  • The dropping pockets are made up of highly durable leather material.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • The feet contain sharp edges that might scratch hardwood floors.



Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40-Inch Table

Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40-Inch Pool Table

If you are searching for a table that occupies less space and best for your kids, then Playcraft Sport Bank Shot is the best product for you. We highly recommend this product for beginners as it occupies less space than the standard tables, and you can get this at your home for your kids. You do not need to spend much money to purchase this. You will find this product in red, blue, and green color in the Amazon.


  • It is the best product for beginners and kids.
  • It is lightweight; you can move it when you don’t want to use it.
  • It is affordable to purchase.
  • It is available in 3 colors in the market.
  • You will receive this product full set up; you need to attach the legs.


  • The side pocket can hold a maximum of three balls at a time.



HomCom 55” Portable Folding Table

HomCom 55'' Portable Folding Billiards Table

If you want a table that comes with a small dimension and also comes with cues, chalk, and triangle rack as well then, HomCom 55” Portable Folding is the best table for you. It is manufactured from high-quality polyester fleece, which gives this table high durability and a smooth movement of the ball. It comes with foldable legs so that you can take this table anywhere to enjoy a pool game on this table.  


  • We highly recommend this to beginners and kids.
  • You can improve your accuracy and bank shots on this table.
  • You will get a smooth movement of the ball.
  • You will get a set of 2 cues, a triangle rack, and chalk with the set.


  • This table is not designed for serious pool players.



BARRINGTON Claw Leg Billiard Table

BARRINGTON Claw Leg Billiard Pool Table

If you want a normal-sized, professional, stylish, durable table, then you are reading that right product review. This product comes with plenty of features. It comprises of Tricot polyester material, which ensures the smooth roll on the table. It also consists of K-818 specification bumper guards, which provide the cue ball of accurate bouncing ability. If you give the order to buy this table, then you will not only get the table but also get two cues, one chalk, one rack, one brush. 


  • This product is suited to both beginners as well as pro players
  • It is manufactured from high-quality material, which increases durability
  • It provides your cue ball a smooth roll
  • You will get an accurate bounce
  • The legs comprise inner wood support for extra durability


  • Yiu have to assemble it or need to pay for some experts help



Hathaway Spartan 6′ Table

Hathaway Spartan 6′ Pool Table

Do you want to train your kids in the pool game? If yes, then we will recommend you to purchase Hathaway Spartan. It is an excellent product with the requirement of standard space so that your kid can improve their accuracy as well. It is manufactured of high-quality wood, which gives this product high durability. This product comes with a table tennis table as well. It just doubles your fun and excitement. It comes with rollers and all necessary accessories like cues, triangle rack, chalk, and brush.


  • It is lightweight.
  • This table is highly durable.
  • It is a perfect table to train your kids.
  • It comes with a polyester cloth, which gives the cue ball the smooth-rolling.
  • It comes with an extra tennis table.


  • It is not for serious players.



Fat Cat Trueshot 6′ Table

Fat Cat Trueshot 6′ Pool Table

If you want a stylish table with large pocket drops, then Fat Cat Trueshot is the best product for you. It is an excellent table for beginners to learn. It is lightweight and small. You would be provided with large pockets that encourage you whenever you pocket the ball. It also helps you to improve your accuracy as well. You will not only receive the table, but with this, you will also get other accessories Including two cues, Triangle, rail brush, two pieces of chalk, and billiard ball set.


  • It is lightweight. 
  • You will get large pockets to pocket the balls, which enhances your game as well.
  • You can learn accurate shots by using dot lines given on the table.
  • It comprises of highly durable and scratch resistible cloth.


  • The balls may produce scratches after using them for a long time.



BARRINGTON 90 Inch Ball and Claw Leg Table

BARRINGTON 90 Inch Ball and Claw Leg Billiard Pool

If you are looking for a table that suits the beginner and pro player, then BARRINGTON 90 Inch Ball and Claw Leg Billiard Pool is the best product for you. This product manufactured of high-quality material, which increases durability. It contains many features and the advantages given below.


  • We highly recommend this product for both beginners as well as pro players.
  • It provides smoothness to the cue ball for rolling on the table.
  • You will get an accurate bounce.
  • The legs are provided with extra durability through inner wood support.


  • It does not come assembled.



Brunswick 8-Foot Black Wolf Table

Brunswick 8-Foot Black Wolf Pool Table

With 170 years of history, Brunswick, also American, deserves a place in this top 3 of professional tables. The black wolf model combines a modern design keeping the classic and traditional lines that characterize the company.

It has an impressive design, and this table comes with free installation. Includes accessories chalk 12 pieces, Four cues, two bridge sticks, one bridgehead, one black plastic 8-ball rack, and a one-piece table brush.

This product, with an elegant design of the best pool house in the world and a solid structure, is perfect for those looking for professional quality at home.

Olhausen Professional Table

Olhausen Professional Pool Table

If you are looking for the best billiard tables of 2020, then you can not stop reviewing the attributes of this model from the manufacturer OneConcept, which features a 2-in-1 table, suitable for playing.

This table stands out for having a professional format with dimensions of 122 cm wide, by 79 cm high, by 244 cm long, which expands the possibilities of play. Also, it has luxury finishes. It is made of resistant and robust materials, among which stands out the agglomerate of MDF wood fibers, with veneer details that simulate authentic walnut, reinforcement in the corners, and bases in chromed stainless steel. Its weight is 145 kilograms.

This table comes with necessary accessories, two premium quality Maple Cues, 1 set of the ball, Cue Racks 2 pieces, Plastic eight Ball Triangle, Plastic nine Ball Rack, Black Plastic Rail Brush.



Mizarak Pool Table

Mizarak Eight Feet table

To be very honest, this table is not for professionals. Still, if you are out of your budget and looking for the best under 1000$ with a professional level of playing experience, this will help.

This one is an 8′ table, sleek design, and has a red cover. It weighs 242 pounds and comes with all the essential accessories. It has two pool cues, one set of billiard balls, triangle, and two chalks.



Table for Home Use

The pool tables we talked about can be used for home use, but if you can’t afford a lot of space on your home but a passionate pool player. This list is going to help you a lot.


1) Hathaway Fairmont Portable Table

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

One of the best options if we want to spend a little on our table and save space. Although it is smaller than the typical tables to play pool, with it, we will take away the bug of playing whenever we feel like it. Hathaway Fairmont is one of the best portable tables.

This model offers several safety features to make the game much more comfortable, such as supports, levelers, rubber cushions, and even systems so that the balls stay in the hole.

In spite of being small, the materials of which it is manufactured are of high quality so that the result once we deploy the table will be good; Also, this makes it much lighter and more comfortable to assemble than other types of tables.

It is recommended to play indoors to take care of the condition of the wood and felt, and put the product in a ventilated place the first time you are going to play with it.

It is a fantastic table which comes with a six months warranty. You and your friends can take this table at home and can play with it. It has lightweight, foldable legs, and comes with two cue sticks and triangle rack so you can rack as well. You will get this product assembled and all the necessary accessories required to play this game. It is made up of high-quality material, which gives durability to this product.


  • You will get a bag with it, and you can put this table into the bag to transport.
  • It comes with 180 days warranty.
  • We highly recommend this product for kids and beginners who want to play pool games at home.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It is not designed for expert pool players.



2) EastPoint Sports Masterton Table

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table

If you are looking for quality for a professional game level, this may be the right model for you. In this opportunity, versatile design is presented suitable for classic and American billiards. This table has a surface with blue upholstery and fine details with chromed corners and dark brown base with non-slip rubber.

It is recommended for the professional mode because of it 7 feet 3 inches table and perfect for home, man cave, family game room, or basement.

Besides, it is a table that is equipped with all the essential accessories of the modality, set of numbered balls, two wooden cues, triangle, brush, and a kit to facilitate the assembly.

This product let you to enjoy so many features at a time. It consists of a premium K66 bumper cushion for the consistent bounce, which provides you with extra excitement while playing pool games. You will get surety of smooth ball movement with 60% wool cloth. It also comprises of support braces, which support the middle of the table and prevent the table from sagging. You will get this product unassembled, but it is easy to assemble as it is the manufacture of lightweight material.


  • You will get two billiard chalk, 1 table brush, one billiard triangle, one billiard balls set, and two billiard cues along with the table.
  • It contains the LusterLong scratch-resistant finish, which prevents the cloth from scratching.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It comes with six months of guarantee.


  • They manufacture the legs of this table from the plastic material.



3) Barrington Billiard Table Set

Barrington Springdale Claw Leg Billiard Table

The vast majority of people want to buy a quality item at the best price. So you probably want to buy the best value table on the market. You are likely interested in knowing the attributes of this model that is qualified as professional but that due to its versatility can be used for hobby or entertainment. It is a mid-range billiard table, with an elegant and sophisticated design.



What is the pool table?

best pool tables

A pool table is a type of game table that is used to play pool. The object of the game is to use a stick, which is also called a pool cue, to hit a white ball on numbered, colored balls. Your goal is to pocket the colored balls using the cue white ball into the six holes around the table.

These holes are known as pockets. There are many variations of tables, and the game itself is quite easy to learn. However, it takes a lot of skill and practice to be able to play this game perfectly.

Recommendations for Buying a Pool Table Online

best pool tables

Here are some suggestions if you want to buy a table online:

  • The brand or the manufacturer can already give you signs of reliability when purchasing online.
  • Take a look at the opinions of customers who have already bought it. It can be a useful guide if you are doubting.
  • See the Amazon question and answer section where users have already asked and resolved their doubts. It is also advisable that you ask yourself any question you have in this section before buying it so that the same manufacturer will personally answer you.
  • Be well informed of all the available options before buying online. Take a tour of our website where we thoroughly analyze the best offers concerning quality price to find the pool table that best suits your needs.
  • Attentive to the purchase guarantee. At this point, Amazon is one of the best options. The online shopping guarantees offered by the e-commerce leader are unbeatable at present, and it is one of the reasons for its success. It allows you to return any product, whatever the cause and they will refund the full amount without excuse.
  • Also, you should consider buying a good quality table cover, so that you can keep it cleaner and longer the table Felts life.
  • You need to Calculate the size of your room and table, so you can move your cue and play pool perfectly.
  • You can buy table lights as they are important to play this game or you can also order pool table light with fan.
  • Or if you want ou can buy tables from the fat cat, who sales 3 in 1 table, those tables are not only for the pool but ping pong and billiard.
  • Also, you can consider buying a mini pool table, which is not near the professional table, but entertainment is guaranteed.


Pool Table Brands and Manufacturers

As we commented before, it is essential to check each part of the table to make sure you buy something of quality, as well as it is good to know the different brands that make them:


Leisure Select

These are quite affordable tables, taking into account that they offer high-quality models, worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. Their level of attention to detail is very high, with carved wood, motifs, and handcrafted designs with different finishes that give them an elegant and classy touch. As for the components, they have the best of the best: the central bar with vertical bars, the blackboard of 2.54 cm, rails and cushions of good quality, and more.


American Heritage

They offer modern or classic models, with excellent quality finishes and handmade details. They also manufacture them with different combinations and structures, with slates of 2.54 cm or more exceptional thickness, several types of central bars, and much more.


Cannon Billiards

Their finishes can be somewhat limited and straightforward, but they offer excellent materials, lifetime guarantees, high-quality construction techniques, durability, and resistance. They are an excellent option to avoid falling into the less expensive brands but get lower and more affordable prices.


Lexington Billiards

Although they have only one type of table, it has excellent materials, a style of transition between modern and traditional, and exceptional construction.


Imperial Billiards

They are among the most expensive manufacturers in the market for their top quality materials, guarantees, and construction techniques. However, one of their biggest attractions, at least in the US market, is that they come with professional sports equipment reasons, so they are the perfect addition to the meeting rooms of clubs of fan clubs of these teams.


Brunswick Billiards

One of the best-known and most experienced brands in the world, since they have been making billiard tables of great luxury and quality since 1845. They have always produced models for professional players and competitions, as well as for residential use. That said, today they offer everything from the most extravagant tables worthy of the most luxurious mansions, to tables for amateurs.


Renegade Billiards

If you have a rocker, rebellious, and alternative style, this brand will surely have some model for you. Their tables have handmade black finishes, metal legs, and an appearance that you will undoubtedly love. For its part, the materials are also of the best possible level, as well as the construction.


Presidential Billiards

They are tables made with African woods of beautiful appearance and high quality. At the same time, they offer all the quality and durability that you can also obtain with other renowned brands, in addition to that their pieces are unique, handmade, and of tremendous beauty.


Billiard Tables Buying Guide

So, I feel like you are ready for fun at home with a fun game table, and you have decided to buy one of these tables. Now I am going to tell you how to buy the best table on your budget. Once you have chosen the best 2 or 3 tables, it is time to narrow the selection further. You can do this by looking at specific characteristics of each table to decide which is the best purchase.


You should at least spend at least a couple of hundred dollars for a good quality table. You should have a reasonable budget if you want something which is considered a high-end table which has made with better materials. If you plan to use your table a lot, it may be well worth the investment to buy a high-quality table that costs more money.


Before purchasing, make sure it is a perfect deal, and few things are more important than a guarantee. If your table is defective in any way when you receive it or something fails, which ruins the billiard table, a warranty will ensure you get the repair or replacement you need.


The best thing is always to get hold of a slate table since it is the most precise and soft material. The thickness should be 2.54 cm; make sure it is always like this.


Almost all the weight of the table comes from the top, so the legs have to be thick, durable, and resistant. At the same time, they must support the weight of the players who sit on the table for playing shots.


The wooden frame has to be strong enough to protect the slate surface and prevent it from breaking or cracking. The heavier the table, the higher the number of internal bars should be.

The surface

The slate is protected with felt made of wool, nylon, and Teflon. Find that it is of the correct thickness and with fibers worked to give speed and precision to the balls.

Cushions or rails

They are the edges of the table frame, where the player can support the club when calculating shots. Ideally, they should be made of natural rubber and not synthetic.

Pool Accessories and Equipment

Not only the table is essential, but you must get the right accessories and the correct equipment:

  • Billiard cues: the clubs have wooden points, fiberglass, carbon, or even graphite. They are from 1.21 to 1.47 meters and weigh from 481 to 623 grams.
  • Bridges: in some games, they demand that you have your feet on the floor when hitting, without leaning on the table. Therefore, the so-called bridges that allow you to support the stick comfortably are used.
  • Billiard balls: the balls are fundamental, and a standard set has 15 numbered balls, some with stripes and others white.
  • Rack for the balls: is the triangle in which the 15 balls are placed before starting the game.


  • Small: those of lower measures are for children, people with mobility problems, beginners, or for experts who like the challenge of a smaller table and less space.
  • Large: there are up to 9-foot tables for American games, professionals, and those looking to prepare to compete.


Both the surface and the woods vary in color, and it is always good to combine it with your space.


There are luxury tables, other more elegant for offices and new and modern for young people.


They have to be durable, resistant, and of quality. Of course, if you need it for your bar, look for something not so luxurious to avoid damage that may hurt you.



History of the Billiard Table

The historical testimonies are quite ambiguous. Although the French had given new meaning and life to the game, redefining it, evolving it and popularizing it, they can not claim to have invented it. Billiards was played as a game of on grass, outdoors, similar to golf or croquet, during the sixteenth century in northern Europe.

The first proofs of the existence of billiards dated from 1470, were found in the inventory of King Louis XI of France, in the form of a billiard table game. Even so, it is believed that such table games originated from the fourteenth-century bat and ball games. Historians are not sure why the evolution of such games. The same happens with its origin: whether originated by entertainment or for social or religious reasons, it is still debated among historians.

Billiards was officially an indoor game once popularized by the aristocrats and commoners of mid-sixteenth-century France. It is a game of subtle exercise, deep concentration, and mental agility, so it offered fair play and equal difficulty for players of both sexes. In the mid-seventeenth century, the best-known table version now appeared.

Innovations in the club were introduced during the eighteenth century and led to the demise of the club used initially. Shortly after, billiards acquired a status as a scientific game with precisely designed equipment. The manufacture of tables began to specialize, and the rules of the game were standardized.

The leather tip, initially designed by Captain Minguard for club protection, added a new dimension to the game. It was in the 1850s that billiards spread more throughout the world. In 1826, John Thurston of England changed the wooden board of the table by the blackboard.

In 1797, new fabrics replaced cotton or wool to improve softness and friction. For 1869, the balls went from wood to ivory to plastic presents with colloidal filler.

In this sense, it is similar to what we said about buying wooden chess. This type of material makes it very long and also very helpful.

The first public pool venue was built in England at the end of the 18th century. This one had a single table with only one pocket. The largest billiard hall in history was built in Detroit during the 1920s. It had more than 100 tables, plus a room for exhibitions with a 250-seat theater room.

The first billiard world championship in history was the World Pool Championship of 1873. William Cook won the title. John Roberts was second.

The first woman to win the World Billiard Championship was a man. The champion, known as Frances Anderson, famous for winning almost all European and American players (women and men) during the first decades of the twentieth century, was revealed as a man born with the name of Orie and caused a stir in the Billiard circle of the 20s.


There are several advantages to owning a table. If you play the billiard professionally or just play it often with friends, you can use your table at home to play for free without burning a quarter pocket. Even if you do not play seriously, the pool game is fun to play with your family and friends. It is an excellent addition to any family recreation room, a den, or even a cave. It’s a great way to have a blast while staying inside, and adults and children of all ages can enjoy it. Knowing the pool basics always help, trust me!

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