Top Pool Table Brands in the USA (List of #21)

One of the most popular games in the world is Pool. With its origins dating back to ancient Egypt, it has been played by everyone from children to adults.

In America, there are many different brands of tables and they all have their pros and cons. One might be more affordable while another offers a better quality product for those who are looking for something that will last them for years to come.

Top Pool Table Brands

Pool tables are a staple in American households. They provide entertainment for the whole family, and they help keep us active. There are many different brands of pool tables out there, but which ones really stand out?

Picking the right pool table brand is no easy task, and it’s impossible to know which one will be best for you without first considering your needs. To help make this decision a little easier, we have compiled a list of the top pool table brands in the USA.

Top Pool Table Brands List

  • American Heritage Billiards
  • Olhausen Billiards
  • Presidential Billiards LLC
  • Brunswick Billiards
  • Kingdom Billiards
  • Palason Billiards
  • Empire USA
  • Golden West Billiards
  • Imperial International
  • Amini’s Galleria
  • Diamond Billiard
  • Watson’s of Dayton
  • C. L. Bailey Co
  • Family Leisure
  • Canadian Bowling Billiard
  • Universal Pool Company

Brunswick Billiards

The Brunswick Billiards Company was one of the most popular makers of cue, billiards and foosball tables in the 1920s to 1970s. The company has been a subsidiary of the Brunswick Corporation since 1967. The successor to A.J.

Robertson’s 1872 invention, Brunswick had its first serious competition when General Manufacturing Company (GMC) introduced Luna-Glide Mechanism in 1928 and Parker Brothers 1964 introduction of their Action Table which used soapy water for a layer that would slow the ball down but still allow it to bounce over objects or features on an animated playing surface – multiball.

This company had been making billiard equipment for over 140 years and was one of the most prestigious companies of its time to do so. Brunswick bought this company in 1977, and it has continued on ever since as a giant in the field of pool tables. (Even though many may not know this)

After World War I ended, Brunswick Industries of Chicago acquired US rights to the name “Brunswick” and manufactured table games as well as bowling games (including automated pins). This company often partnered with Brunswick Billiards Company (acquired by Unicomer) because it was one of their official distributors. In 2010, they merged and became known as Brunelli North America Corporation.

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American Heritage Billiards

American Heritage Billiards is a table pool company that manufactures a range of table tennis and billiard products.
The company was founded in Fort Lauderdale, FL by Mark Goldman in 1980. Today the company has been manufacturing and distributing pool tables for over 35 years, selling throughout the United States and abroad.

Presidential Billiards LLC

Presidential Billiards LLC

Presidential Billiards LLC is a leading distributor of professional pool tables, billiard supplies, and accessories.

Presidential Billiards, founded in 1888 by Joseph Muelbach and David Lippman, has been providing pool players with billiard supplies for over 120 years now, and their catalog is full of everything from furniture to custom pool tables.

Their long-standing history shows that they not only have experience in the field but ongoing ideas on how it can be pushed forward as well—after all, it takes two steps.

They are tables made with African woods of beautiful appearance and high quality. At the same time, they offer all the quality and durability that you can also obtain with other renowned brands, in addition to that their pieces are unique, handmade, and of tremendous beauty.

Olhausen Billiard

olahausen billiards

Olhausen Billiards is a premium manufacturer of pool tables, game tables, snooker tables and outdoor games for the home.

Olhausen Billiards was founded in 1948 by Woodie John Olhausen. He’s been perfecting his designs ever since then and selling them to customers all over the world.

Olhausen Billiards makes top-quality custom furniture in America that’s created with precision and focus on every single detail to meet your expectations.

Olhausen is a manufacturer of some of the finest custom handmade billiard tables available today. Established in the early 1900s and still proudly family-owned, Olhausens has been making a name for itself in both the amateur and professional community nationwide as stateside producers of coinless machines, 9-foot and 10-foot, and 12-foot pool tables as well as 3X5 table boxes.

They are one of only three craftsmen who continue to handcraft complete table sets from ball rails down – others being Brunswick/Balke Sport (America) or Pems Games (Austria).

Kingdom Billiards, Inc.

kingdom billiards

Kingdom Billiards, Inc. is a company that was established in 1998 and has grown to create customized games of pool tables of all designs and sizes for any private or commercial location.

The company is privately owned by Jim Bowers who started the business in Houston, Texas as an independent supplier of quality game tables nationwide through distributorships around the country.

This model continued until 2003 when Jim relocated his family from California to Ohio and concentrated his efforts solely on manufacturers’ representatives throughout the midwest region and then eventually across the US.

Now employing employees in both states plus a Nebraska representative based near Denver, Kingdom Billiards offers dealers an unparalleled selection and dedication to customer service.

Now, Kingdom Billiards, Inc. is the wholesale distributor of American Style Billiard Tables and Accessories for North America

Kingdom Billiards’ products are exclusively designed in the USA and manufactured in China to provide our customers with an economical product that is priced well below comparable retail pricing. They have a wide variety of tables available to fit any home or commercial establishment from tiny bistros to full-service restaurants (9-foot outdoor model).

Their table offerings vary in price from $895 up through our high-end line at just under $5000. In addition to these products, we offer accessory items like cues, balls, bumpers, and table lighting as well as the occasional custom-made piece of furniture.


Mizerak logo

Mizerak is a family-owned business with more than 50 years of experience in the furniture and leisure industries.

The company began as an importer of imported pool tables from Italy, producing them under the brand name of “Mizerak.” The company expanded its product line to include living room furniture, office chairs, folding outdoor tables, and other products.

When demand for pool table imports declined in the 1980s due to increased competition from higher quality imports being manufactured domestically in China, Korea, and Taiwan that fell outside US import quotas or trade sanctions; Mizerak moved into manufacturing their own time series of high-quality American-made pool tables which became known later as “Mizerak Corporation”.

Leisure Select

leisure select

These are quite affordable tables, taking into account that they offer high-quality models, worthy of being passed down from generation to generation.

Their level of attention to detail is very high, with carved wood, motifs, and handcrafted designs with different finishes that give them an elegant and classy touch.

As for the components, they have the best of the best: the central bar with vertical bars, the blackboard of 2.54 cm, rails and cushions of good quality, and more.

Cannon Billiards

canon billiards

Cannon Billiards was founded in 1837 by Thomas Cannon, Jr. in the industrial town of Welsh Mills, New York. In 1954 the Pennsylvania-based Scranton conglomerate Dunlop Manufacturing Company bought Cannon for $2 million. Cannon remains to this day a subsidiary of Dunlop.

In 1985 it spun off its cabinet operations into a new corporation called Gunther Group, which continues to manufacture bedroom furniture marketed under the trade name “Cannon Cabinets.”

Cannon Billiards offers a wide variety of products for all types of players, including country lane pool tables, carom, and three-cushion billiard tables, shuffleboard tables, and bowling equipment.

Their finishes can be somewhat limited and straightforward, but they offer excellent materials, lifetime guarantees, high-quality construction techniques, durability, and resistance. They are an excellent option to avoid falling into the less expensive brands but get lower and more affordable prices.

Lexington Billiards

Lexington Billiards

Lexington Billiards, a family-owned American business, was founded in 1958. In addition to manufacturing popular and competitively-priced game tables for sale on the open market, they’ve also sponsored professional tournaments and manufactured tables for some of the world’s top billiard players since these competitions began in 1907.

Lexington offers three lines of pool tables: Blue Chip®, Gold Crown® (our most interest line) and Sure Shot® – all are Made in America – as well as outdoor games including cornhole, Pitch Lid Totum®, KanJam®(sailboat jacks), Kooshwork (capture the flag).

Although they have only one type of table, it has excellent materials, a style of transition between modern and traditional, and exceptional construction.

Imperial Billiards


Imperial Billiards is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of billiard tables, with over 100 years in the industry.

At Imperial Billiards, we take great pride in both our products and our customer service and would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Our hand-built style “hand-sewn” tabletops are constructed from hard rock maple (from Vermont) seasoned for 3 years before it is cut into boards. Each plywood base is constructed from hardwood slats which are glued together in a tongue-and-groove fashion.

They are among the most expensive manufacturers in the market for their top-quality materials, guarantees, and construction techniques.

However, one of their biggest attractions, at least in the US market, is that they come with professional sports equipment reasons, so they are the perfect addition to the meeting rooms of clubs of fan clubs of these teams.

Renegade Billiards

If you have a rocker, rebellious, and alternative style, this brand will surely have some model for you.

Their tables have handmade black finishes, metal legs, and an appearance that you will undoubtedly love. For its part, the materials are also of the best possible level, as well as the construction.


Most people know that pool tables come in a few different brands. Each brand will offer you the opportunity to have an affordable purchase or go all-in on something of higher quality. Which type of table is best for your needs?

For many, it’s hard to tell and they are happy with any decision they make because no one knows better than them what their preferences are!

If you want some help making this decision, we can give you personalized advice based on our years of experience as industry experts.

Simply comment below and let us know if there’s anything specific you’re looking for in terms of durability, cost, etc., so we can get started today!

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