Important Billiard Accessories to Upgrade

Playing pool is a pleasure for those who love to play this game. We take care of our cues and clean them with great care and keep them as the relic they are since they have provided us with so many joys and good times in all those games. In this billiard accessories to upgrade guide, we will go through every equipment need to play this game.

But time passes and, unfortunately, the elements of the pool have their wear and lose qualities. And even if it seems silly to say it, you can’t play with the same efficiency with worn-out items as with new ones.

Let’s go there!

Important Billiard Accessories to Upgrade


best pool cue parts

The pool cues are the sticks with which the player hits the ball.

They are usually made of unique wood such as ash. However, sometimes they are covered with other materials, or accompanied by other materials such as fiberglass or carbon (the content of motorcycle helmets, for example). Woods are always hardwoods.

The hardness of the materials is fundamental in the studs.

They usually measure between 1.3 to 1.45 meters, depending on the type of game and stroke. They have one thicker end than the other.

The tip with which the balls are hit has a leather sole that has to be sprayed with chalk to ensure that it does not slip.

There are different types of cues or sticks, depending on the game.

As for the manufacture of the tacos depending on the quality, they are made in different ways. For example, the most straightforward tacos are made of one piece, while those of superior quality are manufactured in 2,3 and 4 sections.

We warn the wad of Pool Predator Roadline Sneaky Pete SP4LWR, enveloped Irish linen, neck joint, and tip cap Micarta. It is made of natural maple — quality and elegance in the same stick.

Pool balls

best billiard balls

An essential element in this fantastic game. They are made with synthetic mixtures or made in ivory. They have different weights, hardness, diameter, etc., depending on the type of game they are intended for: English billiards, pool, carambola. The numbering and colors are also different.

At present, It is no longer manufactured using ivory since, among other reasons, elephants are protected, and the sale of this noble material is prohibited.

Today the billiard balls are made of very resistant synthetic materials, which provide high uniformity in weight, elasticity, hardness, and density.

The white one that we find in the billiards of the bars has more weight to make the return easier when they fall into the hole. Sometimes white balls also become more striking when they go on television, for example, to better visualize the route.


best pool tables

The pool table is where the game is made. It is usually a smooth surface lined with a velvety soft cloth. The bands are made of an elastic material that facilitates the rebound in the blow.

As with cue and balls, there are several types of tables. Let’s examine them briefly.

– French tables: no holes or embrasures

–  American tables or pool: it has six holes. It can be upholstered in green or blue. The holes in these tables are the largest.

– English tables or snooker: it has a larger surface than the rest of the tables, and the holes are smaller, so the difficulty of putting the balls in the holes are greater.

– Automatic tables: they are the most seen in bars. When the ball enters the hole, it goes directly to the catcher.

– Folding tables: to transport. The legs are folded, but the rest of the surface is firm.

– Portable tables: they are usually easy to carry and are designed to play anywhere. Sometimes they do not have legs, and it consists only of the playing surface to support surfaces without slope and play.

Our recommendation for the table is Dynamic III 9 ft black. It comes with the Simonis 860 cloth. It is a premium table, ideal for game rooms or private pool rooms. It is made of high-quality materials. Also if you have a low budget you may consider buying a mini pool table.

Billiard Gloves

Gloves are essential equipment if you are a professional player, it not only gives you a professional feel but makes your game smooth. Billiard gloves help to keep your hand moist, and you can make better shots while using them.

Other Accessories

You may consider buying a few other accessories like a pool ball rack, a great cover to protect your pool table, extra tips for your cue, pool table cushions, chalk, shaft,

Where to do your shopping?

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