Why Your Children Should Play Pool?

It doesn’t matter the modality. It can be on a large or a small table, with pockets or without pockets, with three balls or with 15, with smooth and striped or with red and yellow. But your child should play pool. Behind this seemingly simple game, hides a beautiful sport and a huge school of life.

Someone who has enjoyed billiards for more than 15 years tells you that he started getting balls at seven, thanks to his father and brother. Yes, my father was responsible for everything. With the table he bought, he revolutionized the house and leisure of my five brothers.

Then one of them, Kiko, hooked me. And I hope to do the same with my kids when they arrive. Why can billiards be suitable for any boy or girl? For many reasons. Let me explain this to you in this post.

So, Why Your Children Should Play Pool?

There are no limits

Billiards is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, height, or sex. It can be played by both boys and girls, whether they are five, twelve, or 18 years old. What’s more, there are children who, with three springs, are already playing scandalous billiards, even though they barely get to the table to shoot. Hard to believe, isn’t it? You have the proof in the video.

Will have fun

First of all, any kid needs to have fun. Having a good time. And billiard is ideal for it. You just have to see the reaction of any child to find a pool table full of balls. He’ll go crazy, touch them, and beg you to play a game. The same thing happened to me when I was seven years old when I went to see Kiko play.

He was amazed by the game, and every time he had the option to play, he had a pipe. Why is it so much fun? It is a very addictive, dynamic, and unpredictable game: there will never be two games the same.

snooker player kids

It will improve your coordination

Okay, with billiard, I can entertain my son for a while. But then what? Doesn’t it bring more than fun? Entertainment is just the tip of the iceberg in this game. Behind the fun, there are many other learning factors. Playing billiards, for example, allows children to improve coordination between the dominant eye, arm, and hand.

That is when they play, and they are making a triple connection between their vision (to aim), their arm (which holds and balances the cue), and their support hand (which contains the tip, the arrow). This will help them carry out any other daily activities in a coordinated way.

You will learn physics and mathematics

This is a game full of physical principles and mathematical laws. With billiard, your children will learn to calculate distances, forces, speeds, and parabolas. Also, someday they will realize that white doesn’t bounce the same when you hit it in the center as when you hit it to the side.

And they will discover that to push it back they need to hit it down or that to carry it forward they must hit it up. What seemed dull in class can become fun at the table.

Will remember things more easily

In other words: it will improve your memory. Billiards forces us to recognize and associate a lot of things: the color and numbers of the balls, the plays, the rules of the game, the shots. Therefore, it is an excellent way to exercise our brains to memorize and assimilate things.

It will help you make decisions

During a game you must always plan and make decisions. Do I throw this ball or throw the other? Do I register for that or that one? Where am I going to enter the black? Do I go on the attack or make a defense? Strong shot or soft shot? Little by little, your child will learn to make those decisions and will make them better and faster each time. Logically, you will choose the wrong path many times. And that’s the best thing that can happen to him.

kid playing billiard

You will learn to be honest and respectful

Many essential values for life surround billiards (not everything, of course). Billiards who love this sport (the vast majority) are honest and respectful. It means that we praise a good shot by the opponent, that we sing a foul committed even if no one else has seen it, or that we respect the opponent’s turn by keeping still and silent. When children enter the world of the pool, they also introduce a world of honesty, discipline, and respect.

It will get you more than a smile

Watching a child play can be extremely funny and endearing. So seeing your child in action will get you more than a smile. Like the smiles, Adam Wynne makes wherever he goes.  As you can see, billiards are much more than that bar game that is played between beers, smoke, and betting.

It is a noble sport with which anyone can learn to face difficult situations, make the right decisions, and developmental strength. Anyway, this is all that billiards has taught me and what it teaches all the kids who practice it. I hope I convinced you to follow the wheel. Buy him a small billiards, and he can start throwing balls at home. Then find a suitable room and sign it up (or sign it up) at a billiard school. It will be a school of life. When she is older, she will thank you. For starting just buy a mini pool table from amazon and gift it to your kids.

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