Willie Mosconi Net Worth 2024 (Total Biography)

William Joseph Mosconi, born on June 27, 1913, was an American professional from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father, Joseph Mosconi, had a pool hall, but he did not want that Willie Mosconi played the pool game and wished that he may become a musical performer in the theater. For that very purpose, he used to hide the billiard balls from

Willie Mosconi, but the internal desire of Willie Mosconi, to become a pool player, can’t be suppressed. To fill the heart with his passion, he used to play with small potatoes, placed in his mother’s kitchen, and an old broomstick.

At the age of 10, while he was too young to reach the billiard table, he used to stand on a box to play the game.  His father soon grasped the hidden talent of Willie Mosconi, and to earn money for his family, and he promoted Willie Mosconi to play challenge matches. The luck was in his favor, and he defeated many senior players in these matches.

Willie Mosconi’s talent sparkled in 1919 when he was only at the age of six, and his father arranged a challenging game with leading world champion Ralph Greenleaf. Although Willie Mosconi gave a tough time to Ralph Greenleaf, he could not win. This match was the first step to start a professional career and gave him huge recognition.

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Willie Mosconi Net Worth

Willie Mosconi was the fifteen times winner of the World Straight Pool Championship Between the years of 1941 and 1957. He became one of the first three initial players to be inducted in the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame in 1966.

Mosconi also held the world record of officially recognized straight pool high run of 526 consecutive balls until beaten by John Schmidt on May 27, 2019, pocketing 626 successive balls. He has earned his nickname “Mr. Pocket Billiards” as he pioneered many trick shots such as the “Railroad Shot”, the “Machine Gun,” the “Football Shot, and more. Mosconi contested in the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) World Straight Pool Championship In 1933. Unfortunately, he did not make it in the final and lost to Erwin Rudolph. 

At the age of 29, he competed in the world Pocket Billiard Championship in Burmank Calif and won the amount of worth 3500 USD. In 1966, he participated in the Stardust open championship in Las Vegas and won the amount of worth 2000 USD. On February 25, 1978, Willie Mosconi defeated the top-rated players, Rudolf Minnesota Fats and Wanderone, Junior in the Great Pool Shoot-Out in New York. The completion gave him an amount of 15,000 USD. The net worth of Willie Mosconi is claimed to be $1.7 Million. However, it is still not verified. 

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There is no doubt that Willie Mosconi was the greatest pool player of all time. He also possessed diverse qualities. Being an author, he wanted to document his art of play, to transfer this talent to the youngsters. He sought the help of a writer and published an instructional book on pocket billiards with the title “Willie Mosconi on Pocket Billiards.”

The album included diagrammed explanations and photographs to disclose the secrets of his trick shots. Throughout his professional career, he remained a hot cake for the print media also. Mosconi was the technical advisor for the film “The Hustler” in 1961. He also played a sportscaster role in the movie The Baltimore Bullet. To honor this pool legend, in 1994, an annual pool competition between American and European players was held, which was named as “Mosconi Cup,” which is now being regularly organized in December every year. He was also honored with membership in the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame after his death.

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