How to Clean a Pool Cue (3 Easy Steps)

The cleaning of the cue is something that must be done from time to time, to avoid possible damage to the cue and keep it functional for an extended period. The entire block and each of its components must be properly cleaned.

Keeping the pool cue in perfect condition is vital to get the most out of each game. Some billiards players take care of it with care as if it were a baby, and others would not be able to remember the last time they cleaned the cue. Whether you are part of the careful player or not, today, you will discover some tricks that can go well to keep your cue always as new.

How should I clean the pool cue?

So, the burning question is how to clean the cue? We recommended having a case where you can store their pool cues and thus prevent things like moisture from affecting them, especially if they are already a professional level of player.

Where should I start cleaning the pool cue?

Cleaning component by component is the most appropriate, take your time doing the correct cleaning, and start with the arrow, and for this, the person should have a not-so-large handkerchief and should only wet it a little. However, it is recommended that it be cleaned With an exclusive cleaner.

Three Steps How to Clean a Pool Cue

There are unique towels that provide a deeper cleaning, and these can clean the block and all the wood, leaving it shiny and without any stains; But if any part of the block gets stains, what should be done is to clean the area with products, especially the handle.

1- Clean the Shaft

Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Carbon Shaft

As you play, the shaft is taking a dark blue tone due to dirt on the hand or the remains of chalk.

To clean it, it is best to rub it every so often with a thin, slightly damp cloth. It can be with a little water or, better yet, applying exclusive products to clean arrows. I have used both Longoni No Blue cleansing cream! , the Longoni No Blue sponge! , Longoni microfiber towel and Longoni wax, with these products, the arrow returns to its original tone.

They mustn’t carry alcohol or other substances that can damage the wood. You can also use Predator wipes, and you can put the Longoni protective cream so that the arrow does not stain so much.

In the end, you will see that all that dirt is impregnated in the cloth and disappears from the cue shaft. Depending on how much or little you play, you can clean it once a week or every month.

2- Clean the Butt

AB Earth Heavy 3 Piece Cue

Do you get angry when it turns blue, huh? And if you don’t act on time, there is no way to recover that nuclear target the first day. The butt gets dirty very quickly since the detached chalk particles are deposited every time we chalk the cue and touch it. There are several options to clean it:

With the same system that we have explained in the shaft cleaning
With toothpaste (I haven’t tried it, but some billiard players recommend it here )
With a bit of Don Limpio or any similar soap.
You should have the habit of cleaning the butt often, even after each game day. It will make it easier for you to keep the natural white.

3- Clean the Tip

Rather than getting dirty, the tip deteriorates over time, loses its ability to make good shots. It is crucial to keep it in good condition because it is the part that directly impacts the white ball, which provides us the control on the pool table.

It is highly recommended always to carry a multipurpose tool such as the shapers, which allows you to scratch the sole, lower the edges, or compress it.

Another way on how to clean the cue

The cue must be cleaned with a special brush for this job, and the tip overtime is usually somewhat crushed; The process to solve this is to shape it so that it feels rough and can grasp the chalk well.

Never forget to perform the proper maintenance. Cleaning will give your pool cue the best possible condition and that it can be used in pool games, maintaining the excellent health of each of its parts.

If you keep an eye on the care of your pool cue, you can continue to enjoy its features and the work you have been having with it during the time you have used it in pool games, without forgetting the case and keeping it as far away of the possible humidity.

What advice should I follow for the maintenance of my pool cue?

Something that is not recommended to players is that they take the cue with their hands completely sweaty. It can cause stains and degradation of the varnish and paint. In addition to that, it can be somewhat uncomfortable since it will not be possible to hold the block correctly, and it will slip.

If you want to maintain the excellent condition of the cue shaft, it is advisable to use a slicker or shaft polisher frequently; which will give the client a definite improvement such as better sliding and hitting the ball, improving accuracy and control before hitting

It is something that players should know if they want to maintain the quality of their pool cue as best they can.

And that they should use protectors that protect the bolt and keep moisture as far away from the cue as possible, as well as avoid having the Tacos in environments with high-temperature changes.


The maintenance of the pool cue is something very subjective that depends on the taste of the billiard player, the climatic conditions (humidity, temperature…), and the game material. I hope this post can help you keep your tacos intact. If so, share it with your billiard friends 🙂

Do you know more tricks to clean the cue? I wait for you in the comments!

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