10 Best Pool Cue Cases in 2022 [With Buyers Guide]

The case is an essential element to keep your cue safe. A lot of people don’t understand that the cue case is not only for looks but to keep your cue perfect in shape.

There are many cue cases in the market, and they are also manufactured by a vast number of brands like every other thing by using various kinds of materials. It is enjoyable to hear that you care about your pool sticks and cases. And you are absolutely in the right place.

Best Pool Cue Cases in 2021

We have listed the 10 best pool cue cases from the market and they all are equally good! And after a brief checking, we found that Iszy Billiards Hard Carrying Case is one of the best bangs of your bucks!

  1. Iszy Billiards Hard Carrying Case
  2. GSE Games & Sports Deluxe Hard Carrying Case
  3. Casemaster Q-Vault Case
  4. EastPoint Sports Deluxe Tube Stick Case
  5. GSE Games & Sports Expert  Hard Carrying Case
  6. Iszy Billiards Hard Carrying Case
  7. Lucasi Brown Leatherette Soft Case
  8. Iszy Billiards 3×6 Hard Billiard Stick Carrying Case
  9. HAN’S DELTA 3B6S Hard Case
  10. J&J New Champion Leather Hard Case


Iszy Billiards Hard Carrying Case

Iszy Billiards 2X2 Hard Carrying Case

Iszy stands first on the list, and this also Amazon’s choice and editor’s choice. It has enough space for two butts & two shafts sufficiently. It is the best cue case that has all the accessories needed for keeping the equipment. The manufacturer has also added extra pockets to keep cue chalks and cue tips.

The price is also entirely satisfactory as compared to the quality, which is impressive. It is available in different types of colors like black, pink white, brown/ black, black/red, blue-white, blue, gray, and red.


  • 2X2 Hard Carrying Case
  • Adjustable strap


  • It may be expensive for some people.
  • Not suitable for daily use


GSE Games & Sports 2×2 Deluxe Hard Carrying Case

GSE Games & Sports 2×2 Deluxe Hard Carrying Case

If you are searching for a quality case and do not want to spend much on a fancy leather one, then this is near perfect for you. The quality is incredible, and the stitching is subtle, and the zippers are also very smooth. It easily holds two-piece cues, and there is plenty of room and pockets for chalk and other items.

The handle & straps are removable, and they also have some flexibility. The pockets are movable, as in sliding up and down the body of the case.


  • This case has a vinyl covering
  • Soft interior cushions the cue sticks if dropped by mistake.
  • It can fit two pieces of cues measuring 58 inches or less.
  • This cue case features two zippered pockets.


  • May rattle a bit
  • The strap can be ripped if not used properly


Casemaster Q-Vault Soft Cases

Casemaster Q-Vault pool cue Case

Casemaster offers a classic leatherette exterior engineered to resist the elements and maintains your cues in a precise, and it also protects them from warping. The inside of the case is covered in a delicate cloth lining to prevent yours from breaking & cracking. It features a comfortable carrying handle & strap for your convenient and easy transport.

This is your whole solution for your night out anywhere. It has large pockets that are perfect for carrying all of the accessories you need to make you win the competition.

The pockets can carry things like chalk, shapers, extra tips, and other repairing tools. It is available in three different colors that are stylish pink, smooth navy blue and classic jet black.


  • Designed with durable leatherette exterior to safeguard your case from environmental damage
  • A very convenient carrying handle allows you for easy transportation.
  • Soft lined interior cushions cues against intense impact
  • This holds one shaft and one butt.
  • The two large storage pockets hold a large volume of accessories.


  • The pouch slides all around which may make you feel uncomfortable


EastPoint Sports Deluxe Tube Billiard Stick Case

EastPoint Sports Deluxe Tube Billiard Stick Case

The EastPoint Sports Deluxe Tube Billiard Cue Case is a great tool to help you enhance your billiards game. With its durable cross-weave hard exterior and soft felt-lined interior, you can protect your favorite cue at home or on the go. A zippered storage pouch ensures you’ll have some extra space for your smaller accessories, and you can easily make your case portable with the convenient strap.

The case easily fits all 2-piece cues measuring 58 inches or less, perfect for any professional quality billiard cue. Includes one hard tube billiard cue case. Billiard cue sold separately.


  • It has a premium hard cue case for secure storage and transport
  • Adjustable and convenient shoulder strap for easy to carry
  • Fits all two pieces of cues measuring 58 inches or less
  • Cross-weave exterior and soft lined interior protect your cue.
  • Zippered storage pouch holds additional accessories.


  • Not long enough to fit two pieces 58″ pool sticks
  • Zipper made from poor quality


GSE Games & Sports Expert 1×1 Hard Pool Cue Case

GSE Games & Sports Expert 1×1 Hard Carrying Case

This GSE Games & Sports Expert 1×1 Hard Billiard Stick Carrying Case is also another great option. This is a hard cue case that has a vinyl covering and holds one butt and one shaft. Fits all 2-piece cues measuring 58 in. Or less.

The hard exterior protects cue from bumps and scratches, with an adjustable strap for easy carrying. The cue case features a convenient slidable zipper pocket for storing tips, chalk, and more.


  • Soft lined interior cushions for the pool cues.
  • The hard exterior protects the cue from bumps and scratches.
  • This cue case features an easy to use slidable zipper pocket for storing tips, chalk, and more.
  • An adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation


  • Some may find the strap a little short
  • The zipper is not very satisfactory


Iszy Billiards 1×1 Hard Carrying Case

Iszy Billiards 1×1 Hard Carrying Case

So this is again an Amazon’s choice product. It has incredible reviews on Amazon and loved by many. The pocket has enough room to hold chalk, a roll of quarters, clothes, and a tip tool or two. It contains a couple of rooms for one stick with a separator in the middle to keep the butt and shaft from banging around.

The shoulder strap is durable and large enough to sling it over your shoulder or use across your body. It measures 31 1/4″ in length and available in two colors that are black and pink-white. The stitching has held up very well, and the extra design stitching is done very nicely. The zippers work great and have large handles to zip them up.


  • Excellent construction quality for the price and has excellent fit & finish
  • Faux leather exterior, two separate lined inner compartments, one for each of two pieces of the cue to prevent from rubbing and scratching
  • Useful and comfortable carrying strap
  • Handy side zipper compartment for accessories


  • Cues can slide up and down a little bit


Lucasi Brown Leatherette Soft Case with Black Accents

Lucasi Brown Leatherette Soft Case with Black Accents

This Lucasi case encircles your cues with a velvet lining to protect from scratches. It gives you more zipper pockets to keep your accessories.

The case shows a level of reverence for the sport of pool; they are rarely seen in a cue case. The early legends of the game wrapped their favorite cues in the best material that was available to them. New modeled after the classic cue cases of last year when the pool was a game that was played at saloons. A bit expensive than others but it also offers other advantages and worth buying.


  • Brown leatherette soft case with black accents
  • Includes three medium and two large accessory pockets
  • Holds eight shafts and four butts
  • Convenient carry handle


  • Stitching loose after a certain period
  • Lack of zippers in large pockets
  • Expensive


Iszy Billiards 3×6 Hard Billiard Stick Carrying Case

Iszy Billiards 3×6 Hard Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying Case

This one is also an Amazon’s choice cue case. The construction and the materials used in this case is made up of very high quality. The material, in fact, holds your cue shafts and butts are very soft and thick, and You don’t have to worry about your cue getting damaged by being inserted into a hard plastic sleeve.

This case has a convenient carry handle and an adjustable strap for over the shoulder carrying. I highly recommend this cue case to anyone with multiple cues to carry and it’s best for carrying leather pool cue.


  • Hard Carrying Case – Vinyl covering
  •  Holds up to a 30″ butt or shaft.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and extra pockets to hold chalk, tips, etc
  • Dividers go all the way into the case.


  • It is not very travel-friendly
  • The cues make a sound while in motion.


HAN’S DELTA 3B6S Hard Case

HAN’S DELTA 3B6S Hard 3×6 Case – 3 Butt 6 Shaft

This HAN’S DELTA 3B6S Hard Case is built solidly and works very well. It completely protects the cues and looks pretty nice. It has heavy padded bottoms that provide even better protection, and their soft and padded and won’t damage the cue. Considering the cost is an excellent buy for the price.


  • 3×6 hard black vinyl case
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • It holds up to a 30″ shaft or butt.
  • Pocket to hold chalk, tips, accessories


  • The inside has no cushion or any type of protection to protect your expensive cues
  • The strap is not connected to the case. It falls off all the time, and you have to keep wrapping it tighter on the bottom of the case


J&J New Champion Leather Hard Case

J&J New Champion Leather 3×6 Hard Case for 3 Butts 6 Shafts

This is a perfect case that will do an incredible job of protecting your cues. The case has a wide comfortable strap and side handle. It has one small and one large pouch.
It will accommodate butts and shafts up to a length of 31 inches.
There’s plenty of pouch space for all your accessories and holds three butts and six shafts and has an adjustable shoulder strap. Extra pockets to hold chalk, tips, etc.

This is very durable, as well as a strong case of leather. The most elegant interiors to protect your cues with individually lined tubes.


  • This item dimension is 32″ in length X 6″ X 4 1/4″ width
  • Very strong and durable
  • Dividers go all the way into the case.


  • Make a sound when cue sticks move
  • It is not very travel-friendly


Buying Guide

You are serious about your game then you are ultimately going to get your cue stick. You’ll don’t want to damage your stick no matter what. So for that, you’ll need a cue case that can save it.

If you’re a new player, you may have one or two cue sticks, but if you’re a pro player, you may have a bunch of sticks.

Expensive one and some inexpensive ones. There is only one way to protect them is having a cue case. In this article, you’ll find your type of case that you need despite being a pro or a new player. Some of the cue cases are manufactured for only a single cue stick. In contrast, others carry rooms and pockets for multiple butts and shafts and to store chalks and tips, respectively.

The interior case is the most vital part. Some are packed with dense foam that protects them. Some are lined with fabric to move away moisture to keep the sticks healthy and long-lasting. So you decide which is more important to consider. But you need to confirm that your cues don’t move around or come out quickly.

There are some factors you need to keep in mind before buying your case. The two most important factor is the material type and size of the case. The price is also an essential factor. So you get right the product at the right price.


Material type

Some of the cases are made of softer materials like leather or velour, while others are made up of wood or hard plastic. Every one of them has some advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you need to consider the right one according to your stick.

The soft case is made up of slightly thinner material like leatherette or vinyl. They are easy to carry and even very travel-friendly. They are a little less durable and give less protection to the cues. But they are lightweight and small size makes them very easy to carry and store.

On the other side, a hard case is somewhat opposite to a soft case. It offers better protection than what more delicate cases give with attached tubes for every cue stick. It’s made out of hard plastic on its outer surface, providing excellent safety to your cue sticks from breaking, scratches, or bending. A little disadvantage is that it takes more space, and it’s a bit bulky to carry on shoulders.



Besides material, size is also a significant factor that you need to take care of. It is an excellent idea to choose a case with some extra pockets to have space for the future.

These sizes have different meanings like the size 1×1 means that it can store only one stick — similarly, 2×4 stores two complete cues. Most of the players choose a 2×2 case. Choose according to your cue size, and it would be more helpful for you to select a case that can hold more cue sticks.


Last Words

In conclusion, we can recommend you to buy the Iszy Billiards Hard carrying case. It​ is a good cue case, it an editor’s choice, so I think it does not need more praise.

Next, the best option is the ​GSE Games & Sports Expert Deluxe Hard Billiard Stick Carrying Case,​ the ​EastPoint Sports Deluxe Tube Billiard Cue Case, ​and the Casemaster Case.​ Each​ one of them offers different facilities.

All are best in their place ​you can choose whichever you liked and found most helpful. We tried to include all kinds of cases we can. We hope it helped you even a little bit would be enough for us.

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