Best Pool Cue Shaft (10 Cheapest & The Most Effective Ones)

Are you looking for the best shaft in the market? 

Did you always find regular pool shafts that don’t match you accurately? 

We have a few fantastic options for you to pick and select the best shafts for your cue.

This detailed review of the shafts will leave you amazed and excited to choose the perfect one for your needs.

best pool cue shafts

10 Best Pool Cue Shaft in 2020

  1. Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Carbon Shaft
  2. Players PSK-18BC PureX HXT Slim Shaft
  3. Purex Classic HXT Low Deflection Technology Shaft
  4. Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Low Deflection Shaft
  5. Pure X Pool Cue Stick – Low Deflection Technology w/Kamui Black Tip
  6. Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flex Slim Technology Pool Shaft, Black Collar, Uni-loc Pin
  7. ASKA Extra Spare Shaft, Hard Brown Tip, White Ferrule Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  8. Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Carbon Fiber Low Deflection Shaft/
  9. Meucci SB3-B Handcrafted Billiards Shaft – Blue + Hard CASE
  10. Predator Revo Shaft Radial 12.4

Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Carbon Shaft

Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Carbon Shaft

There is no plastic used in the production of this shaft, but real metal. Like this, it makes this shaft too powerful for the user.

The 15k carbon tow invents this, so it is super hard! 

Where this figure makes the shaft super strong, at the same time, it makes it ultra-light in weight. Immediately say “bye” to the grave shafts!

It has got the perfect drag settings that are the pre-set lever drag system to get to your game experience way too leisurely and memorable!

Thus, it’s rather interesting to recognize that it is elongated, straight-taper, and ultra-thin white sighting ferrule. That is also screened and treated to provide the best user experience!

 These features render the best smooth experience during the game!

So seriously, what more could you want?

All of the elements of this shaft are quite long-lasting and usable as they supply the anti-corrosive quality to it. Hence, you can enjoy using this pool shaft for years, isn’t that awesome?


  • It is durable, quiet, and rather potent.
  • It receives a 12.5mm tiger sniper width.
  • 15k carbon fiber tow reinforced with a poly-foam core.
  • Ultra-thin white sighting ferrule.


  • It has a tiger sniper tip, but with the time, you might change the tip for better function.

Players PSK-18BC PureX HXT Slim Shaft

Players PSK-18BC PureX HXT Slim Shaft

The shaft has fine finishing consisting of two tips diameter, on the opposite of regular shafts, this is very soft in handling and operating without compromising the results. 

Moreover, the feathers and durable frame allow you to have a moment feel while playing.

This shaft pure carbon fiber drag that will help with strength and picking more shots in a single pass. Complement with ten different joints and a black choker. 

This is an art in its self with the bulk of just 0.64 ounces, isn’t that more than enough?

You can also call for the manufacturer’s warranty by directly calling customer service.

Here is a mystery, just couple it with any cue for more beneficial results it will not disappoint you in any way.


  • It is durable and smooth enough to couple with any cue.
  • It has a two tip diameter and ten different joints.
  • It is lightweight, only 0.64 ounces.
  • It has a black collar at the terminal of the summit.


  • It is the best pool shaft that you could have for you, but be careful while buying this merchandise.

Pure X Classic HXT Low Deflection Technology Shaft

Pure x Classic HXT Low Deflection Technology Shaft

Do you want a quality pool shaft and best results while playing? This shaft is the product you are looking for!

This shaft is, without any doubt, designed to be a dependable quality with excellent strength, extra-smooth drag for a beneficial game. 

This is all about power braided lines with modern technology, and this super strong light beam comes in 1o layers laminated with pigskin. 

The shaft consists of the solid maple built and ready to run for any powerful shot. 

When it comes to speed, this will never let you down as it has a model of various drag and speed to retrieve extending over a wide range. Still not satisfied with the results? 

High performance no matter how much the volume is at that place.


  • It has solid maple construction.
  • It has professional taper and deflection ferrule.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • It has a standard size, but watch the size of your need before ordering.

Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Upgraded Low Deflection Shaft

Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Low Deflection Shaft

Looking for small packages with big things? 

It is the authentic, and up to the mark quality, there is no match of this shaft in regards to power, attraction, and use.

It occurs with wood construction and classy inlays. Moreover, featuring a subdued and powerful point. No doubt, you will fall for this.

Feathery weight of just 1.5 oz. And the strength of durable wood provides the performance of high quality. It isn’t going to end here.

You will be astonished to know little, light, and robust frame gives a very rapid velocity. Yeah, now that is tight.

Who doesn’t like a wide range with a speck of carbon drag? It’s all more or less smooth and accurate operation. 


  • It has a wooden building with firm and smooth trails.
  • It arrives with a package of cue and shaft together.
  • It has a soft tip to shoot any ball.
  • High-technology ferrule with a smooth polymer core.


  • It has a package of the pool cue and shaft together, so watch the product detail before ordering.

Pure X Pool Cue Stick – Low Deflection Technology w/Kamui Black Tip

Pure X Pool Cue Stick Low Deflection Technology Kamui Black Tip

Packed with some pleasing features and equipped with ten layers of Kamui black tip of high quality to deliver you a remarkable strength, rigidity, and power add on the leverage of years of playing. Then, start scheduling your game.

Having low deflection technology shaft, offering especially standard silky and trouble-free line flow. Isn’t it attractive!

Weighs just 2.00 pounds. 


  • It is solid, durable, and available in 2 sizes.
  • It has ten layered soft tips with one high-tech.
  • The handle is sleek and wraps less.
  • This product has a lifetime warranty.


  • It is available in 2 sizes, so be careful while ordering.

Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flex Slim Technology Pool Shaft, Black Collar, Uni-loc Pin

Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flex Slim Technology Pool Shaft, Black Collar, Uni-loc Pin

Thither is a uni-lock system that incites less friction allowing smooth and fast operation, and low deflection ferrule is light to wield. Consistency with super-smooth working. 

Specially crafted eight-piece radial construction gives it a unique texture for effortless operation.


  • It has ten layered pigskin tip.
  • Eight-piece radial construction extending the sweet point along the ray.
  • It has zero flex point deflection ferrule.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It is usable with different collar colors and then chooses the right one before buying.

ASKA Extra Spare Shaft, Hard Brown Tip, White Ferrule. Canadian Hard Rock Maple

ASKA Extra Spare Shaft, Hard Brown Tip, White Ferrule Canadian Hard Rock Maple

Do you want to experience the best pool shaft while playing? 

Your search ends here with ASKA Extra Spare Shaft for Pool Cue Stick, Hard Brown Tip, White Ferrule. This can be paired with any cue for playing, and this will not disappoint you in any event.

It’s not only about power functioning. 

The tip is soft with a black collar and a ring that provides the extra power to the shaft.


  • It has ABS ferrule.
  • Reliable, convincing, smooth, and professional.
  • The tip doesn’t offer resistance while playing pool.
  • It has a flat-faced joint.
  • It is not a regular thread, so watch its features while purchasing.

Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Carbon Fiber Low Deflection Shaft 

Cuetec Cynergy CT-15K Carbon Fiber Low Deflection Shaft

Its powerful carbon body, which makes it capable of taking you to the highest level of game experience more memorable.

Thus, its manufacture offers sturdiness over time.

Moreover, its drag lever operator, which is accustom calibrated, will get your game easier like never earlier.

It takes on a tiger sniper tip, which gets it more durable, this arrangement enhances the lifespan of this ware.

Asset, its carbon fiber tow elongated with polymer fiber, make it extra force! 

When you come to know that they are giving a lifetime warranty, now you don’t bear to worry about this whenever it will get out of the guild.

Additionally, its advanced, user-friendly system is another plus point for the users who do not know to operate. 


  • It is powerful with a tiger sniper tip.
  • It is made with carbon fiber shaft tow and poly-foam core.
  • It has a white sighting ferrule.
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.


  • It is hard enough to play, but its tip might need to change within time.

Meucci SB3-B Handcrafted Billiards Shaft – Blue

Meucci SB3-B Handcrafted Billiards Shaft – Blue + Hard CASE

It is coated with lacquer and black linen and holds a silver band with blue inlays and pins joint made up of steel. 

It has a weight of just 19 Oz and extra smooth drag even after taking in some tricky shots. Now you want to know about it, no? 

The tricky hitting shot was never comfortable in front because the drag becomes hard and sometimes lay off working, but guess what? You don’t have to care about it any longer because it has worked out this problem for you. 

With accurate shaft size and grip, you can handle it more seriously than before. The rust-free material comes with absolute strength, and then you could receive a lifelong exposure of the game and what can make it better than this is best for southern billiards. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Also a good choice for beginners pool cues.


  • It is usable in two colored rings and a cue stick, so observes the package while purchasing.

Predator Revo Shaft Radial 12.4

Predator Revo Shaft Radial 12.4

Do you want a lightweight but practical pool shaft? 

 It is super light and friction-free; this piece of the shaft is pure class.

And, this pool shaft will surely bring betterment in your performance, no matter if you are playing, or a beginner you are not living to regret using it.  

This merchandise is straightforward to use, you are failing to use the shaft for a lifetime, and this is significantly reliable to offer you help in the long term. Asset, with the use of ferrule-less construction, the shaft becomes super strong and less in weight. 

Having an accurate shaft with high and low speed that can complete any task with high accuracy. It will undoubtedly help you to play all the shots. So, start planning your game!

If you like this, then you will be astounded to know this is built for both snooker and pool games with high anti-reverse qualities. You are starting to receive a small light beam with a more smashing force. Let’s play! 


  • It is hard, quiet, and provides minimum resistance.
  • It has a Uni lock system.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Low-rise taper.


  • It is uni-lock and can be used for any purpose. That’s why to watch the product detail while purchasing.

Buyers guide

Getting the right pool shaft begins with understanding the fact of what type of game you are playing and the types of cues coupled with a light beam. Thus, hitting a ball is not the only challenge; merely finding the appropriate tool to get the job done is a big challenge itself.

Pool game, maybe a slight bit more troublesome. However, the rewards are well worth the try. That’s one of the greatest things, and you never experience what you are going to catch and end up with.

You may be getting a tricky shot or you need to break or jump the balls, but have not straight shaft to cover with it. Now and again, still, with a right shaft, you can get rolling, so bring some extra courses.

If you are a beginner and use a beginner’s pool cue, you may prefer a shaft that comes with a pool cue. Pool cue with the shaft is a better package you could have for you within your budget limit.

Those shafts that do not have appropriate tips are not suited for you. Shafts with soft pins are best and easy to utilize.

This template will assist you in selecting the correct product to improve your acting experience! Because it checks all the necessary information about the pool shafts.

Let’s know how many types of pool shafts are there to select from so that you could obtain a clear idea about the qualities and the products given above over here!


Do pool shafts come with a thread or uni-lock system?

Pool shafts come with the uni-lock system.

Will the pool shaft can change the weight of the stick?

No, it doesn’t add weight to the cue.

Do shafts include inlays or outlays?

All the shafts have inlays.

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