How to Level a Pool Table? (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you are the one who loves to play pool but scared to buy one just because you don’t know much about installation and maintaining, here, this article would be an eye-opener and will help you to maintain one!

And, If you already have a pool table and struggling to play due to the unlevel of the table or Have lost your manufacturer’s manual for your pool table and looking for easy guidance about leveling your pool table, keep reading this article!

Required things to level a pool table

Leveling a pool table can be done using simple things that would be already available to most of us.

Carpenter’s level

carpenters level

Most of us would have it in our households. If you don’t have one, we have got our technology, fortunately. Yeah, there are many free and low-cost applications available for digital carpenter’s level, which we can access through our smartphones.

Cue ball

There’s no wonder, If you have a pool table, then you would have a cue ball.

Glass and a marble

Glass and a marble piece should be available in all our houses. Else, you can get one in the market, and it’s not going to cost you much than buying a pool table.

How to level a pool table?

level pool table

There are simple steps and different ways to be followed to level a pool table by yourself.

Step 1# Carpenter’s level

They can be used to check if the pool table is on the level. Analog scales can be used, as the bubbles in it shows, not only if your table is not on the level, but also how much your table is crooked so that you can easily adjust the level of your pool table. If you don’t have one, it’s absolutely fine. You have another solution too.

Nowadays, people use digital carpenter’s scale to access through many free applications on your smartphone.

Step 2# Measure the mid-line of the pool table

The carpenter’s level must be placed in the middle of the pool table, corresponding to the table’s long-part. If the bubble stands straight between the two lines amidst the glass tubes, then there you go! You can start pooling!

If the bubble drops on either side, you have to change the lower part of the table’s position.

Step 3# Lower mid-line

Turn the carpenter’s scale towards the shorter part of the pool table and place it on the mid-line. Then, if the bubble stands straight between the two lines amidst the glass tubes, your table is on stage. If the bubble drops on either side, then you have to change the position of the lower part of the table.

Then the same should be done on all the sides and corners of the pool table.

Step 4# Check with a ball

Roll a cue ball on the pool table on a straight line and check if it moves on it. It will show you the direction of the lean, and then you can correct it accordingly.

Step 5# Glass and a marble

Place a glass amidst the table and drop a marble piece inside it. Check if it rolls. It would show you the direction of the lean of the pool table.

Have you found your pool table, not on level? You can level it by yourself by trying out simple hacks.

Option 1

Manufacturer’s Manual
Take out the user manual provided by your manufacturer. There, you can find out ways to level your table.

Have you lost your manufacturer’s manual?  Then, Don’t feel discouraged!!!!

Option 2

Lay down to the floor and tighten up all the screws under your pool table and check it using a cue ball if your table has got on stage.

Option 3

You can also adjust the table’s legs, which you feel to be not on the level. You can use small pieces of wood to place on the gap between the floor and the table’s leg. Can’t lift the table on your own, call your friend and get some help.

Option 4
You are done leveling your table. Your pool table is ready to play.

How to check if my pool table is on the level?

There are many ways through which you can check if your pool table is on the level. You can check it by rolling a ball on the pool table. If it moves evenly on all sides or in a straight line, then your table is on the level.

If the ball rolls towards one side compared to the other sides, it’s time for you to check if your pool table is on level! This method may be inaccurate at times, and a cross-check is always to be done before making any changes to the pool table level.

You can then also check the level of a pool table using a glass and a piece of marble. This might be weird to hear, but trust me, it is going to work.

Take a glass and place it in the center of the pool table. Then, place a piece of marble into the glass. If it remains at the center, then your table is ready to play. But if the marble rolls into the glass, then get ready to level your pool table before playing.

Can I install a pool table on a carpet?

You can do it. But it is generally not recommended due to various reasons. The prominent reason is that carpets that contain padding to make the walk comfortably would significantly affect the level of the pool table.

Another reason is that the pool table’s wooden legs might create a dent on the carpet as days pass by.

If you want your pool table to be not set on the floor, you can go for other options for setting your pool table on Area rugs, Floor tiles, Linoleum, and Rubber mats. First, choose the best place to set your pool table, and then you can assemble it. Don’t forget to level your pool table as it is essential.

Final Verdict

I hope this article was proper and easy guidance for all the readers to know about installing and leveling a pool table. If so, buy your pool table, install it, level your pool table and rock your pool table in your spare time.

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