Pool Table Room Size Calculator – 1 Perfect Way to Measure

When you want to buy a pool table, it is essential to make sure you have the perfect measurement of the room for installing it correctly. It would be a disaster if the cues touched the wall or a piece of furniture and could not shot the ball ideally.

Pool Table Room Size Calculator

In this article, we are going to talk about the space needed to put a billiard table in your own house. For this, in addition to the dimensions of the room in which you want to place it, you must know the billiard table measures before taking it. As well as the centimetres of the billiard cues to the walls or close partitions

pool table room size calculator

If you find this complicated, a simple rule to calculate the space you need for the models of billiard tables for home use would be the following:
The standard pool cue is 144 cm, and need about 12 cm more to move more or less well the cue. So they would have to add about 156 cm to the measures of the playing area.

Some people buy smaller cues to solve a specific problem with a corner. The standard size of a billiard cue is 57 inches, ie 144 cm.

You have to keep that in mind that when buying the big size, you will get the experience of a professional pool player. However, if you choose a table that is too big for the room, it can be much worse to enjoy the game, and some shots will be impossible to execute.

For players who want to have the best game experience, you can check the measurement table, which has been mentioned later in this article.

billiard room size
Dont be like him!

How many sizes of pool tables are there?

There are few different sizes of pool tables, although the most common are billiards 7 feet (1.07 meters wide by 2.13 long), billiards 8 feet  (1.22 x 2.44 meters), and 9-foot billiards (1.33 x 2.74). As we have said, if you search on Amazon, you can find a few other sizes, but these are considered as standards. Depending on the billiard table you want to buy, you have to know the measurement perfectly because a 2×1-meter pool requires less space than a 4x2m pool table.

What measures do you need in the room to put a billiard?

Now let’s talk about the space needed to put a billiard and be able to play comfortably and without problems. Once you have chosen the table whose measures are more suited to your tastes and needs, you must take into account the dimensions of the cue, which are usually about 1.47 meters. This measure is considered standard, but, as you know, there are cues of many other sizes. To be able to hit the billiard balls from any position without difficulties, you should make sure that the length of the room is twice the size of the cue plus the table.

pool table room size calculator

If you have decided to buy a table, it is not only essential to know the size of a pool table, but choose the right model for the size you have available in the room of your house where you want to install it. Regardless if you have decided on a pool, snooker, or carambola table, you have to take into account the space needed to put a billiard in your own home.

MINIMAL measures to have a pool at home?

it is true that they are the optimal measurement, but it is not necessary to play with the 1.47m of the cue. You could play in smaller rooms acquiring a shorter cue, priced a bit cheaper than the regular one, and sizes 1 meter more or less. It’s 0.47m less per side than you save. And leaving 12cm of space to hit the extra ball. So it would take the only 1.12m. With these measures to play a pool table of 7 feet we need the following space:

WIDTH  of the room: 1 meter (billiard width) + 2 (1 per side to pass) + 1.12 (measure of the cue) = 3.12 meters.

LENGTH of the room: 2.13 meters (length of the table) + 2 (1 per side to pass) +1.12 (Cues) =  4.33 meters.

We already have the minimum measures to play billiards buying a stick of 1 meter. We need a room of about 3 x 4 meters.

Note: Break Cue, Jump Cue and Playing Cue is all the same size.

Some perfect Choices for your home

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Ideal measures to put a 7-foot pool table:

For example, if you want to buy a table of 7 feet that measure approximately 1 meter wide and about 2 meters long (there are also tables of 7 feet of 1.20 × 2.20 cm all depends on the manufacturers). If you are looking for this type of billiards that I already tell you is the best sold for home and private customers who want to play a game with their family and friends. If you are looking for this model, you will need a room of more or less this measure that I put below:

WIDTH of the room: 1 meter (billiard width) + 2 (1 per side to pass) + 1.47 (measure of the cue) = 3.94 meters 

If you want to calculate the length, the same operation must be performed but replacing the measurements. For example:

LENGTH  of the room: 2.13 meters (length of the table) + 2 (1 per side to pass) + 1.47 (cue) = 5.07 meters.

We already have the right measures to play the American pool, and these would be for a table of 7 feet a room of more or less about 4 x 5 meters.


If you want to enjoy your pool table at home without any problems, the measurements of a pool table and the room are two things to consider. You have to choose the table model that suits perfectly to your home, you may want the more prominent table to play like the professionals, but what’s the use if then in the room in which it is located there is no room to move and hit with the cue with comfort.

As the pool table costs a lot of money(usually!), you should measure your room before purchasing one. Or you can buy a mini pool table, it won’t serve you as a professional table but entertainment is guaranteed. Also for entertainment purposes, you can buy a fat cat 3 in 1 table, which is not only a pool table but also a ping pong table and an air hockey table.

Keep in mind that the standard pool cue measures 144 cm, and it takes about 12 cm more to be able to move it with some comfort. It means that we would have to add 156 cm to the play area. So for a 7-foot pool table, the room should be at least 5.14 meters long and 4.20 meters wide.

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