Predator BK3 Review | Break Cue With Sport Wrap (2024 Updated)

How do you break when you play pool? was your break strong enough? Well, it is only possible when you have a powerful and precise cue, delivering cue ball with high speed also. Still searching to find the best match for your game style, catch the next wave.

Predator BK3 Break Cue

predator bk3 break cue

  • Premium Material
  • C4+ technology
  • Carbon fiber shaft
  • phenolic tip

After extensive research of Predator engineers, studying considerable statistics of users, and feedback from top predators Pros, Introducing the latest generation of Predator BK3 break cue.

Predator BK3 Review

predator bk3 break cue

Fabulously designed and crafted stunningly, the World’s Best, Predator BK3 pool cue is the advanced version of BK2 pool cue having enormous design changes with improved material and next-generation Predator’s patented C4+ technology. Engineered with the aim to provide a killer effect with every shot, this Predator BK3 pool cue will give a dynamic punch to your gameplay.


  • Premium Material

The BK3 is crafted using hard maple wood. The material is hard and heavy with excellent strength properties. Also, it has a high resistance to abrasion and wears. The pool cue made with this material offered unified force and increased strength for every shot you play. 

  • C4+ technology 

To eliminate the need for the threaded weight bolt that joins the forearm and handle as most cues are constructed, the BK3 uses Predator C4+ technology, in which four perfectly formed slices of hard maple fit tightly together and are then reinforced with carbon fiber offering a more reliable, straighter, and more stable pool cue. 

  • Reinforcement with carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is the revolutionary step towards the manufacturing of pool cues. The most durable carbon fibers are ten times tougher than steel. The innovative properties of carbon fiber make the pool cue light-weight, which is not only tough and durable but also flex for an ideal spin and feel. 

The pool cues reinforced with carbon fiber are a one-time investment and intended to provide balance and consistent feedback. The ultra-efficient property of carbon fiber eliminates the cue ball squirt. 


Each superb BK3 cue is manufactured with fine maple wood and reinforced with carbon fiber making them the most consistent and accurate shaft possible. 

  • Butt and handle of BK3 cue

This BK3 cue has a black handle with sports wrap and a high gloss Maple finish. The butt has a yellow rubber butt cap with a silver ring on the edge. The overall ergonomics of the cue is glossy to a matte finish in the middle. 

  • Benefits of Sports grip
Predator BK3 Break Cue with Sport Wrap

The unique grip pattern of sports grip feels amazing when needing a strong grip for breaking. It feels great in your hand and allows you to grip the cue comfortably and confidently as you break with this cue, regardless of how hard you break. Rest assured that the balls are directed sprinkling across the table with ease. 

  • Joint Type

One of the significant aspects of The BK 3 Cue is a stainless steel joint with a Uni-Loc pin. The joint has a carbon fiber wrap, which extends up through the shaft for better control and flexibility. The joint is a quick-release joint, allows to assemble and disassemble the cue easily & quickly. Although the recommended weight of the cue is 18oz, the unique feature of this Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge System allows you to personalize the weight of the cue as per your requirement. 

  • Shaft

The typical BK3 shaft is designed precisely for this cue to ensure a great break. It hits extremely hard. This 29″ BK3 Shaft features carbon fiber reinforcement on the inside, providing an ultra-straight shaft with extra strength yet lighter in weight. The outcome is a Break-Balanced cue that delivers more force to the cue ball with greater accuracy. Moreover, as all break cues have some flex when they hit, the same way BK3 pool cue shaft has a good amount of flex when it comes into contact with the cue ball. 

  • Tip of the BK3 Cue

The BK3 cue has a carbon fiber pad on top of the ferrule, with a phenolic tip on the top. Phenolic tips have lots of benefits. Phenolic tips are much more reliable and damage-resistant than conventional cue tips but are significantly expensive. You’ll get extraordinary breaks with the BK3, whether you’re an amateur or professional player. 

Pros and Cons

The BK3 pool cue works on blasting breaks on both 8 and 9 ball racks. Being designed scientifically, after studying the reviews of top-level payers of the world, it’s up to you whether to buy it or not. 


  • One of the significant advantages of the BK3 pool cue, which makes it superior to others, is its carbon fiber insert to remove the weight of the cue. 
  • The amount of power delivered by the BK3 pool cue makes it almost “criminal,” as declared by the Predator itself. 
  • The pool cue is excellent for controlled breaks. 


  • As the phenolic material is considered to be the foundation of the plastic, these tips are subject to breaking. A slight miss-hit to the edge can result in chipping a piece of the cue tip and making it useless. 
  • Just because this is a break stick, so you don’t want to use it for regular play. 
  • The price tag of the BK3 is incredibly high (but worth it!). 


As it is said that “the first impression is the last impression.” For Breakthrough performance, you need skill and the right break cue to go one step ahead of your opponent. If you are having preferences regarding better efficiency, accuracy, and power, look no further than the Predator BK3 Break Cue. It’s a superb break stick that hits very hard. Its modern design should fit in perfectly with your existing cues. Play-wise, it’s quite possibly the most fabulous break cue ever designed.

If you want to make a great play when you break and want to stay ahead of the pack, get the Predator BK3. With the addition of a carbon-fiber core in the center of the shaft, this Predator BK3 pool cue springs back quickly to a neutral position after it flexes. The BK3 Is balanced far better than its previous version BK2, the hit is solid, and the control you have with this cue is fantastic for a phenolic tip

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