Tiger Everest Tip Review Laminated Cue Tip (Reasons Why You Should Buy it)

An American sportscaster, Vin Scully, has quoted, “Good is not good enough when better is expected.” The same goes for Tiger Everest Laminated Pool Billiard Cue Tip. The classy, state of the art and crafted with most advanced technology, Tiger Everest Laminated Pool Billiard Cue Tip, the choice of pros, hold the honor of being included in the Guinness World Book of Records for (most balls pocketed in 24 hours).

The startling cue tip offers good English, better control, and the least amount of deflection. The Tiger Everest Laminated tips are resistant to moisture, which hold chalk better and last longer. The cue tips are durable in the world, helping eliminate mushrooming while keeping the leather chemical-free. Move to the next level of the game with this cool pool cue tip suitable for both professionals and beginners.

Tiger Everest Tip Review – Secrets behind Manufacturing Process of Cue Tip

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The manufacturing of Tiger Everest Laminated Pool Billiard Cue Tip starts with selecting the premium quality leather of pigskin, Boar, or cow available in the world. The material goes an old-style tanning process, which is kept under the ground and preserved slowly without any chemicals for one year.

Available in 14 mm size and with medium hardness, the Tiger Everest Laminated cue tip comprises a combination of 10 carefully selected premium layers, each layer hand-picked at the factory by the technicians. Each premium layer goes through Tiger’s secret process, Advanced Pressurized Process (APP), which improves reliability for proper hardness. Though the process is prolonged and time-consuming, however, it adds to make the layers soften.

The material is then passed through a unique vacuum lamination process at the factory level, called VACULAM. When the cue tip has been glued together with the layers, and while the cue is drying, it is put into a vacuum to pull out any potential air pockets or air bubbles within the glue layer, the process eliminates air between the layers, subsequently offering precisely and sophisticated cue tip.


Things to know about Material testing

Being a leader in the industry, Tiger is the first to introduce the material testing of the leather used for the manufacturing of cue tips. The experiment is done through special equipment “Durometer”, a device that could measure the hardness of a material.

Each tip manufactured, is individually tested using the European standard durometer for the highest quality, physical appearance, and for consistency of hardness. This makes the Tiger number one manufacturer of laminated cue tips in the world today.


Highest industry standards

The tiger cue tips follow the highest manufacturing standards in a way that all useful Tiger Everest Cue tips are marked with the name, year of manufacturing, tiger logo, and country origin i.e., made in the USA. Before packaging, the cue tip has to pass strict quality control inspection.

Another fantastic feature of the Tiger Everest Cue tips is that its Special red layer warns when to replace the tip.


The Sensational feature you will love

Leather’s used on the bottom layer through the top layer inhibits these tips from getting harder and harder as they go throughout their lifespan. You don’t need to maintain them in some manner say, sandpaper, or some of these tip tools that are on the market.

Because the hardness remains so consistent, Tiger Everest laminated cue tips are virtually either low maintenance or no maintenance, which means you’re going to get a much longer lifespan.


Other features

  • Tiger Everest cue tips are the superb choice of World champion Darren, as well as Tiger team member, Rodrigo Geronimo.
  • Tiger Everest laminated cue tip is the cheapest of the high-range pig skin layered tips, and it consistently performs better than anything in its hardness range.
  • It grips the cue ball very well, and Chalk seems to stick like it has magnetic properties. Giving you more control and the ability to add more English on the cue ball.
  • The multi-layer technique of the Tiger Everest cue tip ensures maximum humidity resistance, which contributes to the stability of the tip.
  • The No maintenance feature of the Tiger Everest cue tip makes it very hard to miscue.

tiger everest tip installation

Pros and cons

In a nutshell, the Tiger Everest cue tip has been responsible for the confidence that someone can gain in his game, your positioning can be significantly improved. Offering all the features of the soft, medium, and hard cue tips, yet it has the following elements which will be decided before purchasing.



  • The tip holds chalk well and holds shape very well
  • The tip offers excellent control of the cue ball
  • The Tiger Everest cue tips have a longer lifespan
  • Never had any “mushrooming” issues
  • Does not change hardness over time



  • The only downfall of this tip is you must keep it scuffed and shaped more than most (medium tips)
  • The manufacturing process of the Tiger Everest cue tips is slow due to the special treatment of the leather, so you might have to wait for 1-2 to months to get your Tiger tips


Final words

Tiger cute tips are mostly the backbone of Tiger products. A few things that distinguish Tiger Everest laminated Cue tips from the competition are; one is the selection of the best of the best hyde for every one of these tips. Also, the great thing about these Tiger laminated tips is that they’re long-lasting.

As the old Chinese proverb goes, the best time to start was yesterday, and the next best time is now. Selecting the Tiger Everest laminated Cue tips for your gameplay is the utmost option, to be on top of the world. If you are thinking about this cue tip, just pull the trigger.

The selection of the desired cue tip primarily depends on your gameplay mood. Well, choosing the right cue tip might be sometimes overwhelming for some players, especially for newcomers, fret not, this fascinating Tiger Everest Laminated pool cue tip is the perfect choice for you to kick start. It will incredibly increase consistency and add reliability to your pool cues.

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