Simonis 860hr Review – Pool Table Cloth

Do you want the excitement of a fast-paced game? Numerous factors could help you speed up your game, and one of them is a perfect pool table cloth. Considered to be one of the most functional aspects of the table and the game, it acts as a carpeted road for pool balls to roll. There is no doubt that the best quality pool table cloth will never interfere with the roll of the pool balls; instead, it will guide them to the destination with high accuracy and, of course, with high speed. 

Simonis 860hr Review – Why it is one of the best table cloth

Following the highest standard of Manufacturing since 1680, this 860 Tournament Blue 7 feet Pool Table Cloth is made from high- quality premium worsted wool. The particular manufacturing technique of the cloth offers the ideal pool cloth to prevent any spills or stains. The cloth is developed to provide a long-lasting effect, has no pill, like woolen cloth, and is nap- free. These remarkable features of the 860 Tournament Blue 7 feet Pool Table Cloth honors Simonis to be the provider for the Official World Championships 9-ball cloth since 1992. 

simonis 860hr review

Easy Installation, No Need for Measurement 

One of the best things about 860 Tournament Blue 7 feet Pool Table Cloth is that you don’t need to spend hours for measuring the dimensions of the pool table for replacing the pool cloth. The cloth comes in a pre-cut form, including the pool table bed length and rails (but the rails are not pre-cut), which makes it easier to install. Only you need to call a trained professional to cut these rail lengths carefully and install them properly. 


High-Quality Premium Worsted Wool 

Simonis is considered to be the world leader in manufacturing billiard cloth for the last three centuries. The worsted pool table cloth is made of 90% wool and 10% nylon. This worsted wool combination offers high speed, durability, and reliability. It comes with extremely high thread count, which reduces any wear and tear. The intricate fiber thread of the cloth makes it look and feel different from any other pool table cloth, making it very strong and durable. 


Cloth Vs. Speed 

The type of cloth used for the pool table will affect how your balls play on the surface. Amongst the major problems of the pool table cloth available in the market are pill and shedding, which can form tracks in the cloth, ultimately slowing down the movement of ball roll. The Simonis 860 pool table cloth, having the super feature of worsted thread construction, acts as a smooth surface to spin the ball with high consistency, speed, and accuracy. 


Other Features offered 

Naturally spill-resistant

The specifically manufactured Simonis 860 pool table cloth from the finest worsted wool can naturally repel the liquids. This was only possible by incorporating the highest thread count during the manufacturing process. The technique does not allow any liquid to be absorbed down the cloth allowing spills to be cleaned up rapidly without staining or compromising the quality of the pool cloth. 


Nap-free Characteristics

The worsted wool cloth constructed with precision thread weave eliminates the creation of short fiber threads that form fuzz or pills. The result is a nap-free cloth due to which the balls roll straight and relatively fast.



Another super feature of the Simonis 860 pool table cloth is its outstanding resistance to environmental effects and is also suitable for outdoor tables. 


Reduced ball burning 

Ball burns occur due to the sub-standard quality of felt used, which leaves white marks on the pool cloth surface. You’re in luck that by using the highest quality worsted wool content, Simonis has already overcome this ball burning effect in its specific manufacturing process that reduces the formation of these marks. It is also recommended by the Simonis to use phenolic balls instead of polyester balls to enhance the life of your pool table cloth. 


Testing and certification 

Simonis put every effort to boost the pleasure of your game by allowing you to play your best. Committed to providing the highest industry standards, Simonis conforms to strict standards of ISO 9001:2000 certification for the production and sale of pool cloth. 

In addition to this, the quality control process of the Simonis regularly tests the quality of the cloth by asserting the elasticity, thickness, and tolerances of extension of the cloth. The ultimate goal is to remain the reference standard for quality billiard cloth and to provide the world with the accurate playing cloth to win the trust of the users. 


Pros & Cons 

The Simonis 860 Tournament Blue 7ft Pool Table Cloth is an Excellent felt, made for a friendly competition type feel. Being the pioneer of manufacturing billiard cloth, Simonis splendid quality billiard cloth is second to none in the industry. Having hundreds of features in its profile, yet some may have their prioritiesIt’sselect it. It’s all up to you whether you want to stick to your guns or stay on the fence. 


  • The superior quality Simonis 860 pool cloth is also suitable for carom, snooker, pyramid, or any other cue-sport game. 
  • The worsted woolen construction enhances the ball’s speed, offering you the fantastic gameplay experience. 
  • You will get a dozen identical chalk as a bonus while purchasing the Simonis 860 Pool Table Cloth. 


  • The cloth is manufactured to be a higher quality product, which makes it considerably more expensive. 
  • The Simonis 860 Pool Table Cloth comes in a full cut with the rails still attached, which can cause significant discomfort if not measured and cut correctly. 
  • It can cause burn marks on the cloth if low-quality balls are used, so you have to go for higher-end ball sets.


Final thoughts

The Simonis 860 Tournament Blue 7ft Pool Table Cloth is used in almost every professional tournament and is the preferred choice of champions. Due to the worsted wool construction, it only weighs approximately 27oz per yard. The superior quality of the cloth offers you the most enjoyable game experience together with outstanding speed and accuracy.

You will feel a bullet effect after every shot, so you get a fast play out of your table. You can’t just decide the destiny of the cloth by sitting back in the seat and wait for the perfect time, and sometimes you must dare to jump. 

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