Simonis Cloth 760 vs 860 Review (From Our Personal Experience)

Are you looking for a good pool table felt and chose Simonis but are confused about which one to select for your pool table? We have some ideas for you to examine and choose the best one to meet you and your table’s demands.

It is necessary to get one of the best brands from the market, but it confuses when they have multiple models. This detailed review will leave you ready and shaken up to pick out the best for you. 

Simonis Cloth 760 vs 860 (Which one to choose in 2020)

If you are fond of a pool game and want to choose the best cloth for your table without regretting the decision, later on, you don’t need to go anywhere because we have got something for you!

To hold your time and for convenience, we have a comparison table for you too.

    Good forProperties      Weight         Quality        where to Find
Simonis 760Pool tablesStrong and precise.About 3.9 poundsHigh 
Simonis 860Pool tables, snooker, and caromFrictionless and wrinkle-free About 6 poundsHigh

Simonis Cloth 760

Simonis 760 Pool Table Felt

Do you want a quality pool table felt and the best results while playing? Simonis 760 is the product you are expecting!

This cloth is, without any doubt, designed to be a dependable quality with excellent strength, extra-smooth drag for leagues.

Done on purpose, this is all about power and strength with modern technology, and this super heavy comes in 15 assorted colors.

The material consists of combed worsted wool and high-quality thread that never let you down ever in life.

When it comes to compatibility, it is strong plenty to earn for a lifetime, and smoothness is never compromised in the manufacture of this merchandise. It provides speed to retrieve extending over a wide range.

With a weight of only 3.9 pounds, providing the best power to your playtime and will get you straight to the level which you never experienced earlier.

This is the best product, nothing to leave behind.


  • It is hard, smooth, and provides the utmost capacity.
  • It is offered in 15 different colors.
  • The texture is friction-free and wrinkle-free
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • It is used in all popular colors, but be careful while purchasing as there might be slight variation in monitors.

Simonis 860 Pool Table Felt

Simonis 860 Pool Table Felt

This is simply perfect in regards to quality and using lifelong, built durable but lightweight best for playing billiards or pool games.

Loaded down with some pleasing features and fitted out with combed worsted wool and high-quality thread give it a remarkable strength, rigidity, and power add on the leverage of years of use. Then, start scheduling your game.

It has the nap-free quality and is available in 27 different colors. Isn’t it attractive!

Counting a mere 6 pounds, this is the best product you could accept; installing cloth was never easier before the arrival of this model. It doesn’t even need a table cover to keep it clean.


  • It is available in 27 different colors.
  • Compatible, smooth, and lasting.
  • Wrinkle-free and easy to set.
  • Best for nine pool balls.



Buyers Guide

Simonis is the only textile factory to get the cloth for pool cues and billiards and carom.

It has the quality to produce fine felt having combed worsted wool, which is compatible, reliable, and durable.

At that place is no equal in the tone of these products.

Whenever you intend to purchase cloth for your pool table, then you must pass it a try as it possesses a high-quality yarn that won’t pill or parted during use and give a lifetime warranty.

In fact, seeing the correct material for the pool table begins with understanding the point of what type of game you are playing and the types of pool cues you are applying. Then, placing felt is not the only challenge; merely finding the appropriate one to get the job done is a big challenge itself.

Putting a felt may be a small bit more troublesome. However, the rewards are well worth the try. That’s one of the greatest things, and you never experience what you are going to place and end up with.

If you are a beginner billiard player, you may choose a cloth that comes with a high caliber. Combed worsted wool is a phenomenon used only in Simonis.

Those fabrics that have wrinkles and frictions due to the low-quality thread cannot be used and are annoying during play.


Do the rails come precut? Is it a five-piece product?

Yes, It is available for the bed with four rail cuts.

Is this cloth just Simonis 860? Or a kind made by spencer Marston?

It is the standard, manufactured, and dispensed directly from Simonis.

Does it available in the same colors as viewed in photos?

Yes, but sometimes the color may alter due to light and resolution in screens.

Is it durable enough for leagues?

Simonis is the name of the trust itself so that you can purchase it with no troubles.


In one case, you start wading through the power vs. Action publication, then you will realize that there is an endless combination of these characteristics of each instance.

So, we must keep in mind that quality will likewise play a role in the game. A heavy fabric will be a deal harder to pass out when you are playing leagues, and compatibility is a big issue at that fourth dimension.

Thus, you may purchase an ultimate cloth for an exceptional game in leagues and find yourself having a felt with more backbone when the game turns against you.

You can run well with Simonis 760, but Simonis 860 is the best for all kinds of tables because you take a lot of ball tracks, and 860 hold a lot more lines than 760. 

Hence, you should buy a Simonis 860. This can be utilized to see every shot with outstanding smoothness and power. 

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