Best Pool Cue for Beginners: Our Top 10 Picks

For playing pool, you need a pool cue stick, and the choice of a pool cue while buying should logically consider the level of the player. If you are a beginner in this game, there is no need to rush to obtain the best pool cues or the most expensive one. If you are a beginner, to get through the learning period, you only need to buy a simple and reasonably priced cue.

So what are the finest affordable cues for beginners you can find on the market? To help you, we have listed ten best beginners pool cues with a buying guide to make you understand what to know before buying the great one.

10 Best Pool Cue for Beginners

  1. Izsy Billards 2-Piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Cues
  2. EastPoint Sports Deluxe Wood Cue
  3. Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Cue
  4. AB Earth two piece pool cue
  5. Mizerak Shorty Cue, 40 Inch
  6. Cuesoul Maple Kit
  7. TGA Sports 2-Piece Hardwood Set
  8. McDermott Lucky Cue
  9. Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete

Izsy Billards 2-Piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Cues

best beginners pool cue

This cue is marketed by Izsy Billards, a Canadian company renowned for manufacturing high-quality cues and a one of the best beginner cues you can buy.

The cues are manufactured in two pieces with stainless steel joint collar and Irish linen wrap for comfort and grip. They are made of durable hard rock maple wood and feature a 13mm fiber ferrule with glued leather tip. It is sold in packs of four cues and weighs 510, 538, 566, and 595 grams, respectively.

It is a good pool cue for beginners who can try the different cue weights to determine which one is right for them. This cue features better cue ball control and if you play pool in halls and local bar, its the great cue you should have. 


  • Constituted in a pack of four cues, these are perfect beginner cue
  • Made of hard rock maple hardwood, they are strong and durable
  • They have a 13-millimeter leather toe cap with a fiberglass ferrule to be glued on
  • They have sleeves wrapped in Irish linen, so they are ideal for moisture control


  • The high price
  • According to some users, Irish linen sometimes handles fray

EastPoint Sports Deluxe Wood Cue

EastPoint Sports Deluxe Wood Cue

Manufactured by EastPoint, if you are a complete beginners thats the right pool cue for you and can be your permanent playing cues for a long period of time. This cue is designed in two pieces with an aluminum joint system that allows them to be attached.  Available in solid maple and wood, it is durable and high-performance at a very affordable price. Both pieces have nylon handles that promote balance in hand and a comfortable feeling without forgetting the control of humidity.

They weigh 538 and 541 grams, respectively. The  cue has a high-performance rating because it is well hardened to prevent warping. The wooden one is two-tone with bright decals. 

With proper processing, this cue is one of the best beginners pool cues available in the market with hard rock maple wood.


  • The nylon handles offer perfect hand balance and comfort,
  • The maple piece provides excellent hardening and helps prevent warping,
  • The aluminum joint system quickly fix the two parts together.


  • According to some opinions, it seems that the pipe is not of outstanding quality,
  • The tail may fray after some time of use.

Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Pool House Cue

Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Pool House Cue

Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood is made of one piece of hardwood and covered with nine coats of varnish. It offers durability in use and prevents warping. 

The cue is complete with a 13 mm leather tip, perfect for beginners and occasional players and can be great bar cues.

The cue is available in four different sizes. We have a size of 36 inches, 48 inches, 52 inches, and 57 inches. The 36″ and 48″ cues are suitable for small hands, children, and pool tables in tight spaces. The 52″ and 57″ are for adult players. Each cue weighs according to its size.


  • A cue covered with nine layers of varnish prevents warping
  • It has a leather tip and 13 millimeters in size
  • It offers excellent grip thanks to the solid wood construction


  • The wood is not very light,
  • Probably the rapid deformation of the wood.

AB Earth Two Piece Pool Cue

AB Earth 2-Pièce

AB Earth has made its mark by producing cues with an excellent price-quality ratio. AB Earth is the result of a production process that offers exceptional qualities, making it the perfect cue for the beginner. It is equipped with a 13-millimeter process glued with a high-density ferrule, a high-quality wooden shaft, and has a irish linen wrap.

The tails are available in different colors and are 57 inches long. Their weight varies between 19 and 21 according to each style, and they are each typically elegant.

AB Earth is ideal if you are starting to take a severe interest in billiards.

But despite its pros, it also has some cons which are as follows:


  • Made of maple wood that is naturally dried for two years,
  • Wrapped sleeves in Irish linen offering a perfect balance in hand,
  • It looks exquisite,
  • Its price is affordable.


  • The Irish linen envelope would be a bit slippery by some accounts,
  • The tail deforms too quickly according to some opinions.

Mizerak Shorty Cue, 40 Inch

Mizerak Shorty Cue, 40 Inch

Mizerak Shorty Cue, 40 Inch, is a manufacturer of the Mizerak Company founded in 1991, intending to make billiards more popular. This company has designed this cue, especially for children who are interested in playing billiards. With a length of 40 inches and a weight of about 284 grams, this cue is made of one piece. It is made for the initiation of children to the game of billiards.

It is made of hardwood and has a 12 mm ferrule with a leather tip.

It is perfect, and adults can also use it. If you play in a restricted area, long cues can interfere with your shots. In this case, Mizerak Shorty Cue, 40 Inch, is perfect beginner cues.

This cue, as advantageous as it is for beginners, has some disadvantages.


  • This cue is perfect for tables with limited space,
  • His mouthpiece is made of leather, 
  • Its price is affordable.


  • It’s too restrictive being specially designed for children,
  • It would have a sustainability problem.

Cuesoul Maple Kit

Cuesoul Maple beginner pool cue Kit

When you buy this cue, Cuesoul is a great pool cue and offers you a complete kit including the cue itself and gadgets such as a billiard towel, carrying case, cue protectors, and gaskets, enough to protect your cue for durability and can be your regular playing cue. 

With a length of 57 inches and a weight of about 595 grams, the Cuesoul cue is one of the best cues available for beginners. It is available in four styles and different colors. The Cuesoul cue is made of kiln-dried North American maple wood.

It has a 13 mm leather process, stainless steel joints, carbon fiber ferrule, Irish linen wrap handles, and extraordinarily attractive patterns.


  • This cue comes with other gadgets,
  • Its gasket is made of stainless steel, 
  • Its ferrule is made of durable carbon fiber.


  • Rapid tail deformation according to some opinions,
  • Its weight of about 595 grams may be too heavy for some players,
  • Its price is unaffordable.

TGA Sports Two Piece Cue Stick – Hardwood Set

TGA Sports 2-Piece Hardwood Set

TGA Sports’ two piece pool cue is designed in two pieces to be easily carried and stored while providing balance in hand and a comfortable feel. With a 13 millimeter process, TGA Sport cues are made of wood, which gives them absolute durability. It doesn’t require chalking a lot. 

Available in lengths and weights of approximately 58 inches and 538 grams, respectively, this cue is ideal for beginners.

There are some disadvantages which we will present to you after a summary of its pros and cons.


  • The manufacture in two pieces makes them easy to transport,
  • The joint to hold the two parts together is made of stainless steel and offers unquestionable durability.


  • The uniqueness of the available weight leaves the players no choice,
  • The tail itself would have a durability problem,

Iszy Billiards 2-Piece Hardwood Pool Cue

best beginners pool cue

This two-piece cue from Iszy Billiards is made of Canadian maple hardwood and attaches with a steel joint. They feature a 13 mm fiberglass ferrule, a glued tip process, Irish linen wrapped handles, and a protective bumper at the bottom of the butt.

It is a single length of 58 inches but with different weights of 510, 538, 566, and 595 grams. Thus it is ideal for beginners, offering them several possibilities to find the most suitable cue.


  • Made of Hard canadian maple wood, it offers absolute durability
  • The joint for attaching and detaching the tails are made of steel
  • The variety of weights available gives players a choice


  • The rapid deformation of the tail,
  • The cue only available in a 58-inch length may not be suitable for some players.

McDermott Lucky Cue

McDermott Lucky Cue

McDermott Lucky L9 is a McDermott cue. A company that existed for over forty years and has been a leader in the manufacturing quality pool cues.

This cue is made from a single piece of hard maple wood and weighs approximately 566 grams. It has a 13-millimeter leather tip, and the handles are irish linen wrap. These handles are handcrafted from the finest and most exotic woods in the world.

Perfect for beginners to the game of billiards, this cue comes with a 3-year warranty on manufacturing defects.


  • This cue is delivered to you with a very soft case,
  • Wrapped sleeves in Irish linen provide a perfect grip and moisture control,
  • The hard maple stone provides a solid hit.


  • Lack of joint protector that doesn’t come with the cue.

Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete

Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete

The Lucasi Company has been manufacturing cues for decades. It is one of the best brands in the world. Sneaky Pete Custom is a cue with a top-quality leather process and 12.75 millimeters long, ideal for beginners. And it has one of the best shafts for beginners.

This is a hard rock maple and this cue features a quality leather tip. If you are a beginner pool player and looking for a high end  pool cue, its a great choice for you. This cue offers better control over the ball and the low deflection shaft make sure you can have a better ball spin.


  • This cue offers you a lifetime warranty including warping,
  • The low-deflection arrow on the cue allows you to achieve greater accuracy in the game.


  • The wood joint and the wood fastener can break quickly.

Buying Guide – Beginner Pool Cues

In the world of billiards, depending on whether you are new (beginner), intermediate, or professional, there are many cue references available on the market. It is therefore often difficult, especially when you are new, to choose the cue that best suits your level. Whereas the choice of a suitable cue is a determining factor in the mastery of the billiard game.

Most beginner cues have several characteristics of a cue that should be taken into account when buying a cue. From the length to the weight, the process, the straightness, the price, the manufacturing process, and the number of pieces available, the beginner billiard player must take these characteristics into account.

In this part of our article, we will try to guide you in the best way possible in the choice of your stick.

The Cue Tip

The cue tips are often made by leather, attached to the end of the cue, and designed to hit the cue ball. It is used to give effect to the billiard balls. It has a diameter perfectly adapted to the ferrule. Whether it is for Carom, Snooker, American billiards, or French billiards, the size of the process is generally between 8 and 14 millimeters.

It is crucial to choose the method according to the variant of the billiard table to play. But the entire process should be slightly rounded for better contact with the cue ball. The better the process must not be worn, and it must not exceed the ring on which it is glued, it must not exceed the width of the diameter of the arrow, it must not move. Its surface must be smooth without protrusions.

The weight and length of the tail

Most cues weigh between 480 and 540 grams and measure between 139 and 148 centimeters. Sometimes you may encounter cues that weigh more than 540 grams. It’s not a big issue.

When deciding which cue to buy, focus on the balance in your hand, and how it feels.

The straightness of the tail

For the right balance of the tail in hand, it has to be straight. The best way to check if a cue is straight is to hold it like a rifle when aiming and rotate it slowly on itself. Irregularities will be noticeable.

Manufacturing process

Many English cues are made by hand. Handcrafted cues offer better strength and balance in hand. However, compared to automatically assembled cues, they are often more expensive. 

Whether you are looking for handcrafted or mechanically manufactured cues, it is essential to know that what you should look for, as we said earlier, is balance and a comfortable feel.

Number of pieces on the cue: 1 or 2 pieces

Most of the cues are in two parts. They are made in this way for convenience, transport, and secure storage. It has nothing to do with efficiency during playing pool. For these various reasons, we recommend the cues in two pieces.

It is important to note that there are three (03) piece cues specially designed for Snooker.


If it is a multi-purpose cue or not, it means if it can be used as a jump cue or break cue. The shaft of the cue is good or not.

In the end, the choice of your cue should be firmly based on the search for balance and comfort during the game. 


Because of all the above, we can retain that the best beginner pool cues must meet specific characteristics. Also if you have any personal preference consider them while buying one. Also if you have sweating problems, you may consider buying gloves for your hand.

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