What Cue Tip Do pros use?

It is a widespread question among pool lovers that what cue tips do pros use.  If you love the pool game, then you have seen pro players.

They use different kinds of cue tips for playing. Many of you are getting pro at the pool game.

And now it’s time to upgrade your cue tips. But if you don’t know what type of cue tips you should use, keep reading this article.

Efren Reyes‘s Favourite Tip

elk master pool cue tips

Elk Master Pool Cue Tip

  • Made from specially treated leather
  • 13mm Diameter
  • High-Quality Product
  • Made In The USA

The cue tip is the most important tool for a pool or billiard player. For a beginner, the cue tips don’t bother you much. But for a pro player, it can lead to a big effect on the shot’s accuracy.

Sometimes the players use the cue tips sponsored by their companies. Sometimes they use it depending on their comforts and or how they’re feeling. Below I will list some cue tips that pro players use. 

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So, What Cue Tip Do pros use?

Triangle Cue Tips

Triangle cue tips are made with Chrome Tanned Leather. These cue tips are from the United States of America. To give the cue tip a hard edge density, the cue tips contains Coarse Grain. Triangle cue tips are available from 12mm to 14mm. Many pro players have been using Triangle cue tips for a better cue ball shoot.

These tips are recognized as hard cue tips.  It gives excellent chalk retention. Triangle cue tips decrease the amount of mushrooming that may arise. If you are a novice player and tend to miscue then this tip is for you. Not only a pro player even novice players can use these cue tips to avoid miscue. 

Kamui Tip – laminated leather 

Kamui laminated snooker tips are the favorite of most of the pro players.  This pool ball tip is made out of Japan. 

Kamui pool tips are made with original vegetable-tanned leather. The material helps to grip the pool ball. The tip is formulated to add more spin to the cue ball. Because of its durability and elasticity far better than chrome-tanned leather, the Kamui tip is one of the best of all. It generates more speed for an accurate shot.

Most of the pro players use medium-hard tips for a great shot. But if you’re a beginner then you can use the soft tip for your accurate shot. Kamui tips are now popular because of it’s grip and consistency to the proficiency of the cue.  It is only available in 14 mm.

Cuesoul Cue Tips-

If you want a cue tip player by pros but on a budget, the cuesoul cue tips are best for you.

Cuesoul cue tips are Japanese products made out of Japanese Pigskin. These cue tips include lamination of 10 layers. It gives a premium feel. 

It can hold chalk for Long. It is a tip that can comfortably adjust both pool cues and snooker cues. This cue tip is easy to shape. Gives you a decent grip. 

You can choose the level of hardness you want from this specific cue tip.  The price is affordable and gives you the specified benefits that you want.

Moori Laminated Billiard Cue tips

Moori Laminated Billiard Cue Tip is a world-famous brand. This special cue tip is used by pros. The cue tips are made out of 8 layers of pigskin. It has excellent Chalk retention. Moori tip has outstanding grip abilities, more spin, and optimized cue ball control.

The tip is for all levels of players. Both used for pool cues and snooker cues. The world-famous billiard cue tip is available from 12mm to 14mm.

Elkmaster professional cue tips

This premium quality tip is also loved by many pro players. It is the best selling snooker cue tips. It is built from Blue chrome leather. 

Elkmaster professional cue tips will give you extra spin with little effort. Elkmaster professional is the premium version of Elkmaster tip. This premium version is both for novice and pro players.  The tips give you a decent and accurate shot every time you shoot. The chalk retention is far good. 

It is available in soft, medium and hard tips. The soft tips require more maintenance than the harder tips. These tips are available in sizes 9mm to 14 mm. 

Le professional (Le Pro) Cue Tips

Le pro tips are the product manufactured from the USA. Le professional or Le pro tips are made with vegetable-tanned oak leather. The tip is sealed with a protective coating that preserves the Leather until the cue is ready for play.

The Density score of the le pro cue tip is 96.3. Most pros usually prefer a density of 88.2 extra hard. The extra hard density is for the professionals who have proper cue ball control skills. But if you’re a beginner, then you need slightly soft cue balls. 

The tips are reliable and solid. Maximum pro players tend to use Le professional cue tip to their pool cue sticks. 

Things to keep in mind while upgrading your tip to a pro tip

Many things have to keep in mind if you’re upgrading your tip. A beginner or novice player does not look up the tip sizes. But the pro players always searching best cue tips for them. 

If you want to upgrade your cue tip, then you must use medium-hard at first. It will take you some time to adjust to the new type of tip. Take some time and practice with your new cue tip for better performance.

Buying Guide for Pool Cue Tips

Several things need you to know before buying cue tips. If you don’t have enough knowledge about cue tips then here are some buying guide for you:

Density and hardness of the tip

The accurate density of the tip is hard or medium-hard. Most of the pro players prefer medium-hard and hard density cue tips. Medium tips will give you plenty of spins. 

Size of the cue tip

Tip 13mm is the most common tip among pro players. Maximum pro players recommend using a 13 mm cue tip for an accurate shot.

Moreover, there are various sizes of cue tips available in the market. 11.75 mm, 12.5 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, and 14 mm tips are available.

Weight of the cue tip

The proper weight of a cue tip is 19 to 19.5 ounces. Pro pool players use cue tips weighed 19 to 19.5 ounces. The weight varies from 15 ounces to 27 ounces. But the preferred weight is 19.5 ounces.

The best material of a cue tip

The best material of a cue tip is Pigskin or vegetables-tanned leather. Professional players love playing with cue tips which are made with pigskin or vegetable-tanned leather. 


A lot of confusion is gonna covered in this section. Let’s check out some of the FAQ about pool cue tips

How often you should chalk your pool cue tips?

In every shot or every other shot

It will help if you chalk your cue tips after every shot. Or every other shot. But you have to chalk every time if your shot needs an extra spin. 

How do you know if your cue tips need to be replaced?

6 months is the accurate time of replacing your cue tips. But if your tips are losing their thickness, then you should replace your cue tips.

How to shape a cue tip at home

You can use sandpaper for rounding your tip. Scratch your sandpaper if you have little bumps on your cue tip. Or use a tip shaper if you have it at home. It is best to be a tip shaper rather than sandpaper for your tip.


It’s so hard to decide what cue tips do pros use.  Thousands of brands are sponsoring the pro players; that’s why it’s difficult to know the genuine cue tips they use. But after lots of research and analysis, our team has found some premium qualities cue tips.

Pool game lovers will get this article informative. Don’t forget to leave a comment about what cue tips you loved the most.

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