Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles (Winner Inside!)

Ping Pong is a fun and inclusive sport, the number of followers of this wonderful game grows every day crossing geographical, cultural and social barriers, connecting us all to a vast network of entertainment and joy.

We all love Ping Pong, how can we not? If we still treasure with affection those summer afternoons when between family and friends championships worthy of mass transmission were disputed.

In addition to being fun, it is convenient for your health since practicing it, you increase your levels of concentration and alertness, develop strategic thinking, benefit your long-term memory, and improve your physical condition.

If you were looking for reasons to join the Ping Pong movement, here you found some great ones, right?

Now that you are convinced let’s take a look at the best rackets available on the market, the essential tool you will need to perfect your style of play or to take your first steps in the sport.

Best Ping Pong Paddle

There is a wide variety of ping pong rackets, so it is important to spend a little time investigating all the available options, remember that being informed will help you make the best decision when buying.

Before choosing the final shovel model, take into account: Your style of play, if you go on the offensive or defend your territory. The size and weight of the model. A comfortable grip. The brand of the product.

We love to help you save time and make your life a little easier, that’s why we have prepared our comparative selection with the best models, consult it and find the racket that best suits your budget and needs.

Joola evergreen

The Joola Evergreen racket is an intermediate cut model with which you can handle yourself without problems thanks to its flared format, which helps to hit the ball with better effect and efficiency in any circumstance.

For this, the blade is presented in a sponged rubber format on which the ball obtains better performance and care of the trajectory. Something that the handle of the racket helps, with the corresponding padding to improve its grip and grip when hitting.

The racket is accompanied by two first-rate ping pong balls so that you already have to start practicing your game.

Joola’s could become the best ping pong racket for 20 euros thanks to its design, practicality, and ergonomics

Schildkrot Competition

The Schildkrot Competition model is designed for competition. A racquet with a handle made of five blades, which allows you to maintain better control over it to get where you want.

It is a racket designed to maintain maximum control, for which it includes an inverted rubber base that allows you to send the ball exactly where you want, without problems. A quality model that has the approval of the ITFF, but also with the support of Alan Cooke, six-time winner of the British national men’s tournament.

And if we add an economic price to all this, we understand why some users value this racket as the best ping pong racket for value for money at the moment.

Being one of the cheapest models on this list, the Schildkrot racket could be the option to choose for beginners

Amaza Ping Pong Paddles

This model of ping pong rackets are high performance, designed with 7 layers of poplar blade that provides optimum solidity to the handle. In relation to the surface of the racket, it has been designed in 2mm high elasticity sponge, and with Premium double-sided rubber -> This way the most precise balance is achieved, achieving better control of speed and turning.

The table tennis set includes 2 high-quality sticks, 3 colored ping pong bags and 1 storage bag (a long series of accessories at a very fair price).

These are the parameters associated with these products that the brand offers us in its technical sheet:

Speed -> 80/100.
Turn -> 85/100.
Control -> 80/100.
It is a multifunctional product, suitable for training, for physical exercises, for trainers, amateurs or beginners.

The brand offers us a 100% guarantee to contact them in the event that we have a problem or question with the product.

Joola Carbon PRO

Another interesting model is the best shovel of ping pong for many customers is the Carbon Pro model Joola.

Its main characteristic to take into account is that it has been designed in carbon material, providing it with good strength, resistance, and the weight is reduced so much that it can be used as lightly as possible (it is only 174 grams).

Regarding the dimensions, we are talking about a very compact model (29 cm x 17 cm x 2 cm). The objective of the brand is to create a product that is easy for any user to use, in addition to facilitating transportation from one place to another.

It is designed to adapt to both ping pong and table tennis, for any season of the year.

It is a rather mid-range, professional range. It can be used rather than pick up techniques. however, if you want to use it for championships, it is best to bet on one that has a higher quality.

Schildkrot ping pong paddle – Ideal for professional athletes

It is a great ping pong paddle, made of wood with carbon components, characteristics that favor and perfect an offensive playing style, it also has top quality foam with an easy polished level.

In the channel of the racket, the user has an adjustable system, to configure the balance point and the center of gravity of the same.

The model is provided with a concave handle to provide a comfortable grip. The racket has a total size of 26 cm and its design includes details in the colors gold and gray.

Butterfly Timo Boll Black ping pong racket – Product certified by the International Table Tennis Federation

This wonderful table tennis racket has a solid composition thanks to the 5 layers of sponge with a thickness of 1.5 mm that integrate both profiles of the team.

In addition, it comes equipped with a compact and ergonomic handle, a concave design that gives the user maximum comfort in the grip. The high technology used in the manufacture of the racket offers you a high level of speed and control over the balls of the game.

Its use is recommended for those players with an advanced level of skill. You can buy it in 5 different colors: Black, Gray, Silver, Gold, and Bronze.

Atemi Glory table tennis set – The perfect gift for beginners

If you are looking to buy a Ping Pong set we have the perfect model for you. This kit includes 2 great rackets and 3 balls for you to learn and have fun for hours.

The rackets have 5 layers of Nordic coating with high-quality rubber, 1.80 mm thick. The balls are made of 40mm plastic and have a 3-star quality level.

Both teams offer you maximum performance in your game, more speed, control, and spin. In addition, when you purchase this product, you get a satisfaction guarantee, valid for 30 days. If you are not pleased with your investment, the manufacturers will refund all your money.

Set 2 rackets and 3 Cornilleau ping-pong balls – Budget Friendly

Do you like outdoor table tennis? If the answer is yes, this affordable racket set is perfect for you. The set includes 2 ping pong paddles and 3 balls.

The rackets have been made with injected polymer and have an elastomer coating, components that give them a high resistance to inclement weather, making them a long-lasting product.

They also have a protective edge that protects the coating layer. They are equipped with an ergonomic handle and when you buy the set you also get a cover to store all your equipment.

Opuman ping pong long stick

It is a wonderful table tennis racket and at the same time the least expensive model of our selection. When you buy it, you get a protective cover and 3 balls with a 3-star quality level.

The racket is made of 7 layers of pure wood and 2 of nano-carbon, it also has an external surface of blown rubber, characteristics that give the user high speed, power, control, and effects on the game table.

The equipment has an ergonomic, long, and non-slip handle to give you an effective and comfortable grip. It is a light and resistant design, its total weight reaches 190 grams.

What is a ping pong racket?

what is a ping pong paddle

Ping pong or table tennis players use a ping pong paddle, also known as a ping pong racket, paddle, or bat, to hit the ball from side to side. Ping pong bats are often constructed of laminated wood such as a handle and rubber on one or both sides. The actual area of ​​the blade is round.

Advanced or premium professional ping pong paddles occasionally come built with special rubber grips to improve turning techniques and speed. In contrast to formal tennis rackets, ping pong paddles are not made of string or mesh stretched through a frame; instead, it is a solid bat. In the United States, it is known as a “paddle”, while in Europe it is called a “bat.”

What are the advantages of owning a ping pong racket?

The best ping pong paddles are some of the strongest sports tools out there; Due to its small stature and the lightweight nature of the ping pong ball, it is almost impossible to break or destroy the paddles in the middle of the game. Also, playing ping pong comes with a host of positive features. On the one hand, it is really a family sport; people of all age demographics can play with little difficulty.

There is also a multitude of health benefits. Due to the low stress, it places on the joints and bones, its risk of injury is extremely low, making it the perfect alternative to many other sports for being one of the oldest sports and for those looking for an exercise method that doesn’t be strenuous like Pilates with an exercise ball. Table tennis is also perfect for increasing hand-eye coordination, as well as increasing your quick thinking skills and your racing reflexes due to the high-speed nature of the game. In professional ping pong tournament settings, players need to be able to run five feet, make a nearly 180-degree turn, and perfectly shoot the ball in under half a second.

The best part is that it doesn’t take much to start a game. No matter where you are, as long as you have room to move, a folding table, and a couple of the best ping pong paddles, you’ll be on your way to starting a tournament in no time.

different types of ping pong rackets

What are the different types of ping pong rackets?

When looking for a ping pong ball, as well as a basketball, much depends on your experience and the time you spend enjoying the sport. There are many different types of shovels that address different needs.

Anatomical Rackets

Anatomical ping pong paddles are very similar to flared handles. They contain a small bump in the center, creating a makeshift bridge on the handle for you to place your index finger and middle finger between. This provides you with a grip specifically designed with the safety and shape of your hand in mind. The main objective of the anatomical handle is to offer maximum comfort to the player, rather than offering technical advantages at stake. The anatomical handles are perfect for people with large hands or who want a solid and firm grip on the handle without danger of slipping too much.

Flared Racket

A flared ping pong handle is the most common form of ping pong handle you will find. These blades simply have a slimmer top and a larger bottom, which fit comfortably in the hand, and are primarily built for players who don’t switch their grip between forehand, backhand, and short game. This makes torch-wielding ping pong paddles the perfect paddle for strong forehand players.

Straight Handle Racket

About half of all professional table tennis players use straight handles in their game. Straight handles come in three subcategories: rounded, square, flat, and flat. Rounded handles are the “default” you see when looking for straight handle scoops; Square paddles are a relatively new development in the ping pong paddle industry and are used by paddles like Butterfly’s Timo Boll ALC. Straight smooth handles are often used with blades that are defensive or even oversized. The straight handles are designed for players who have slight or even greater changes in their grip when switching from their forehand to their backhand to their short game.

DONIC Dotec Rackets

DONIC Dotec handles are handles that are primarily designed with your comfort in mind; They go a step beyond the anatomical handle to create a very smooth wooden blade without the painfully sharp edges. DONIC blades are all rounded, and often turn out to be very comfortable for players with injured wrists.
Various Special Rackets – in addition to the rackets listed above, there are a number of special rackets that can be used for different purposes. Many are misleading or simply aesthetically pleasing, but others are specially designed to meet the needs of players with special needs or disabilities.

Considerations for choosing the best ping pong racket

When you’re ready to buy one of these ping pong paddles, keep the following points in mind for each product you’re interested in to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need to enjoy the best game of your life.


Generally, the most important factor in buying the best ping pong racket is that you will have to consider whether you are willing to shell out more money for pro-level rackets or are okay with staying on the low end. Well-known brand $ 50 trial games will generally last you a long time, but if you’re not willing to spend the money upfront, the cheapest family recreation sets are likely best for you.

Handle and grip

Research the different types of handles, grips, and covers available before making your purchasing decision. Of course, there are standard anatomical, straight and flared handles, but many flanges come with rubber or synthetic sleeves and handle that can create a different balance than you’re used to, or even offer various levels of slip protection.

Many players do not give much importance to the weight of the paddle, but this is important. Light and recreational paddles are better for beginning players, while heavier paddles, such as STIGA Pure Color, are more aimed at professionals who prefer the weight behind their swings.

What not to buy

One might assume that the best choice for buying a table tennis paddle is one made by the big, well-known table tennis companies: Butterfly, Donic, Stiga, Joola, Schildkrot, Sunflex, Dunlop, Cornilleau, etc.

Sadly, that’s probably the worst thing you can do!

Those palettes are misleading because big companies can make packaging very attractive. They use professional players on the covers and frequently name their palettes after these players. Personally, I don’t think this should be allowed because it gives the impression that it is a premium product. I bet these overpriced paddles are ridiculous because they are often no better than the cheaper $ 10 paddles you find at local sports stores.

As a general rule, I would try not to buy any paddle that has the rubber covered by a large elegant label with a photo of an elite player. I want to be able to see the quality of the rubber and the sponge and with the label, they seem to want to hide it.

I can say from personal experience that Donic-Schildkrot paddles are awful. So are the Paul Drinkhall from the Butterfly brand. I don’t think these big brands start doing something you can really play around with until their prices hit € 65. You don’t need to spend that much. You would literally be paying for the brand!

How to use a ping pong paddle

how to use a pingpong paddle

For all types of sport, implements are required and when they are of quality, it is already a point in favor. So if you usually practice ping pong, you should have a racket that suits your game, as well as your preferences and above all that is of very good quality. So that you can put your ping pong racket to good use, you have a series of recommendations available.

Get a good grip on the racket

When you play ping pong, the racket is your main weapon, but to use it correctly it is very important that you know how to grip it in order to be free and be able to return the ball at high speed.

In this sport there are two basic grips; the first is called “Asian prey”, whose grip consists of taking the handle of the racket as if you were holding a pencil, which makes the head reverse when hitting the ball, achieving a strong push.

And the second type of grip is the “European hold”, with which you hold the racket by the magician, extending the index finger on the opposite side of the racket from which you hit the ball, while the thumb is supporting the ball. the front face of it.

Take advantage of the set

Sometimes ping pong rackets usually come in sets, which means they come with a couple of balls or with the net, so if you own one of these sets, you can start playing saving a little money. Use everything that comes included in the set you own; if you already have a net or balls it doesn’t matter, you can save them for when you need them; just try to keep them in an accessible place, where they are kept in good condition.

How to clean the racket

Every time you play ping pong, your racket is going to get dirty because the ball, in one way or another, will end up touching the ground and, therefore, the dirt will adhere to its surface. To clean it, you must do it carefully so as not to damage the material on their faces.

Start by moistening a soft sponge with water. Removes dust or other dirt from its surface without scrubbing hard. Then, with a dry towel, pour some liquid or spray chemical cleaner on the face of the racquet and gently wipe the towel until you are satisfied with the cleaning. When finished, wipe with a dry towel to remove any remaining moisture from the surface and put the racket to dry.

Care you must have

Whether you keep your ping pong rackets at home or take them out to play with your friends, it is very important that they are always well protected. And for this, there is nothing better than having them in a cover, preferably made of fabric, as it will help keep the rubber of the rackets in good condition. Store them in a cool, dry place and avoid leaving them in the sun after playing.

Take advantage of the set

Ping pong rackets sometimes come in sets, which means they come with a couple of balls or the net, allowing you to start playing immediately. Use everything that comes included in the set you own; If you already have a net or balls, it doesn’t matter, you can save them for when you need them; just try to keep them in an accessible place, where they are kept in good condition.

best ping pong table brands

The most popular brands

For all those ball games in which the use of an accessory is necessary, it is important that the user has the best equipment to be competitive and efficient enough against any championship. Such is the case with ping pong rackets. Details such as materials, shape, finish, and measurements play a role in the quality level of a model, but so does the manufacturer, so we present the best brands, according to users.


joola logo

This brand has stood out since 1952 in the manufacture of products and other accessories for the practice of table tennis, thus becoming one of the leaders in this market.

With the commercialization of the first ping pong table, developed in Germany, Joola began a successful career that has led it to achieve important milestones, such as being the main table distributor for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and dominating the sports scene. of table tennis in the United States, for more than 10 years.

All of the company’s products are designed not only for high-performance and professional practices but were also intended for use by beginners who enjoy this discipline.

Joola sponsors not only sporting events but also many athletes have had the support of this organization, an opportunity that has allowed the brand to improve each and every one of its products, by being able to evaluate the results that users had in each competition. The company has been able to take advantage not only of the experience over the years in this market but also continues to improve all its production processes to present better quality articles.


dunlop logo

Although this Dunlop brand has commercial divisions for the production of tires and other rubber products, the sports department has more than one hundred years of experience in the development of various equipment, even when it initially marketed golf balls.

A short time later, he began to design tennis balls and rackets, achieving a very important position in the European market. The company has sponsored various competitions and well-known athletes, who have been ambassadors for the quality, efficiency, and durability of all Dunlop products that reach most of the world.

Although, in general, its tennis products enjoy significant profitability, it is necessary to highlight the success of ping pong rackets, which have positioned the brand as one of the three world leaders in this field. Thus, Dunlop Sports has been able to maintain its prestige and the loyalty of millions of customers and athletes.



From a Cornilleau family workshop, the first 300 ping pong tables were created, which were marketed by the French brand in 1969. This is how a history of success and internationalization began, which has taken its products to more than 75 countries throughout the world. the world.

At present, the company remains in the same location where it began and has control over all the production processes of its articles, in order to offer greater quality and added value to its work. The research and development team works hand in hand with the marketing area, for the commercialization of its innovative and high-quality articles.

A number of world-class athletes and champions have been sponsored by Cornilleau and, of course, used the equipment to put each of the company’s products to the test. This is how novices, beginners, and professionals trust in the ability of the brand to develop the best articles for table tennis.


No matter what brand or outfit you end up choosing, you can’t go wrong! With a little research, pricing, and thinking about what type of player you are and choosing the best paddle for you, investing in a set will provide you with tons of fun with this healthy exercise.

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