Best Pool Cue Tips (#10 In the Market & Our Review)

The pool is a popular table game that is played with one or more people with the use of accessories such as the cue. The cue is composed of several parts, of which the most important is the process.

The process for the uninitiated is a small tip that is in contact with the ball when you hit it. The cue tip is generally made of leather, more or less flexible, and that the player covers with chalk to avoid “cue miscues” and to give the desired effect to the ball.

Just like the cue, there are different kinds of cue tips, and the choice of a cue tip is based on pertinent criteria. Still, the selection of the cue tip must be made with particular care, because it is the one that allows the player to “feel” the balls.

Top Ten Best Pool Cue Tips: Check the List First

  1. Kamui Clear Black Tip
  2. Elk Master 13mm Pool Billiard Cue Tips
  3. Predator Victory Tip (H/M/S)
  4. Collapsar 6 Pcs 14mm Tips (H/M/S)
  5. Honbay 10pcs 13mm Cue Tips
  6. Zan Hybrid Max Cue Tip
  7. Moori IV laminated Tip
  8. Cuesoul 5pcs Pigskin
  9. Fuji Cue Tip (Single)
  10. Tiger Emeraid Laminated Tip (13/14mm)

Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip

Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip

The Kamui Company owns the Kamui Clear Black tip. Preferred and used by the best pool players, it is, without a doubt, the best process currently available. The Clear Black is the improved version of the black process that was once the best-selling tips. The bottom layer of this tip is specially designed to limit the absorption of glue by the tip. This allows it to produce consistent and uniform results every time. Usually, in other tips, you will find that over time, the glue infiltrates into the tip, affecting its performance.

Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip is made in Japan and is made of 100% Japanese pig leather stacked in eight layers. Each layer is then laminated to reduce the risk of fungus formation. Because it is made of high-quality porous leather, it holds chalk better than most other tips. It is also effortless to glue the tail to the tip. The bottom layer is pre-sanded and requires less glue and therefore creates less damage.

Kamui tips are known for their durability. With moderate use, a single process can easily last a year or more. They come in four hardnesses: super soft, soft, medium, and hard.

The super-soft variant is recommended for advanced players who like to play draw shots. The medium hardness is ideal for most players who are looking for a balance of control, spin, and speed. The hard tip is especially recommended for jump and break cues.

Although the price may seem expensive, it is justified by all the advantages of this tip.


  • Durability It is made of Japanese pigskin leather, and a single tip can easily be used for a whole year.
  • Excellent performance, the bottom layer of the leather on this tip is specially designed to limit the absorption of glue so that the tip stays in shape for a long time and produces the right performance product.
  • The variety of hardness, super soft, soft, medium, and hard.


  • High cost, the price seems high compared to other relatively cheaper tips that can be found on the market.

Elk Master 13mm Cue Tips

Elk Master 13mm Pool Billiard Cue Tips

Elk Master  Cue Tips is one of the most popular and best-selling cue tips in the world. If you are looking for a super soft tip, no other cue tip can match the Elk Master. The tip holds the chalk very well, giving you more control and the ability to add more ‘Power’ to the cue ball. Most importantly, it is hard to go wrong with these tips.

This cue tip is made of a single layer of leather with blue chalk and measures 13mm in diameter.

As it is made of one piece of leather, it requires regular maintenance. The tips usually develop after 30-40 hours of play and require constant shaping. 

The Elk Master is very cheap, but its quality can leave something to be desired. It is still an excellent choice for anyone who likes to play with a super soft tip.


  • Affordable price
  • Offers excellent ball control
  • The tip holds the chalk very well and provides more control over the ball.
  • Easy to install, with a standard diameter of 13mm, this process can be adapted to several tails.


  • Require regular maintenance, as the process is very gentle, it requires regular maintenance to keep its shape.
  • Regular change of tips, regardless of the number of times this tip is serviced, does not last over time and therefore leads to frequent process changes.
  • Price too low, the deficient price level of $0.75 may raise doubts about the quality of the tips.

Predator Victory Cue Tip (H/M/S)

Predator Victory Tip

Available in three hardnesses – soft, medium, and hard – this premium tip offers above typical performance and excellent ball control. Its construction is made of eight (08) layers of leather sandwiched together, and its diameter is 14mm.

Compared to the Kamui CLear tips seen above, the Predator Victory tips are slightly harder. The soft version is more like a medium, and the medium version is more like a hard one. If you are looking for a soft tip, you should probably avoid this and go for something like Kamui Clear super soft instead.

However, the bright yellow color of this tip makes it easier to locate and shape the tip in low light conditions.

Overall, these tips offer excellent performance and are very durable at the same time. Choose this tip if you are looking for a relatively harder tip. 


  • Above-average performance, this process, with its eight (08) layers sandwiched together, works better than most brands.
  • Three different hardnesses, namely soft, medium, and hard.
  • Attractive colors


  • The price of the tips, a bit high
  • Hardness level too high, as they do not offer players reasonable control over the ball.

Collapsar 6 Pcs 14mm Tips (H/M/S)

Collapsar 6 Pcs 14mm Tips

Collapsar tips come in a set of 6 and are each 14 mm in diameter. They are made of multi-layered leather and are available in three hardnesses: soft, medium, and hard. These tips play well and feel good. The good news is that you can order a mixed hardness, which comes with two tips for each type of hardness. This allows you to experiment with different kinds of tips and choose the one that suits you best.

The performance of Collapsar is not the same as Kamui or Predator, but they are close to each other. The tip holds its shape quite well and does not deform easily.


  • Excellent value for money, for its performance, the price displayed for these tips on Amazon is cheap.
  • A variety of hardness, with its different types of hardness available, this tip offers more fitting possibilities to the players.


  • High hardness, soft hardness may, for example, be similar to the medium-hard hardness usually encountered.

Honbay 10pcs 13mm Tips

Honbay 10pcs 13mm Cue Tips

The Honbox has a diameter of 13mm and is made of solid leather. It is delivered in sets of 10 and costs about 8 dollars. In terms of price, it is the most affordable.

The process is available in only one hardness: medium hardness. As it is cheap and robust, it is an excellent choice for the home, bar, or club tips.

The tip is preformed, and installation is relatively easy too.

Advantages are

  • The affordable price of the tip


  • Not sustainable
  • The price is too low, the price displayed is too little may raise doubts about the quality of the tips.

Zan Hybrid Max Cue Tip

Zan Hybrid Max Cue Tip

Zan’s tips are made in Japan with specific leather that gives the tips a unique strength and high elasticity. This impressive result is granted by the nine layers of pigskin leather the tip is made of. When you buy this toe cap, you get maximum play control and excellent consistency. This highly recommended tip holds chalk well.

This tip is a hybrid process because it combines two different tips into one. Many players like it because it has fewer flaws compared to a standard hard tip. With Zan Hybrid Max, you get the power of a hard tip, the grip of a midrange, and the effective control of a soft tip, all in one.

The benefits of this tip are

  • The process made from 9 layers of pigskin leather, this gives it an atypical resistance and performance.
  • Versatility, made in one hardness, this process alone still offers the sensations of a soft, medium, and complicated process.
  • Hybrid process, is a combination of two different tips, hence the name hybrid.

The disadvantages

  • Its price, the slightly high price can be a disadvantage.

Moori IV laminated Tip

Moori IV laminated Tip

Moori is a world-famous brand for billiard cues and accessories. Moori’s cue tips are made of eight layers of pigskin selected to give them a high level of consistency and hardness. You get high levels of shooting accuracy when you play with this process, not to mention that it has excellent billiard chalk retention and a high grip capacity. If you like spins, then this is your perfect choice because it gives you exactly that.

This process is of medium hardness and gives you better ball control and shot consistency. 

The advantages of this tip are

  • Eight layers of pigskin tips this gives it excellent strength and medium hardness.
  • Excellent chalk retention this prevents the tips from becoming distorted quickly and provides consistency in play.


  • The high price, the posted price of this tip may seem too high for some people.

Cuesoul 5pcs Pigskin

Cuesoul 5pcs Pigskin

Cuesoul manufactures excellent tips that are affordable for every player from Japanese pigskin material. Cuesoul tips are laminated with ten layers and measure 14mm in diameter.

You can get the different levels of hardness you like from super soft to hard. This brand has proven to be very reliable over the years, and you can count on their cue tips that are of high quality. 


  • Made of ten layers of Japanese pigskin leather.
  • This allows him to provide players with perfect consistency and control of the ball.
  • Ideal for all players
  • The Cuesoul tip is easy to install and maintain.


  • The posted price of the tips can be a brake.

Fuji Cue Tip (Single)

Fuji Cue Tip (Single)

Each Fuji brand tips is made of ten layers of high-quality pigskin leather. This brand is the property of the Longani company, renowned for the manufacture of premium quality billiard cues and accessories. They are the ones who manufacture Longani cues and Blue Diamond chalk.

Returning to our Fuji tips, it has a diameter of 14mm. It exists in different varieties of hardness, namely hard, medium, and soft. Tests have shown the tips to be remarkably consistent in hardness and are designed for chalk retention and billiard ball control.

The advantages of this tip are

  • Variety of hardness
  • Made of high-quality 10-layer pigskin


  • Its price is unaffordable.

Tiger Emeraid Laminated Tip (13/14mm)

Tiger Emeraid Laminated Tip

The Tiger Emerald is designed to be an excellent option for versatility. It is not made in different levels of hardness. It is a pigskin process made in the USA. This tip is done in a vacuum lamination tips without chemicals to block the feel of the tip and hold the layers together. This has resulted in an incredibly durable and very consistent tips result.

Available in 13 and 14 mm diameter, you can choose the perfect size and avoid having to do too much sanding when installing new tips. Usually, the Emerald is a slightly more expensive option, but you get two in each pack, which makes this tip cheaper than you might think.

Overall, the Tiger Emelrald tip has a medium-hard touch and offers excellent English. If you need the best of both, Emelrald is a superb choice.


  • Very durable, Thanks to the tips and material used, this process offers excellent durability.
  • Available in 13 and 14 mm diameter, You can choose the perfect size and avoid having to do too much sanding when you install new spikes


  • The price, The price of this tip is not affordable.

Buying Guide

If a good pool player does not trust his process, he could lose some of his means. The pool is a game where the choice of equipment can make a difference. Hence the importance of the right cue tip. Choosing the right cue tip is one of the most important decisions you need to make to improve your game. There are different kinds of tips: we can have glue tips or screw tips. In either case, the good news is that choosing the right cue tip is not too difficult, as long as you understand the basics of billiard. This guide will help you find out everything you need to know about cue tips.

There are four (04) main things to consider when choosing your cue tip. We will discuss each of these throughout this article.

Size: The diameter of the tip should be at least as large as the diameter at the sharp end of your pool cue.

The Hardness: tips are available in a variety of harnesses, from super soft to medium to super hard.

The manufacturing material: tips are handy in laminated leather, one-piece, or even Bakelite.

The brand: which brand of the tip should you choose?


The first and probably most straightforward thing to consider is the size of the process you need. The size of the pointed end determines this, called the ferrule, of the tail you are using. Generally, the diameter of the tips is between 11.5 and 14mm.  

The important thing here is that the tip you choose should be as wide as the ferrule of your tail. It is possible to select a process that is wider than the ferrule, but not the other way around.

The hardness 

The second thing to consider when choosing the tip of your cue is its hardness. There are a variety of hardnesses ranging from soft to medium to hard.

Soft tips

Soft tips absorb more shock so that the tip remains on the ball for a fraction of a second longer than hard tips. Soft tips tend to deform faster and require more maintenance to maintain their beautiful rounded shape. Due to the need for regular maintenance, soft tips end up needing to be replaced more frequently.

Hard tips

Hard tips do not absorb or stay on the billiard ball as much as softer tips. As a result, hard tips will generally hold their shape longer and require less maintenance than a soft tip. 

Medium tips

Medium tips are generally the solution for most billiard players as they offer the right combination of bile control. Medium tips give you a lot of spins but are not distorted or wear out as quickly as soft tips. Also, all the beginner level cues support these tips.

If you want a shot that keeps its shape and plays consistently with less maintenance, try the medium shot.


Depending on their intended function, billiard cue tips are made of a variety of materials. The most commonly used equipment is leather. You can find pigskin, cowhide, and even boron skin. In many cases, they apply the leather in several layers. This layering of the leather helps support the strength of the toe cap and allows it to maintain its shape better. Although there can be significant differences in the quality of the material and construction, in general, most leather tips are similar.

Some special tips, especially those used for breaking or jumping, can be made from other, much harder materials. A tip made of Bakelite or others without leather can be as hard as the ball you hit and require very little maintenance.

The Brand

Our goal here is not to recommend a brand or to list brands. As with most products, each user has his preferences based either on experience, brand loyalty, or other factors. Each brand has its particularities. One may be luxury, and the other may not, and so on.

It is up to each one to make its choice of the tip according to its desires and expectations.


You have every reason to enjoy your game with a well-functioning cue. But as you know, the pool is a game where details matter. Only the process, depending on its state, can make you lose your senses and, therefore, your game or make you win it. 

After discovering the list of these ten cue tips, you no longer need to buy a new cue from time to time, just maintain it with an excellent new cue tip, and you will always get the great experience of a new cue. 

We recommend that you always find the most suitable procedure for your playing style, and you will no longer have to worry about the aging condition of your cue.

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