Important Billiard Pool Equipment’s

Billiard pool equipment is a great way for you to have fun with friends and family! Billiard pool equipment can be used to play games in the living room, or even just by yourself. It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re feeling bored or need something else to do other than being on social media all day long.

If you decide that you want to buy some billiard pool equipment make sure it has all of the essentials like balls, cues, ball racks, and chalk.

Billiard Pool Equipment's

List of 11 Billiard Pool Equipment’s

Pool Cue

TGA SPORTS Hardwood Billiard Pool Cue Stick

A pool cue is a long, thin piece of wood, or other material, which is used by a pool player for hitting the ball into the various pockets on a pool table. The tip of the pool cue is very sharp. It is used to stab the leather-covered ball and send it flying into the various pockets on the pool table. 

There are various kinds of cues, including English cues, American cues, aluminum cues, steel-shafted cues, and graphite shafted cues. An important feature of a good pool cue is that it has a solid, heavy shaft and a straight, strong, tight spiral curl to it.

The tip of the cue should be sharpened to a fine point. It should also have a nice, soft leather grip on it. It is very important that you buy a good quality pool cue. If you buy a cheap one, you will soon find out that it is not really a good quality cue. 

Pool Balls

keep your eye on the ball

A pool ball is a small, hard ball used in cue sports such as pool and snooker. At the start of play, the balls are racked (organized) near one end of the table.

Billiard balls come in several different colors and usually have numbers or a stripes pattern on them to make it easier for the player to identify his own ball.

Pool Table

Mizarak Eight Feet table

A pool table is a pocketed billiard table on which the pool is played. There are six pockets in total and You use a stick or a cue to hit the balls into the pockets.

Pool Table Felt

Simonis 760 Pool Table Felt

Pool table felt is a material that is used to cover the playing surface of a pool or billiards table. It is used to give the table a smooth and sleek appearance, and it also provides a cushioning effect for the pool or billiards balls.

It is made out of a synthetic material that has a soft feel to it. It has been used for years by professionals and amateurs alike. In fact, many people use it on their pool tables instead of a cloth or leather covering. You can get this material at any home improvement store.

Pool Chalk

Silver Cup Billiard Chalk (12 Cubes)

When you’re playing pool, it’s important to know that chalk is a player’s friend. It lets you make contact with the cue ball, and gives you an extra “kick” when you need it. Without chalk, your pool cues will slip off the balls too early, which will cause you to lose more games than you win.

Pool Table Covers

Lilypad Lake Heavy Duty Premium 8 Foot Leatherette Billiard Pool Table Cover - Puncture-Resistant, Spill-Proof, Dust Shield - Thick Vinyl Fitted Table Cover

Pool table covers are canvas or vinyl sheets that fit over the pool table top and have pockets on either side for the balls. They are intended to prevent wear and tear on the felt or carpet covering the pool table’s surface.

They’re also useful for storing cues, chalk, and other stuff you don’t want to get filthy when you’re playing pool.

You should always choose the type of cover that is best for your table. Some people like a cloth cover because it is easy to clean. Others like a leather cover because it looks nice and adds a “classy” feeling to the room. Still others like a vinyl cover because it is extremely durable and will last for years and years.

Pool Table Lights

pool table light where to hang

Pool table lights are simply those little hanging lights you put over a pool or billiards table to illuminate the playing area and make it easier to see the balls. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. There are even ones that have a color filter so they will only shine down on the area where the balls are.

Pool Table Lights are designed to illuminate a pool or billiard table so you can see the balls better. They’re great for giving your table an instant makeover!

Pool Cue Racks

Cue rack stands are designed to hold pool cues in an organized manner. They help keep the pool room neat and tidy. You can find cue rack stands at most big box pool supply stores.

Pool Ball Cases & Holders

It’s very simple – it’s a plastic case that holds the pool balls and you use it when you play pool (or another billiards game).

The holders are basically little trays that allow you to hold multiple balls in your hand while you shoot.

Pool Table Brush

Pro Series A13 Wooden Billiard Table Brush with Nylon Bristles

Well, a pool table brush is a small, soft brush you use to clean the felt of a pool or billiard table. You should not use a toothbrush or a regular house cleaning brush to do this.

These are not soft enough and will scratch the felt. A pool table brush is different. It is a soft brush made especially for this purpose. You can get one at any pool or billiard shop.

Bridge & Heads

East Eagle Retractable Pool Cue Bridge

The pool bridge is the perfect accessory to help you reach those shots you’ve been previously struggling with is the pool bridge stick. It usually has a removable bridgehead, so you can easily attach your preferred bridgehead.


Hopefully, after reading this brief description of all these great accessories, you now have a much better idea of what you should be looking for when you go shopping for pool or billiards supplies. 

Playing pool can be a very expensive hobby if you are not careful! Make sure you take all the above items into consideration before you go out and buy yourself a pool table.

And remember, the above list is by no means complete. There are thousands of other items you must have if you are going to play pool competently.

Good Luck!