Viking Valhalla Pool Cue Review [Detailed]

Viking Valhalla the masterpiece of Viking cues, is the ultimate choice for those who love to play pool. Whether you are a professional player or amateur, Valhalla is the right cue brand for you.

These cues are for the professionals, specially designed by the Viking Valhalla engineers. Valhalla cues are crafted to provide low deflection to control and precision of each shot and make you a future professional player as their motto is “Our Cues are for Champions”.

Viking Valhalla pool cue review

Viking Valhalla Pool Cue Review (In-Depth)

Valhalla cue gives an advanced standard performance that incorporates a tip crafted from sturdy leather to ensure that the whole force of the stroke is transferred to the cue ball throughout the break shot and to avoid immoderate wear and tear.

The design of the Valhalla 2 piece pool cue is unique, but the price is low-cost compared with the other cues available.

viking cues review


Premiums Leather Tip

The Viking Valhalla pool cue tip is made from a single piece of premium leather, which is the preferred material for pool cues. It has a 13 mm diameter, which provides maximum energy onto the cue ball.

valhalla 2 review

Shaft and Forearm

The shaft and forearm of Viking pool cue are crafted using Canadian hard rock maple, which has a higher density and later on finished with ultra-violet urethane, which provides excellent toughness and durability. The complete length of the pool cue is 58 inches with no wrap.

High Impact Ferrule

The shaft and forearm of the Viking Valhalla pool cue are joined by a ferrule made of high-impact resin, which provides outstanding stability and toughness and keeps the cue straight. It acts as a shock observer between the tip and the shaft to absorb the shock of the hit. The joint has a dimension of 5/16×18.


The bumper is the end part of the Valhalla cue. It is made of rubber. It is a vital part of the cue as it keeps the cue safe while resting on the ground or during the game if the cue hits with a table or wall.

Exchangeable Weight Selection

With the advantage of 2 piece pool cue, the Valhalla cue has a specialty of multi sections, between which different sizes of cues can be added. The Valhalla cue is available from 18 to 21 ounces that are suitable for all players in your home. It also provides a perfect grip as there is no wrap on the butt.

The Butt of Viking Valhalla Cue

Instead of using metal or steel pins, the pieces of but are joined together by finger jointing technique.

This not only provides structural reliability but also straightness of the butt. Moreover, the butt extension is also available on-demand, which can be slipped over or screwed into the standard butt, to increase the length of the cue.

Easy Transportation

Another advantage of the Viking Valhalla pool cue is that it is portable and can be easily transported by the players, which is very convenient during traveling.

Life Time Warranty

Valhalla cues are provided with a lift time warranty with the following additional advantages.

  • The quality control standards of the Viking cues ensure that the cues are crafted precisely using the best materials free from any manufacturing flaws.
  • Viking cues are repaired without any additional charge.

A diverse range of colors

Valhalla cues come in several color options. Depending upon your choice, you can select your desired color. The distinctive color range not only fascinates male players, but it also has an affectionate impact on female players.

Viking is making remarkable custom cues for the last 50 years, intending to provide high-quality cues but at the same time, which is available with a low price range. Having the state of the art artistry, the Valhalla 2 piece pool cue has some pros and cons.

viking pool cue review
Top Pick
Viking Valhalla 100


  • Diversity of choices for selecting a color, size, and weight, which is unique as compared to other manufacturers in the industry.
  • The shaft is made of Canadian hard rock maple, which is robust, and signs of wear and tear are rare.
  • One of the best mid-range cues.


  • Hard rock maple is not weather resistant.
  • A wrap is not available.


Why should I buy Viking cues?

The option to buy Viking cues has many reasons as compared to other manufacturers. Versatile selection of models at affordable prices. No additional charge on repair/replacement. Customized cues are available at user request.

How much time does it take to ship my order?

Most orders will ship in 3-4 business days.

Can I order a customized cue as per my requirement?

Yes, you can order as per your requirement, but it will take 3-4 weeks or even more to manufacture the customized cue. Moreover, you will have to pay for additional design and manufacturing charges.

Can I change the color of my cue after buying the cue?

Yes, the color can be changed but only for new cues, but you will have to pay additional charges.

Does Viking provide any kind of Warranty claims?

Yes, of course, Viking Cue Manufacturing LLC provides a warranty except for replaceable parts such as the tip, ferrule, etc.

Does Viking charge for repair/replacement of parts?

Viking cues covered by warranty will be repaired or replaced without any charge.


This guide may assist you you decide that Viking Valhalla pool cue is the ultimate choice for you, especially for beginners, who are hoping to be a professional players in their life. It can marvelously improve your game proficiency.

The Viking Valhalla 2-Piece Pool Cue is an exclusive player choice with incredible worth.

The price tag of the Valhalla 2 piece pool makes it the cheapest stick or even three times less than its competitors.

The unique features of the Valhalla 2 piece pool cue like color, size, and lifetime warranty make it the final choice for beginners or intermediate-level players. The cue stick is not only for your home play game, but you can also use it as a professional tool for taking part in tournaments.

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