Best Jump Cue: Top 10 Review & Buyer’s Guide

In Rush? Top 3 Here

Are you trying to buy a jump cue?

Here you can visualize your best one! Because we have figured out a neat mess to find out the top 10 of the best in the market, that is very economical and practical for you.

You don’t feel the fact of what is correct and safe for you. For your ease, we have researched a lot to find out these cues so, and you can drop one while keeping the quality and manufacturer in mind.

Usually, people don’t have time to find the best merchandise for them, but by keeping in mind the quality and structure, you should cull out the best one because it’s a matter of playing a good pool game.

A product that is made up of more substantial material cannot be for every tourney, and a cue made up of light composition, and a proper manufacturer can be for everyone. Hence it is gentle to handle and good practice.

Don’t Waste Time! 10 Facts Until You Reach Your Best Jump Cue

People don’t often make it necessary to have jump cue while playing billiard, but who understand can know this well. If you are searching for a cost-effective jump cue? And you desire to have something exceptional and unlike.

At last! Here’s a fascinating thing for you! That will not bust the bank to purchase. Below mentioned are the top ten list

  1. 25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Cue (Winner!)
  2. Players JB528 Jump Cue
  3. ASKA Jump Cue JC01 Purpleheart Butterfly
  4. McDermott 58in Star S2 Two-Piece
  5. AB Earth Heavy 3-Piece Cue 19oz/20oz/21oz/23oz/25oz/28oz
  6. Players JB5 Midnight Black
  7. Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Stick w/Uni-loc Quick Release
  8. ASKA 28-Ounce Heavy Hitter, 3pc Cue, Black Irish Linen, 14-mm Tip, Hard Rock Canadian Maple Shaft
  9. Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue
  10. CUESOUL 57 inch 19/20/21 oz 1/2 Maple Stick Kit-Rockin Series


Let’s take on the pros and cons of each and order your favorite one.


25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Cue

25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Cue

To ensure the first-class game

All you need to do is

To detect out the perfect one for your gaming needs!

Anyway, here we go

There are a large number of jump cues, making out their function accordingly, however, 25oz Rage, Heavy Hitter is the best among all. Due to it’s an ingenious scheme, and it can serve to create a trick shot and soft to handle during every game.

Therefore, you don’t need to think twice about it.

This product consists of the 100% maple jump cue with the stealth, matte finish, and sleek wrap less handle and 14mm phenolic tip.

Let me explain it further

It’s crammed in a custom style with 25oz of weight. Masses who are fond of the pool game, know better how it is a beneficial and delicate cue for them

Just one thing to remember.

When you desire to run a lifetime game, then you should go for this product, this is profound, delicate and comes in fixed weight. It could be entirely beneficial for you!

Who wants to worry about that?

You might be imagining its heaviness, but believe me, its quality is superb. There is no compromise in the making of this cue. It is durable, and there is no sign of breakage. The Phenolic tip is so gentle and hits a ball like a bash. 

Well, here is the best part….

 25 Oz cue is super-efficient and can wear out the set with a strong strike. If your pool felt its heavy, then you can break off its last part. Therefore you get a jump cue with lightweight, and you can use it in any environment.


  • It consists of 100% maple material with a phenolic tip.
  • It’s available in 25oz weight only.
  • It is heavy, durable, and delicate
  • The cue is wrapped less
  • It comes in silver metallic color.
  • A Phenolic tip is approximately 14mm.


  • It comes in one size only, if you think it might be difficult for you, then you can break off its final part, to enjoy a lightweight jump cue.


Players JB528 Jump Cue

Players JB528 Jump Cue

You’ve sampled everything else. But, Players JB528 Cue, 28-Ounce, is an exceptional cue in its orbit.

As the figure suggests, it’s relatively a heavy cue made up of 100% American Grade a Hard Rock Maple.  The Bakelite tip is approximately 14mm.

So what are you waiting for now?

Think about that for a moment. 

You have a jump cue with a remarkable glossy finish that protects it against ultraviolet light. It sums up in black matte color to provide the cue a stronghold. It has a turbo lock, and you can put out the parts anytime.

Sometimes that is all you require to do is

Setting up a frame to check the capability of this product, and I assure you it won’t disappoint you as this is the best in the market. It’s a three-piece product, and for your ease, you can forgo the last part at any time.

And then another useful feature of this product is, it’s available in black mate color glossy finish which can’t be fade off or fall apart during a game.

When we have an eye about its use, then the query occurs in mind about its effectiveness. “Yes,” you are right; it’s so quiet, lasting, and powerful jumping cue. You can have it for your pool game trustfully.

The advantage of this product is its shape properly and uses up less power. Overall the quality of the product is improved.

Ok, I know what you may be considering

No worries, this is a package of several factors, which are to be combined in one unit. If we talk about it and so, it is made up of durable material which can’t be stopped easily. Bakelite tip is more sensitive to break the build.

Most importantly, the best thing about it:

You can use it not merely to crack a frame, but for hitting a long stroke. If you want to go with additional spin and power, then this jumping cue is your foremost choice to fit a game like a success.

Let me explain something else,

This merchandise is cheap, readily available all you have to do just make a decision and click to purchase it for your life experience. Consequently, it has a lifetime guarantee. Are you not glad now?

Its meaning is essential in this aspect, its hold is solid, and you can’t embarrass while playing pool.


  • Its Grip is hard and made up of 100% American maple material.
  • It is wrapped with a matte black color.
  • It comprises of three parts and two locks to release.
  • A very sensitive 14mm Bakelite tip is ready to snap.
  • Super-strong, soft, and have a lifetime warranty.


  • Its building is stiff, but it might become worn out if mishandled.


ASKA Jump Cue JC01 Purpleheart Butterfly

ASKA Jump Cue JC01 Purpleheart Butterfly

People who want their game carefree, full of excitement, then they must go for ASKA Jump Cue JC01 Purpleheart Butterfly. It can manage your worries and can get you to the grade which you never feel before.

The rough fabric on the table can stand on the phenolic tip.

The jumping cue is a virtuoso combination of all the requirements that produce your game extraordinary and unparalleled.

This jumping cue has three parts, including a base, shaft, and phenolic tip.

Moreover, the jumping cue is wrapped less, and locks are easy to give.

Likewise, the cue is weak to wield. Its spirit is superb, which you can enjoy during a game.

So, overall this is an excellent package for. You can own it for all kinds of games in any milieu.


  • It’s durable and delicate made up of hard rock Canadian maple.
  • It comprises of three segments that can be put away quickly.
  • It has 13mm of a phenolic tip.
  • It has no bumper and wrapped less.


  • Its locks are super ticklish and then be careful while hitting a spin a jumping ball


McDermott 58in Star S2 Two-Piece

McDermott 58in Star S2 Two-Piece

People with excellent pool game skills are always in search of a jumping cue that is durable, smooth, and strong to contend with any other tricky shot. Thus, you should pay it a try to enjoy the strong built of this jumping cue!

Let’s dig into the details:

McDermott 58in Star S2 is that cue which not only allows you to enjoy your game, but its black carbon ferrule tip is delicate to hit any ball. This is the reason it can be termed as the best.

Moreover, it is separated into three sections, which are all brought together to organize a single clue. Stainless steel gauged is implanted to maintain wood to wood joint.

Besides, it is a strong breaking cue that can be utilized as a jumping cue as well. It will not disappoint you and won’t ruin your game, creating any breakage.

Therefore, this pool stick is ideal for people who often play like expertise.

The cue is visible, long-wearing, and can be sorted out quickly. Hence, you can apply it without any trouble.

Moreover, the jumping cue is lightweight, and you can apply it in any environment. This is the best tool to pull in your weekend.


  • It is usable in three sections joined together by a stainless steel gauge.
  • Its point is close to the black carbon ferrule material.
  • It is lightweight and can be used as a jumping cue.
  • It is robust and consists of heavy metal stuff.


  • Although it is affordable and comfortable in use, be careful, the phenolic tip can be damaged while playing long.


AB Earth Heavy 3-Piece Cue 19oz/20oz/21oz/23oz/25oz/28oz

AB Earth Heavy 3 Piece Cue

AB Earth Heavy 3-Piece Cue is specially created for the masses who relish their game and are experienced in a pool game, so there is no prospect to guess again.

Moreover, the cue is available in linen, black wrap. Diverse weights are available in the market to entertain you, and it has a stunning silver band on every cue. Thus, it is a composition of art that can’t deny any longer.

The lifespan of the cue depends on the nature of cloth using on the bed if you deliver a good quality cloth it doesn’t affect the point of your jumping cue otherwise constant resistance can stop the clue.

Base and forearms are made up of Canadian hard rock black maple, which is firm and secure. Last but not least, it is enclosed in Irish linen, black cloth, which provides a smooth and silky handle.

The cue is available in different weight sizes and has a black color.

Moreover, this product is unbelievably hard, quiet, and has various ranges of size and weight to fit your demands.

Its must mention here that:

If you are one who wishes to hold the assigned product, this will run for you. Because it is for those people who are sharp to specify in manufacturing.


  • It is available in a stylish black color.
  • Its handle is super quiet and sleek.
  • Hard fiber is used in the tip and stainless steel in joints.
  • The physical structure is built up of 100% hard rock maple.
  • Available in two weights for multiple use applications.


  • As it is used in various weight sizes, so always follow the merchandise carefully before buying.
  • Chalking is necessary after every single shot


Players JB5 Midnight Black

Players JB5 Midnight Black

If you desire to celebrate a game and want to throw a fabulous experience, then Players JB5 Midnight Black is the best for you. It is wrapped in Irish, black line that is glossy and super smooth, giving you a soft grip over the cue.

It is usable in three sections, which are joint through screws, and a wooden structure is maintained to unite the expressions.

The cue is lightweight and can be handled easily for giving way and skipping a ball to the pocket. Therefore, you won’t end up getting its features.

The robust Bakelite tip provides an energetic pop to the ball

Here is the best part

It owns a lifetime warranty so, departs and enjoys your product for a power league or a simple pool match.

The cue has no bump or roughness, so its silky smooth structure is fun for you.

The product has rapid and easy joints to release simultaneously. Hence you can work with a lot of speed; this will not let you down.


  • It is available in Irish, black linen wrapped with a silky grip.
  • The cue is strong, upstanding, and available in 18 to 21 ounces of weight.
  • It has three parts, and locks are quick to release.
  • The lifetime warranty is an extraordinary characteristic of this ware.
  • The material of the tip is Bakelite.


  • Its lock is easy to release and don’t have lock protectors. 


Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Stick w/Uni-loc Quick Release

Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Stick wUni-loc Quick Release

Do you want a good jumping cue and the best results while playing? Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Stick w/Uni-loc Quick Release + is the product you are looking for!

This pool stick is without any doubt designed to be a dependable quality with excellent built, extra-smooth hit for some unique and long games. 

Want to know more about it?

Done on purpose, this jumping cue is all designed with modern technology. This super-strong cue comes in various weight sizes and has three constituents. Aren’t impressed yet? 

I know you will be amazed as well:

The cue consists of a powerful Bakelite tip and three segments which are connected by uni-lock.

When it comes to hitting, this will never let you devour as it has a super-strong tip and quick release uni-lock. Still not satisfied with the offer? 

High performance, no matter how much the tricky shots are there. Today you are compelled to give it a second look, no? 

 Adding more into your knowledge:

It has a weight of 12.5 ounces for long jump and 8.5 ounces for short hikes.

It is designed by keeping in mind the distance and situation of the game. Thus, considering this product would not be a wrong choice as nothing is given rear.


  • Available in three parts joint together by the uni-lock system.
  • Hard Bakelite tip to help your game.
  • It offers variation in sizes for a long and short jump.
  • You can customize your cue performance by setting the bolt set up.


  • It is four hardest jumps but might get tired out if handled poorly


ASKA 28-Ounce Heavy Hitter Black Stick JBCH28, 3pc Cue, Black Irish Linen, 14-mm Tip, Hard Rock Canadian Maple Shaft

ASKA 28-Ounce Heavy Hitter, 3pc Cue, Black Irish Linen, 14-mm Tip, Hard Rock Canadian Maple Shaft

Do you want to have a jumping cue that is best for us? 

You don’t need to worry about it anymore:

Your search ends here with ASKA 28-Ounce Heavy Hitter Black, and this pool stick is not only perfect for pool games but super leagues also. And then, who doesn’t like struggle free tournaments? 

It’s not only about the carefree game: 

It comprises of hard rock Canadian maple and phenolic tip. You snooped it right, less hectic life promptly!

It possesses three parts coupled with two metallic joints. The groundwork is likewise built up of metal material on the remainder — consistency with super-smooth running. 

Let’s talk about the structure: 

Specially crafted black mate jumping cue is massive, potent and can take you to the winning point with its extra quiet and robust strokes.

Moreover, the dominant social organization with a firm grip, which also includes natural release joints. In short, this jumping cue is a product of its sort. Hence, simply move and grab one for you! 


  • It’s relatively a heavy cue weighing 28 ounces.
  • Three parts with smooth releasing joints are there to help you.
  • The cue is wrapped with Irish linen and throw a black matte color.
  • Cue length is 58 inches.
  • It is built up of Canadian maple.


  • It is hard enough that you can employ it for both breaking and skipping a ball, but it might get broken if mismanaged.


Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

If you are going for some unforgettable pool game, then Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue is the correct choice for you.

The cue has fine finishing consisting of a double pressed wrap and operating without compromising the results. 

Moreover, the soft and robust frame allows you to have a moment feel while playing.

I know you will be amazed as well

This cue has 18 to 21 ounces of weight. Jump cue has locks made up of stainless steel and a great point to hit a ball like a professional.

Want to know more than that? 

You will be stunned to spot this is a creation in its self with a robust built, isn’t that more than enough?

Okay!! Let’s add further into this, and you give the sack too have its lifetime guarantee.

Moreover, if you are fond of leagues and want to work with your best pal, then this cue is going to fulfill all of your prospects — lots of super quiet and silky hits. Therefore, you will just see your expectations exceeding. 


  • Solid black Irish linen cloth on cue that’s provided solid grip.
  • Available in 18 to 21 ounces of weight.
  • Adds up in three characters having two stainless steel sticks.
  • The structure is made up of oak wood.
  • Offers lifetime guarantee


  • This jump cue is wrapped with Irish cloth that can be faded off if let out to sweat while griping.


CUESOUL 57 inch 19/20/21 oz 1/2 Maple Stick Kit-Rockin Series

CUESOUL 57 inch 192021 oz 12 Maple Stick Kit-Rockin Series

Today you are starting to be impressed and love playing even more with this CUESOUL 57 inch 19/20/21 Oz 1/2 Maple Stick. 

Bringing in some details for you:

Ever found out of a jump cue with the outfit?  Yes, it has a joint protector, towel, and a blue bag, including in a kit.

Joints are made up of stainless metal, whereas the body consists of solid Canadian maple wood.

It’ll give you more exposure:

If you are hard to impress, and so this could be your dream merchandise, with leather crown, three segments, and wrapped with Irish linen.

It doesn’t end here:

If you are looking for pure playing fun, then you must impart it a try. Because you might have never experienced this smooth and robust cue packed in a beautiful kit. So come on, what are you waiting for. 


  • Irish linen wrap with dark and white gloss.
  • Stainless steel locks, quick to let go of.
  • Accurate size grip.
  • Gets in a beautifully packed kit with towel and maple wood cue.


  • It comes in various weight sizes, so observe the weight before buying.


Buyers guide

The products, as mentioned earlier, are just a sight of what you can get better for you. However, you can find many products in the market to attract you and let you think for once.

Think back:

Not every jump cue is perfect and suitable for your gameplay. To deliver the best merchandise, you have to count and move through the above products.

If a product says it is for everyone, that’s not correct. First, look for all the pros and cons of that product then decides to buy.

Before purchasing a product, the first step is to see which is the best one in structure and built and can be in your budget.

Some people purchase a standard product, but that is expensive. I have provided you the cheapest and the great one so you can enjoy your game.

For your comfort, I have compiled some underlying factors which will guide you through creating a better choice

Know Your Cue Type Before Buying:

Yes, it is very much possible.

You should recognize your right, jumping cue type before you go buying a pool stick. For example, if you buy a jumping cue that is nonadjustable and is light with built.

Then what good is it for you?

You need to look at all the facets that can aid you in purchasing the product that is in the lifetime warranty.

Thus, it is necessary to know your cue type first.

Break down this list and enjoy the best game with your spouse.

You are buying a jumping cue–What to look for?

Jumping cue with smooth and robust structure is very durable, although the cue with three parts and 2 secure locks are an excellent treat to purchase.

A Phenolic tip is more potent than the other thing.


Ok, thus now you have decided the desired cue for yourself. The next question that will add up to your psyche is what should be the right product.

Once more, I am here to serve you. By now, you will be very sure about your needs.

Letting the cat out of the bag around the strong jumping cue go for one wrapped with Irish cloth and phenolic tip.

Comfortable to cover lock system and the segments with robust wood.

Try adhering to quality never compromise on your leverage.


Jump cue is tender and can quickly become broken if mismanaged. Thus, a good quality chemical-free jumping cue will help you present the desired game.

Always buy a pool stick that acts as jumping and stopping at the same time that will be very helpful for you.

So, now the decision is yours. Try to graze all the products mentioned above then choose the best one for you. 


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Jump cue is one of the most significant components of your pool game, so it needs extra attention and tending. Reliable, durable, and long-lasting features are mandatory to purchase this merchandise.

If you keep in mind the products mentioned above, then you will be grateful for a time as these are the market leaders.

Jump cue can make your game extraordinary. Although buying one is a massive undertaking.

I hope this list will help you to call the correct one.

Remember to determine material and strength. Deposit to your budget and stimulate a beneficial product for yourself.

Employing a good jumping cue can enhance your playing ability and can admit you the grade, which you will never think to touch earlier.

Choose a cue with good phenolic tip and hardcore stuff.

For all environments use the best one from the list and thanks me later to provide you all.

Avoid using lightweight cues that can be broken easily go for heavy one that is long-lived and can be lightweight by getting rid of one piece.


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